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I had my first UFO sighting when I was 16 years old, walking down the street in Arlington, Virginia (USA). This is the 26th of July, 1952. The alien vehicle put on a demonstration that the media could not ignore, and the government cannot cover up. It actually took me two years after seeing those seven red star-like objects wandering in random motions over Washington DC (USA) 11:30 PM in the evening, two years of studies to accept for myself that some UFOs are vehicles controlled by more advanced intelligence.

UFOs are not a threat, they are not the enemy, the threat is from the panic, the people who are not prepared for the matter. The American people are intelligent, they are thoughtful, they are responsible, and they simply deserved to be told the Truth. They may have the need to be told the Truth. And there is essentially why I am doing what I am doing.

Halo, curious viewers and welcome to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of sightings reported globally of Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs.

Today on our program, we are delighted to present the first in a three-part series featuring a highly-engaging interview with an expert Ufologist, Mr. Robert Orel Dean also known as Bob Dean, a retired Command Sergeant Major in the US Army.

He has completed extensive studies in the fields of archaeology, theology, ancient history, psychology, philosophy and holds the equivalent of a master’s degree in emergency management. When he was in the military, Mr. Dean was trained as an intelligence analyst. After retiring from the US Army in 1976, Mr. Dean worked for 14 years as an emergency services manager for the Pima County Sherriff’s Emergency Services Department in Arizona, USA.

He has previously served as Pima County Director for the Mutual UFO Network, is a former member of the Center for UFO Studies and was on the board of directors of the Ancient Astronauts Society for 12 years. He has been honored with three lifetime achievement awards for his contributions to the field of Ufology.

Today Bob Dean continues to take part in conferences, gives media interviews and participates in radio and television talk-shows to share with global audiences his knowledge of UFOs and beings from other worlds. Our Supreme Master Television correspondent recently conducted an enlightening and eye-opening interview with Mr. Dean. Let us now hear from the wise Bob Dean.

We would first like you to share with our audience, when was your first opening to the whole realm of UFO’s and if you could talk a little bit about your background and how you came into this whole field.

I was a professional soldier for most of my life. But, I didn’t get exposed to this reality of the so called, extraterrestrial presence until 1963. I applied for and received an assignment in 1963 to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers in Europe; a place called SHAPE. And it was one of those choice plum assignments.

And I arrived at Paris (France) in the summer of 1963 and immediately my top secret clearance was upgraded to a level called “Cosmic Top Secret,” the highest level of security classification in NATO. And immediately with my top secret upgrade to Cosmic I was assigned to a place called SHOC, the Supreme Headquarters Operation Center; which is the war room. And when I worked in the war room, I learned of a study that was under way. It involved UFO’s.

The reason was that a large number of metallic circular disc shaped objects flew from the Soviet Warsaw Pact sector from the East toward the West. And these objects were circular, metallic, disc shaped objects in formation, very obviously under intelligent control. And they flew across Europe, they flew across Germany, France, the southern coast of England and they turned north over the English Channel and they disappeared off NATO radar over the Norwegian Sea, on the morning of the 2nd of February in 1961.

And it was all over within about 20 minutes. The Soviets thought those objects belonged to us. We thought they belonged to the Soviets. We were to find later that they didn’t belong to anybody. And the study was initiated immediately after that event.

A top secret document entitled "The Assessment: An Evaluation of a Possible Military Threat to NATO Forces in Europe” was completed in 1964. Mr. Dean was given the opportunity to read the study.

That was a spark that kindled my fire in 1964.

I couldn’t leave it, I couldn’t walk away from it. The conclusion of the study was quite simple. Apparently there is no threat. Apparently the human race on the planet has been under observation and survey by several advanced extraterrestrial intelligences from the beginning of human history.

That was one of the conclusions. They concluded that apparently there was no threat involved because the repeated manifestation of incredibly advanced technology indicated that if they had been malevolent or hostile, it would have been over a long time ago. And that began my journey and I haven’t turned back since.

Mr. Dean was highly intrigued by the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Their mysteries were slowly unfolded to him after a series of extraordinary events.

Based on that study, that assessment, I was interested in them. Who are they? Where are they from? Why are they here? What’s this all about? Why are they interested in us? I began to find out over the years that it wasn’t about them at all, it’s about us. It really is all about us. Who are we? What are we? How did we come to be here? Why are we here? And is there a purpose? Is there a meaning in our lives? And where are we going? What’s the future? Where...

do we go from here? And that’s where I have been for the last 20 years. And I have been speaking out, openly, bluntly, candidly, loudly, about this subject. Over the years I have developed the ability, and I have been fortunate enough to have face-to-face meetings with some of them. I have been aboard their ships. I was even taken to one of their home planets.

Apparently I have had an intimate interrelationship with non-human intelligence since I was two years old. My life was saved in combat in Korea. My life was saved in combat in Au Lac (Vietnam). My whole life has been involved with them to some degree. It took me many, many years before I began to become aware of my personal involvement. And it took me a long time for me to discard my old world paradigm. And I’ve learned there is a purpose. There is a meaning.

Another important conclusion of the Assessment is that the extraterrestrials visiting Earth are diverse in origin, with some even coming from neighboring galaxies.

The SHAPE Military Study concluded that we were dealing with four different groups that have been coming and going. They were all humanoid. But they were not all human. But out of those four different groups, one group was totally human, like us. They could sit next to you in a theater or restaurant, or an airplane, or a bus, it doesn’t matter, they could be in your midst and you’d never know. Good God, they could be everywhere. Well, we were to find over the years that they are pretty much everywhere. They are in our midst.

When I retired in 1976, we learned that there were at least a dozen more from different places. And we learned back then, as early as 1976, that yes, some of them were interplanetary. Yes, some of them were interstellar. Yes, some of them are intergalactic.

And by God, the thing that really upset the few that knew the story in those days, was some of them apparently were multi-dimensional. They were popping in and out of portals from other dimensions. And some of the more advanced intelligences that we have encountered over the years have been multi-dimensional intelligences. Now we are having a relationship with interplanetary visitors, interstellar, intergalactic. But the more advanced ones, the more spiritually advanced, apparently are intergalactic.

Well, now that was a difficult lesson to learn, not only by our military and our intelligence authorities, but our scientists. You see, we are looking at science that is a thousand… ten thousands years beyond our own! And I think Arthur Clarke said it one time that advanced scientific intelligence would appear to us to be magic. Well, it does appear to many others to be magic. But it’s not magic to them. It’s technology to them.

Mr. Dean now shares one of the most significant things he has learned over the course of his lifetime about the nature of existence.

There is a purpose to our being here. It’s not an accident. I’ve learned the reality of reincarnation. I’ve learned the reality there is no death. I’ve learned the reality there is a God.

I concluded we incarnate on this planet, and I’ve been incarnated on this planet many, many times, but I’ve also had lives on other planets, other star systems, other dimensions. But those who incarnate here on Earth come here for a number of reasons. Basically it’s a school. Planet Earth is one of the better schools in the galaxy.

The word is out there that if you can manage to pull off a couple or three lifetimes on Earth, you get a silver certificate, spiritually in the great halls out there. You get applause. They take their hat off to you. They bow, if you can go to Earth and pull off three or four incarnations here, you’re highly regarded, you’re highly respected, because this is a tough school down here.

And those things are important. I will be 82 on my next birthday. And I have been invited to speak at three more conferences next year. And I agreed to come to this interview with you this afternoon, because I think this is important that what I have learned and what I have experienced. It’s important to share with people, and let them know that there is nothing to fear. And that the human race has a glorious future.

Our appreciation Mr. Robert Dean for your generosity in sharing with us your extraordinary and fascinating experiences with UFOs and those from other worlds.

Precious viewers, thank you for your presence today on our program. Please join us again next Monday on Science and Spirituality for the second part of our three part interview with Mr. Robert Dean where he will further discuss the nature of extraterresterials, including the inhabitants of Mars.

Coming up next is Words of Wisdom after Noteworthy News. May all humanity soon embrace open-mindedness and the highest of virtues so our planet can make a quantum leap in spiritual level and fully integrate with our intergalactic family.
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