Elitom ben Yisrael: Breatharianism for a Working Person - P3/4    
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This program discusses the possibility of breatharianism, or living without eating food, and is not a full instruction. For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance.

In scriptures, the human body is often referred to as the temple of God. Yet, it is quite an uncommon privilege for any soul to attain this sacred abode that houses the Divine, as it is truly a blessing to be reborn as a human being. On several occasions, Supreme Master Ching Hai has spoken about the rarity of this phenomenon:

To be reincarnated in the human world is hard. You have to have enough Human Quality. You have to have affinity with the parents and with the society, with the people around which you are born. Very difficult. To be a human, you need some merit. You have done something good in the past in order to be able to pick a human birth.

As a living temple of God, the human body is fully equipped with miraculous wonders that can be awakened in those who are spiritually conscious and have complete faith in the Creator of all life. Inedia, Latin for “fasting,” is the human ability to live without food. Since time immemorial, there have always been individuals who can sustain themselves on prana, or the vital life force. Through the grace of the Providence, inediates, people who follow a food-free lifestyle, can draw the energy from nature to nourish themselves:

They live on the chi from the ground, or from the forest, and from the sun and from the air. They make use of all that. Or they live on love, on faith alone.

These individuals are known as breatharians (pranarians or inediates), solarians, or waterians, and they come from all walks of life, from different cultures, and all corners of the world.

Indeed, the possibilities and miracles in this life as our benevolent Creator has designed for us are endless; we only need to connect within to recognize our abounding largess as God’s children. Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly recommended a weekly series on Supreme Master Television to introduce those individuals of the past and present who have chosen to live food-free on Earth. May their spiritual stories enthrall you; may hearts be opened, and horizons be expanded. We now invite you to join us for part 3 of our 4-part program entitled, “Elitom ben Yisrael: Breatharianism for a Working Person,” on Between Master and Disciples.

For your safety, please do not attempt to cease eating without proper expert guidance.

Hallo, enlightened viewers. Thank you for joining us as we return once again to Ohio, USA, to speak with Elitom ben Yisrael who will give us a little more insight into the first days of his lifestyle as a breatharian.

Now, tell us about your family members and friends and neighbors. They must have wondered why you stopped eating, or how did you deal with their reactions?

Well, deal with them just like most of your holistic practitioners will tell you, family and friends are the hardest ones to deal with. That’s just the way it is. So, at the same time you got to make up your mind on your journey. Do you give up and say, “Well, let me blend back into the flock and don’t go no further,” or go ahead and try to set perimeters to deal with this lifestyle but deal with their lifestyle at the same time; or do you just take it all away? And usually there will be a fade of communication that does take place, but it depends on how you’re creating your life. I try to tell some of my family members, “Don’t you see so-and-so who just died or so-and so- who got a sickness, that came this…” So, for people to see that but instead of coming to you… there’s nothing you can do until a person wakes up.

What did you do when people invite you to dinner or out to eat, how did you deal with those situations?

Well, it all depends where you’re at in your breatharian journey. The reason I say this, there’s a level called a “baby breatharian.” That’s when you first come into it. Now, back then, when I dealt with situations like that, I tried to go to the highest vibration as possible to fit in, not to get attention. So you’ll probably get a light soup, some broth, something to drink, just to blend in, not to bring attention to you, because some people will either… you’d be surprised how angry they get when their belief system is stepped on. So you run into that. Then you get your level of a “teenage breatharian.”

That’s when you’ve been in the game for a while, where you understand that you’ve got more power now. It isn’t so much they’re dragging you in to eat, but you can deal with people more on their thought process. Now I don’t deal with that today; that just takes growth. Then you’ve got, of course, your “adult breatharian,” when you don’t need to deal at all, you won’t even be there, nine times out of ten.

Because like I said, most people’s lives are focused around a sex issue, or the eating issue; most of your entertainment and everything else, your life begins to fade, or you begin to start making another life for yourself on the things that you’re doing that don’t require these requirements. So that’s when you start getting into the “adult levels” and that can be real tough, too, for people to make their transition. Are they going to let go of certain foods, and certain places of influence? It isn’t so much of the hunger, of the influence, to continue this journey.

Once he had made the complete transition to living on prana, Elitom had more time to discover and develop other aspects of himself.

What do you do with all the extra time you suddenly have? Did you explore new interests? Did you socialize more?

The new interest is the real good thing, that’s when I learned how to crochet, read more books, get into biking… You start finding all these other things. I even picked up guitars and learnt new languages, because you’ve got more time to do things, focus on things, study, and that’s the whole great thing, the whole knowledge, piece of, to learn more. You can learn more about physics, even breatharianism.

What I know now, I can talk more about it, due to the journey, because there’s more knowledge that comes out. And you find out, too, that in science it’s like you run into things; but they kind of knew this all along, it’s just somebody just didn’t bring to the forefront. Even dealing with Einstein, or E = mc2, energy and matter is the same thing. So that brings you back to start researching these things, that these men was already picking up, and you’re actually seeing them manifested now in many different things, of technology, the new inventions that are coming out, and even how the human being is operating on… Overall, our lifespan is getting a lot more bigger than it used to be. So you’re taking part in the whole function of dealing with time. You’ve got more things to explore these things, to see it all come together.

There is no time for boredom, isn’t it? There is no time for boredom! Leading a busy lifestyle with full responsibilities, while living as a breatharian has its challenges. Elitom shared some tips on how to manage it and what to expect.

What worked best for you during this time, to be alone or with other people or it didn’t really matter? What was your experience like?

Well, that is a big issue too, because you do go through a time period of being alone to redirect the pieces of which way you want your life to go. Like I said before, it was a tapestry of energies: you had to lunch, breakfast, dinner; you had the different engagements, that everywhere you went there was this food taking place, and those interests start fading when you start breaking the reality of matter or the illusion of matter. So you start creating other realities on which route you want to go, and they might seem shaky at first as you bring in new energies because you’re thinking nine times out of ten might be limited where, what’s about to open up. And actually, that’s something to admit to yourself. So you do go through changes of boredom.

You probably have relationships that you went out and see that their life was focused around that, and begins to fade, their conversation begins to fade, because you’re now dealing with physics and metaphysics. You’re looking at things differently and this person is not on it, they’re still talking about sports. That’s all right too, but it becomes limited.

Elitom was creative in adapting to the breatharian lifestyle, modifying or re-inventing new methods to fit his busy schedule.

Did you have moments of self doubts? Did you wonder if you were doing the right thing? Were there inner struggles? How did you deal with it?

Oh yes. First, going through it, the first person I looked at was Jasmuheen’s 21-day process, and here I am grabbing that; and I’m actually going to rewrite it. That’s basically what I said in my mind, “I can’t go to no 21-day retreat. I’m going to attempt to rewrite this. Come up with another method.” So as I went into that, there were many doubts that “man, you’d better do just the way that is already established.” But I’m basically challenging that, and there were many doubts in that process especially when you’re still dealing with the emotional mind: you might have trouble out at work, trouble with friends or something, the mind gets real agitated, so the first thing it wants to do is jump right back into food and you might because it was a drug.

It’s sort of like… even fried foods are addictive, it’s a drug and you start finding that out or you start looking at yourself saying, “Man, I wasn’t hungry, why did I do that?!” But you’re dealing with these stresses just like letting go of alcohol or drugs; then you start getting stronger dealing with it and you’re actually rewriting as you go a new curriculum for others to take because they might be going down the path you were taking, instead of going to that retreat we were talking about earlier.

All people don’t have $2-$300 or more dollars to go to a retreat and lock themselves in. So there was much doubt, but it got overcome as time went on, to pick up new methods, “Let’s try it this way,” “How about if this happens?” because I started looking at myself more as a scientist.

For those who want to attempt becoming food-free, Elitom advised an ever-vigilant attitude towards the body, and be flexible in adapting to any scenario.

How did you motivate yourself to get through each day of the 21-days process, were there specific things that you do?

I’m glad I started picking up meditation to help me through that, and started seeing the energy comes up. But for motivation, I wanted to see what was going to happen. So you’re taking yourself through that. When it gets hard, you know you’re working with energies of your body. I’m glad I learned energy work before I got into that, so the whole motivation of just rewriting the new curriculum, seeing what’s going to take place, seeing, “Could a body do this?” But then again, you’ve always got to keep that flag up on when to quit, and this is what a lot of people don’t have.

When you’ve got people bringing forth knowledge to you, it’s up to you to investigate that and have a flag inside of you, on when to quit and when to listen. When we’re teaching these curriculums, you’ve got to have a flag inside of you, too. Just don’t say, “Well, just because he did it I know I can keep on going!” And it’s 90 degrees outside, and you’re outside, your body’s aching, you’re about to pass out, you might need to take a chill that day until the body gets stronger, until you could continue because this is your journey; others are just giving information.

Aside from having a lot of time to develop his other talents, Elitom derived other satisfying benefits while leading a food-free lifestyle.

Was there anything that happened that stood out to you during this 21-day process? Was your thinking clearer?

The thinking is clearer, the body straightens itself up. You notice that you start appreciating the body more because there’s certain aches and pains that went through the body; you didn’t see it there before, now you see it, it became healthier. The benefits are just great. If you go traveling and you’re practicing food alchemy, you don’t have to jump out to go use the bathroom right away; you don’t have to. You got more energy throughout the day.

I was just telling one young man I’m in my forties but I walked three miles yesterday to get to my son’s house, but I did that like it was nothing. It was like, “Okay, do I turn this off or go catch a cab?” You just walk. You’ll get there because the body is a lot healthier now, and it can do this. So there are benefits that you start enjoying, and even where we’re at now, you can take it even further as life goes on.

Blessed viewers, we appreciate your company for today’s episode of Between Master and Disciples. Join us again next Sunday when we continue with part 4 of “Elitom ben Yisrael: Breatharianism for a Working Person.” Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Good People, Good Works, coming up next after Noteworthy News. Wishing you much love and kindness every day.

For those who want to try the food-free lifestyle while holding down a full time job and taking care of the family, Elitom has some advices to share. You want to take it more slowly instead of just going all the way out, not eating and drinking and “this is going to happen.”

At the same time you do want to start strengthening the body; the more and more it becomes healthier, the more and more chi it has – the higher the diet, the more chi you have. So, what you want to do is just start gaining your energy, that’s the best recommendation I can give. And also putting your body in the cycle where you’re at least fasting once a week. I do recommend that. So the body can get used to it over a period of time and it gets stronger and it’ll grab other percentage.

Tune in to Supreme Master Television on Sunday, January 2, for our program, “Elitom ben Yisrael: Breatharianism for a Working Person,” on Between Master and Disciples.

Tune in to Supreme Master Television today for our program, “Elitom ben Yisrael: Breatharianism for a Working Person,” on Between Master and Disciples.

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