Perceive God Through Sincerity and Determination - Part 3 Mar. 23, 1989 - Formosa (In Chinese)    
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NOTE: comments/questions from interviewer are in Spanish.

Please don't be shy,it's your home.

*You prepared all the food?
For us,yes. Well,with the help of my assistant.

*Thank you.
Because in hotels it's not easy to find things to eat,so my assistants bring a lot of food here to cook for the public. And some of the personnel,when they're too hungry and they stand all day,they cannot go anywhere,we offer them a little food,cookies,sandwich,water,juice,you know,the ones who control the traffic and everything. We do it secretly. FBI. 『FBI』means 『Food,Beverage,and Ice cream,』yes. For the heat,you know. The poor police and security men,sometimes it's not possible to go in the canteen to eat,or drink. So while they were distributing books,I said, 『Please prepare a lot of food,and whoever,police or security men,just offer to them. Make sure it's always enough.』It's not in our country,so we don't have as much as we want. Basic,you know?Just to make them a little bit comforted.
Especially in a hot,hot,hot,hot climate,they need water to drink. They stand all day in the heat,you know?If I go outside on balcony,half an hour,put a hat,big And they sit,stand,all day in the sun.
*And how long have you had this adherence to only what is natural,to defending the planet?
Ever since I was young. Sometimes some kids are bad,they injure the animals - or by accident - I always take them home and take care. When I was,I don't know,eight,nine,something. Yes,and continue all the time. I just naturally love animals and nature. It's just natural. And then later,when I knew more,when I grew up and watched TV,looked at the newspaper and saw more suffering from people and animals,then I became more focused,to think of how can I do something to help them. And I got stronger,stronger,and more expansive,and now I have more assistance everywhere,and we also do it together. You can sit,honey. It is tiring.

*Thank you,Master.
Can eat chocolate if you want. You,you.

*Oh,mine!Thank you,Master.
*Me too,I feel a lot of attachment to nature,for the vegetation of this zone,Quintana Roo.

Yes,yes. Look,they build houses but it doesn't get destroyed,so that's why a lot of birds reside around here. Every day I feed; they eat a lot. And they are so friendly because they know they are protected in Mexico,or in Cancún at least. I don't know too many places,they are the same or not but Cancún at least,they are not afraid of me at all. Yes,I come and give food and they just stand there,eat almost from my hand. But,of course,if we suddenly get up,then of course they are just shocked and scared only,but they come back.

*Very well. At the COP summit,what do you think has been one of the major contributions,or benefits,of this summit at the moment?
That at least the nations are working together. Most of them are regaining the trust in each other. Sit together and agree on something. Yes,because I heard I heard that at Copenhagen,the nations did not make out an agreement,did not really agree with each other,and I heard that the atmosphere was colder,cold,inside the meeting room. But this meeting room,they're more warm; they applaud all the time.
Yes,so at least there is cooperation between countries. And they have agreed on some things like financial help for the vulnerable countries,and they have agreed on reforestations and management of the forest. I'm not sure how they're going to manage. I hope it's good because some people say it's not. Some people say there's a loophole that makes the forest become vulnerable. But,I'm not a decider; I can just observe and hoping that,at least,they do something.
At least they cooperate with each other. that's already something very nice,you know,peaceful,friendly. They focus on the managing of the forest and reforestation. And I'm not sure how they are going to manage the forest,because it wasn't very clear. They say they have to focus on that. But some people said there's a loophole that would make more carbon dioxide from the forestation area. But,anyway,I guess this is just a general framework for the next year. And as I left last night,about...maybe twelve o'clock or something,midnight,they were still trying to work out. Because when I was there,I heard that Japan walked out.

*Didn't participate any longer?
Did not want to participate. Yes. But then I went out and I saw some of the Japanese delegates there. I wasn't quite sure why,maybe because America also didn't want to participate. Yes,yes. So I went out and I saw some Japanese delegates and I talked to them,and I said,『Oh please,please negotiate. Don't just leave us like this. It's our planet together. I'm sure there's something we can always talk about.』And they said to me, 『Oh no,no,no. Okay,we don't walk out,normally we´ll try to negotiate,』something like that.
And last night I saw... I also talked to the American delegates and said, 『Please save our planet. Save my planet because my planet is yours also.』But I said 『my planet』because it's more personal,more intimate,more passionate. I said,『Please save my planet,okay?Do something. Talk to each other,okay?』And then last night I heard the statesman from Japan 『okay,』too,and America also 『okay』with the agreement. I was worried because if Japan doesn't care,then other countries will follow suit... India,yes,other countries...China...

*I´m going to take some photos.
Okay,okay. Yes,sure,sure. Photo.

*I want to note down what you've said.
We'll give you the recorded tapes.

*I meant the poetic parts.
*He meant the poetic parts. All the poetic things you said.
I have to also emphasize that I did not mean to say that because of my talk with the Japan and my talk with the American delegate that they come together. I did not mean to take credit for that. I think they just simply,temporarily weren't really there,but later they woke up with their sense,and feeling that they should cooperate,by themselves.
We do all have our moment you know. Yes,but then later we refresh... Because they're tired also; everybody was tired,working day and night there,and running from one room to another,from the Messe to the Moon Palace,and from one meeting room to another is one mile,two miles apart,and walking from their room to the meeting room is another mile,two kilometers. Yes,and not always the programs are always fixed; sometimes change and then you have to run again. And all the hotels in Cancún are big,big,big - big,spacious.
From one room to another is many kilometers,and they got lost and don't speak the language sometimes. Not everybody speaks English - I mean,the Mexicans,yes,but not the delegates. Yes,I'm impressed. All the Mexicans that work there,even young,young boys,young,young,young men and women speak English. And they're so friendly,so friendly. Yes,I mean,you feel so welcome and so helped,so assisted. So,I had no problem finding anything; it just takes a long time for my little legs. Sometimes delay because security check,yes,especially when some VIPs are around.

*I've never eaten so organic like this.
Did you take photo?Yes,okay.

*Starting today I'm going to stop eating meat.
Oh yes. Oh yes,I never...

you need some help,you look into our website for a lot of vegetarian food,where to buy,yes.

*Okay,yes,because I'm going to stop eating meat. I'm going to need natural recipes.
With him,yes.

*May I take a picture with you?
Yes,come here. Come here.

And then with the food. If you don't have,you could ask. My people will send it to you. Everything,yes?One more.

*Can I take another?Yes.
Voilà. Thank you.

*Thank you.
You can eat this with the same sauce.

*So delicious.
*So nice.
Yes,I know,I know. This you can eat with hands,like… Yes. This is very nice and fresh. Feel at home,no?You have your slippers on,relax. [ I was worried he'd run around and didn't have enough food. Most journalists,they don't have time to eat,so we make this.

*Thank you very much. I am enjoying everything. It's delicious.
Oh,please do. And because of him I also enjoy very much. Yes,yes

*Thank you very much. My pleasure.
Normally,I don't eat until later. Because  daytime I work and profit from the sun.  

*Speaking of the sun,do you consider that global warming is irreversible?
No,reversible. Can change.

*What do we have to do?
*What can we do?

We have to reverse our action. Just like if you go south and you want to be in the north,then you just turn the car,u-turn and come north. Go orth. We warm up the planet,because…many reasons. Yes.  Fossil fuel and animals industry, yes. But,you see fossil fuel,when we burn fossil fuel,it emits two types of things,gas,two types of gases: carbon dioxide,CO2,and aerosol. Aerosol,like,more or less cancels the effect of CO2. Aerosol is not too good for our health,but at least it cancels CO2. Yes,so CO2is not really our problem - it's canceled. So the warming effect came from the methane gas,nitrous oxide. These are poisonous anyway; not just warming but poisonous to us.
And apart from that,because it warms up the planet,and it warms also the permafrost,which is the frozen earth which stores a lot of carbon in there,so if it warms up the methane,carbon,anything,also come up together. Because of  animal agriculture,is number one producer of these gases that I've just mentioned that warm up our planet.   (*Okay.)  Even if CO2does warm up the planet,global warming potential is only 1compared to methane,1compared to 300for nitrous oxide. and black carbon is even 4000-plus times more warming than CO2.   Yes,yes.  But the thing is methane is short,it can dissipate within 10years,more or less.
So if we cut all this methane,nitrous oxide from the animals,we cut all that,then we cool the planet within a decade… within a few years.  Because as I told you,CO2is cancelled out by aerosol. So,mostly no problem. Even if there is a problem,it stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years. So if we eliminate the most heated gas,and the most quickly-dissipated,then we cool it in a few years.

*In case humanity continues to use fossil fuel,and with this animal industry,how far could such a global catastrophe extend?
No,I told you already,fossil fuels are not our worry. Yes. Because the carbon dioxide is cancelled by the aerosol. Both of them are emitted by fossil fuel; they cancel each other out. Meaning,even if we burn fossil fuel,the planet is not heated up that much. But aerosol,of course,is not good for our health,but it cancels the carbon dioxide. You see what I mean?  So it's not carbon dioxide that heats up our planet.   What they call the black carbon,which is burned from the forest.
The particle - they call black soot or black carbon - is a result from burning the forest.  That has 4,000-plus times more than carbon dioxide to heat,the potential,to heat up the planet. Yes. So we have to stop burning the forest. But the burning of the forest is just to make land to cultivate to feed the animals. Most of the food that we have is to feed the cattle and the pigs and chickens and all that. Not for humans.  

*It's true.
If we don't have so many animals to feed,we will feed the world two times over with the present production of grain and vegetables,and we will save more water.  The 70%of clean,good water is used for agriculture,but most of it is for animals,for livestock.   And then we complain we are short of food?One billion people go hungry now as I'm talking to you. Every time I eat,I feel guilty. Yes.
And many millions of children die because of short of water or don't have clean water,and we use food for animals,to eat,to kill. It's nonsense to feed the animals and then to kill to eat them and depleting the resource of the planet,causing a shortage of water. Not just that,but because we deforest and then the Earth doesn't have the trees to keep the water,so there are a lot of floods and then a lot of droughts - either a lot of water or no water. You see?  All the disasters come from also deforestation,and because of animal raising.  You sure you want to hear all this while you're eating?We can do it later.

*I'm okay. (Yes?)

*Do you feel comfortable?
If you're good,it's good for me. (No,no.) I am always working,no matter eating,sleeping,walking… I'm just glad to work,because we don't have time. Run out of time.  We have only a couple of years to save our planet before it's too late.  
*How do we make millions of people aware so that they save the planet?
 The government has to do it.   Of course the media is a big help,great help,yes,but the government has even more power,because they have their ministers,and they have the sub-ministers,and they have district chiefs and village chiefs. They have distributed downwards to the people: flyer information,to tell people the true cause of the warming and the real,instant solution to change to save the planet and to change the weather.

*So it would be important then to raise awareness among world leaders?
Yes,it is important. I wrote to all of them. I write to all the leaders.

*And the result?What kind of answers have you got?
They just said, 『Thank you. We'll take note and we will consider that,』for example. Some are very sincere and serious. I don't mean to be offensive but I think many government leaders also not very aware of the serious situation. Being too busy with other issues you know,economy or health,or education or worst,war. Worst of all,war,yes. Or neighbor bickering, 『One millimeter more to my land,』the border, 『this is mine.』It's a time that all leaders must wake up for the priority. When the house is burning,even if the dogs wake you up,you should thank him. You cannot look down upon the dog and say,『Oh,you're just a dog. I am human,I know better. I'm more intelligent.』Yes,for example,many dogs wake humans up on time to jump out of the house,before you die.

*Currently,what is the actual situation of the planet regarding global warming?
 You can see how many disasters,more frequent and more fierce,everywhere in the world,not just in the poor countries.   Tens of islands are already under water, 18at least,and others are sinking. Every hour,ten houses in Bangladesh,gone,to the rising water,for example. Yes. Hundreds of thousands of people have to relocate because of rising water or because no water.
Either the flood destroys all their houses and harvest so that they cannot live anymore and after that is drought,because no trees,nothing,to keep the water to distribute regularly and evenly,so all the water flushed it all down at one time and nothing keeps it; it's gone to the sea. And then the sea is warming because of methane and everything,and all the runoff chemicals,and then the sea warms more of the ice and the ice melts more and the sea keeps rising. So,people have to run either because of sinking island or rising sea level or flood or drought. It's all extreme.

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