Supreme Master Ching Hai on the Environment: The Only Way to a Sustainable Planet: Be Vegan - P4/5 Compilation of Supreme Master Ching Hai's lectures    
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In 1995, I remember there was a conference on Population, Environment and Peace, and the President emphasized that “there is a need, a real need, for a sustainable balance,” if I quote it right, “a sustainable balance between man and nature, between development and the environment.” You see? So President Ramos was very protective of the environment long before it became even a trend nowadays. His foresight, wisdom has exceeded far beyond our present vision of the world climate change. He knew it before that. He saw it before that. So, I think organic farming would satisfy this need that the president has mentioned back in even 1995, before we even made this global warming into a so-called “fashionable trend.”

The President has said that there is a need for a sustainable balance between man and nature, between development and the environment – . I think the need will be satisfied with all the farmers changing to organic farming method. In that case, we will be able to balance the need between our development and the environment, our need and a sustainable planet. The benefit of organic farming is immense, including great advantages to both human health and the environment. Organic farming actually restores the topsoil and cleans the air and water supplies even.

It is so much more beneficial that we could not list them all in a few minutes. It is even good for animals, all beings on this planet, including even trees and land, in part because it does not use chemical fertilizer or pesticides, many of which are considered by the United States Environment Protection Agency and the European Union to be potentially cancer-causing, and also depleting of our bees’ colonies and killing many others animals that we cannot even all name here.

One of the US studies indicate that if the United States’ 8 million acres of produce farms went organic, then the risk of consuming dietary pesticides would be reduced by 97%. Can you imagine? Chemical fertilizer and pesticide runoff are also known to contribute to the ocean dead zones. We are killing our planet by pesticides and chemical fertilizer. Now, scientific studies have found that organic farming not only reduces energy usage and produces less CO2, which helps lower greenhouse gases, but it actually allows the soil to absorb even 40% of presently-in-the-air CO2 emission.

Before we even invent any technology to reduce CO2, or before we even reduce all the cars and transportations, if we go organic we reduce 40% of the current CO2 in the air already, and the daily emission. And, furthermore, organic produce is free of genetically modified organisms, and its nutrient content is actually higher than that of conventional grown fruit and vegetables. It is for these reasons that we in our group use as much organic produce as much as possible.

First, to encourage the organic farming to develop and progress and prosper more into a better trend for everyone to enjoy. Second, of course, is for our planet, and third, for our health and all that on this planet. I wish that all the governments in the world would encourage organic farming to save our world. Give them subsidies, give them all the facilitated means in order for the farmer to continue their organic farming method because it’s not only helping them, it’s helping the planet and all the people. I am sure if the governments support organic farming, it will be a trend in no time.

If the governments lead the way with the message that this is how to be green and how to protect the planet, then the farmers would be happy to grow more vegan food. To spread the practice of organic farming would help in so many ways. The benefit of organic farming for human livelihood, for human health, and for animals’ health, natural resources and protection of our planet - all these benefits we cannot even underestimate, we cannot even estimate all in here. Organic farming not only helps to protect the planet, it will even help to eliminate hunger. So, I just suggest vegan organic, or organic vegan.

Humankind is trying really hard to change. If unfortunately these efforts are not quick enough to save Earth, then what will be the fate of the Earth’s population? And how is the environment? Thank you very much.

Thank you, thank you. Thank you for coming here with us again. Yes, Dr. Nguyễn, thank you for caring. I know that there are many, many people who are making the effort to change. And all the green developments, like the sustainable energy technologies and water-saving technologies, these are also very good. It’s just that they will not accomplish the goal of saving the planet quickly enough. The rapid rate at which the planet is warming can be seen from many examples, one of which is the melting of the Arctic ice. A recent report released by the United States National Snow and Ice Data Center found that the rate of Arctic ice melt has been speeding up dramatically, with a shrinkage during the month of July equal to 41,000 square miles each day.

Meanwhile, Canadian researchers have already forecast that the entire Arctic ice cap would be gone within a couple of decades, maybe quicker. As the ice disappears, global warming accelerates because of losing the reflective white cover provided by the ice. The scientists also reported that Arctic tundra temperatures have been rising 1 degree Celsius each decade, which is faster than anywhere else in the world, and that the tundra itself is emitting significantly more methane and nitrous oxide than previously estimated. This is a dangerous situation, apart from what we are already having.

How do we stop this? The most effective way, and the way that truly works, is be veg, be vegan. Stop the use of all animal products and the globe will quickly cool down. We can still continue developing all the other green technologies, after the planet is saved and we have time, which are very good in helping restore parts of the overall planetary balance. But the first and foremost must be the veg diet. And with that approach, we are working toward being able to save the world, because the switch to the animal-free diet removes all the methane production and its associated pollutants – to say nothing of the animal cruelty – will help reverse these planetary disasters, such as the tsunamis, the floods, storms, typhoons and the landslides, etc., etc. So, Dr. Nguyễn, in order to help the environment and save lives, we first must be veg.

You see, it’s up to humans to choose, to decide . And we should decide to live. We should decide that we can do anything at all in our power to preserve our lives on the planet. Because it’s not just one life or two lives, just not my life or your life - it’s the life of the children and the next generation. Just to have this beautiful planet and we destroy it, it is very, very pitiful.

We have to decide different way, we have to walk a different way, that’s it. We have to decide that, “Okay, we’re going to be courageous. We do whatever it takes.” But it doesn’t take much, just to be vegetarian, just to plant a couple of trees each person and just to use the sustainable free energy. That’s all there is, three simple steps. Refrain from animals.

Of course, I mean also killing by war, but the number we kill in war is not as many as the mass killing in animal slaughtering. You know that yourself. So it’s only very simple: refrain from killing each other and animals for any reason – for food, for profit, for gain, for anything at all. Refrain from killing. Produce and use sustainable energy, plant trees. We can have everything, we just do that . Yes. Not like we have to do big deal stuff. No, very simple. The sun is there for us to use forever, the wind is there forever, the waves in the ocean we can use forever. It will never be finished.

Compared to other energy that maybe you’ll have today, you don’t have tomorrow and maybe you’ll even have to make war to take it. The sun, you don’t have to. Nobody can possess the sun. Nobody can stop you from using it. So, very simple: vegetarian, sustainable energy, plant trees and, of course, we pray so that we be strong and Heaven will help us to choose the right way. That’s all, four solutions, very easy, everybody can do it.
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