Beyond Language:Wuno the Dog and Telepathic Animal Communicator Elisabeth Berger - P2/2 . (In German)    
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Today’s Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants will be presented in German, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

The main purpose of us dogs is to teach humans love, this unconditional love, this loyalty that we show to you.

Greetings, kind viewers, and welcome to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. This episode is the second and final part of our insightful interview with vegetarian Austrian telepathic animal communicator and certified dog trainer Elisabeth Berger.

Through Ms. Berger we’ll once again hear from her noble canine companion Wuno who has some fascinating things he wishes to share with humanity. Our animal companions are often our closest friends and family members. We asked Ms. Berger if they could also be our soul mates and what their purposes are here on Earth.

I personally think that a dog can definitely be a soul mate and is one because every dog comes to you with a certain reason. We learn something different with every dog. I say this because my first dog that I trained alone was a Bull Terrier female from a humane society and that dog really taught me that true beauty comes from inside. She was a chunky little thing and just exuded love, unbelievably beautiful. Every dog comes and teaches me something new and I think that that’s true for a lot of people.

We know that emotionally, animals are highly intelligent and it would just be important simply to recognize it. And the second thing is, of course, the feeling with the animals: To feel how they are doing, to develop the awareness that animals are living beings and partners can simply only happen through a change in consciousness.

Can we too develop the skill to communicate telepathically with animals? Ms. Berger now provides her perspective.

The Earth is living and we are a part of that. We have always communicated and we are innately telepathic. Every mother and father who has a relation to an infant knows that. We simply know how the child is doing. We know what’s going on without language.

Let me give you another example from the world of humans. Suppose that your partner comes to you and says, “Darling, I love you.” Then you would certainly perceive that feeling. Telepathy is “the distant feeling.” We can really communicate with animals telepathically through feelings and we can also communicate with animals mentally through our minds. Animals send us their message as a unit. That means that the feelings are contained in it, words are there, images are there, movie segments, and those are simply techniques that are used.

Everyone can do it and it’s a little like everyone can learn to play the piano. For playing at home or for a group or even becoming a pianist, each one of us can learn to do it basically because it is innate to us. So that means that communicating from heart-to-heart is something that is so important to me because when you are communicating at the heart level, you are not manipulating anymore. Because when you send your messages through your heart, you feel everything that you do and that’s very important to me.

If we can communicate with animals, how about other living things?

We communicate constantly with plants because we are simply connected with each other through this “original telepathy.” This language is still very important. Dr. Masaru Emoto did a lot of research in the area of water. Well, the way we think, the way we feel, the way we speak, the vibrations we send out affect the environment and plants feel that. That was shown scientifically a long time ago. So we have known it for a long time.

Once the connection is established, how can one interpret what is seen, felt or heard? How can we be sure that the information we receive is correct?

The universe is arranged in a way that we are able to communicate all feelings through the DNA. From my point of view there are several things that have to be learned. The first is just to let the information through because it is important to accept that we are able to receive information at all, because the rational half of the brain keeps saying: “Explain it to me, explain it to me.” So, leave yourself some space for intuition to be there.

Then on top of that for people to condition themselves for communication techniques, i.e., the way that they are expressing themselves rhetorically and in their communication. That is part of it, as well as being able to clearly separate which message is from you and which message is from me, and what I do with it.

Telepathic animal communication can be an invaluable tool in helping animal patients be effectively treated by veterinarians.

One of my clients called saying they (the doctors) could not find anything, but the dog was getting weaker and weaker, the blood was worse and worse but they couldn’t find anything. So, I asked the dog to project, so to speak, into my body how he felt and he ‘mirrored into me’, as is the technical term. There was an unbelievable feeling of nausea in the stomach area.

I told the human companion to speak to the veterinarian and that they should look at the stomach. They then found that the aorta had a fine tear, which means that the blood was getting into the stomach and so the dog was able to be saved through an operation.

In a few moments, we’ll resume our eye-opening discussion with the talented Elisabeth Berger. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television.

Welcome back to Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants featuring vegetarian Austrian telepathic animal communicator and canine specialist Elisabeth Berger and messages from her loving canine companion Wuno. Will more humans learn to connect to the inner world of animals in the future? Wuno shares his kindhearted answer to this question.

He says that’s inevitably going to happen, because everybody can do it anyway. What can be felt at the moment is that things are changing.

We humans are able to progress spiritually, for example through meditation. Can dogs meditate, too?

We’re always collaborating. He says, “Sometimes, when it looks like I’m sleeping, I’m actually going to other worlds to work there. I am also working with the people from the seminars, who carry on asking me questions.” He also works with me, so to say, when I’m in a state of rest, but on a level that’s beyond language. That’s something I’m unable to put into words right now, because it involves emotions that are flowing.

Right now our Earth is in great danger because of climate change and many animals are dying, many species are dying out. He says he has heard about that and it’s common knowledge in the realm of nature, and that it’s time that humans finally begin to understand. I’m doing my part to help. That’s all I can say. He’s sending me an afterthought: Of course there is a network and the animals are trying very, very hard. He says, the chances are looking good.

Being a voice for animals, Elisabeth Berger is a committed vegetarian. She now speaks about why she has chosen this honorable way of life.

Whatever we do influences our next life, clearly. On the one hand, I would say that we should, of course, take action and here again I see several levels. I use animal-free cosmetics. In the environment I am in, I try to live so that I don’t sit still when a crime is being committed on animals, a dog is being bullied. I have worked on myself to improve my communication with animals.

As soon as you ingest the dead meat and corpse, so to speak, you are more dull. There’s no question about it. There are many people who just say, “Well it’s obvious, I get it now, we are the same… human beings and animals are simply souls in different physical containers and they change from one day to the next.” And the important thing is to stick with it, so to speak, and to keep your goal in mind and to contribute your bit to the world. There are plenty of studies about vegetarians, that show that vegetarians are simply healthier.

Very few people understand that I can only be a receptive vehicle with my body when I am not blocked by emotions; that is, when I lead a healthy lifestyle. In general it’s true that the healthier you yourself live, the easier the work will be on the subtle level. There’s no question about that. And I am so happy that my life changed so much. It has enriched me so much.

As a token of thanks for all the good work Elisabeth Berger is doing for animals, and for setting aside her precious time to give our interview, we presented some gifts to her including Supreme Master Ching Hai’s international #1 best sellers “The Birds in My Life,” “The Dogs in My Life” and “The Noble Wilds.”

Supreme Master Ching Hai also adopted 10 dogs and 23 birds and the books speak for themselves and thank you for letting us be here today.

I thank you and I hope that for the benefit of animals and for our beautiful world, we can contribute something good. Be veg, go green. That is a nice message. We could really reduce greenhouse gases a great deal by lowering meat consumption.

So I think it is great how your Master just gives animals a home. For those 10 dogs, for example, she is making a very real difference because they now have a home. Oh, these are beautiful pictures. So you can see the warmth, it’s unbelievable. I am so touched by the pictures. It’s nice how it’s translated with speech bubbles.

Ms. Berger also complimented one of Supreme Master Ching Hai’s canine companions, Hermit.

He’s very telepathic. I am certain that he also works with humans the way that it feels. He has a very strong resonance in the heart space. I am very happy about the presents. Well, I find what your Master is doing wonderful. Thank you.

Thank you, Ms. Berger, for all your wonderful efforts to awaken the innate compassion in those around you. Also, our appreciation, Wuno for your unconditional love for humanity.

Intuitive viewers, it’s been a pleasure having you with us today on Animal World: Our Co-Inhabitants. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment after Noteworthy News. May all animals on our Earth forever be loved and cherished.

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