Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by Televisa TV - P2/2 December 12, 2010 Cancún, Mexico    
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So you live in Cancún?

* Yes, in an apartment. For one year.

One year already? And you work here? As a journalist or as a sculptor? Or both?

* Both.

That's why you can afford it, you're good. So young, and so good already.

* No, no, no.

I'm so impressed.

* No, thank you. I'm so glad to see you and to be with you. It's amazing!

Really, I am impressed. (*Why?) So young and so independent already, working and earning yourself money. So cool.

*There are so many ways you can change the world. (Okay.) Be independent.

24 years. What kind of Chinese sign are you? Like, dragon? You don't know?

* Tiger.

You're a tiger? (Yes.) Really? (* Yes.) You have another one here.

*That's good.

That's why you are so idealistic. Tiger people are very idealistic.

*Then I'll keep going.


*Yes, I will, until I change the world.

I know you will, I know you will. My driver is also a tiger.


No, not this one. He's sleeping now. He looks also similar to you, but a little bit fatter. Round face and bigger. He works out or something, yes. He's also a tiger.


No, no, but he's 12 years older than you.

*All right.

But he looks younger than you. He's vegan.

*That's the reason why.

He looks like a baby-face.

*Really? I'll try this one.

Sometimes I call him “baby.” Here you are. Put it there. I eat all day already. I'm just accompanying you. I'm not hungry at all, so please eat. Don't wait for me. We have a lot more and a lot more over there.

* And a lot more. I like mushrooms. It's very tasty.

Please, please eat more.

*Thank you.

So you come here to find a job? Or first you have a job before you moved here? Changing the world. Never mind. Don't worry.

*I'm okay. I came here, I got a job, now I'm here.

Just like that? Got a job, just like that?


If you're qualified and willing, you'll find a job anywhere. I'm so glad for you.

*Thank you.

I'm impressed also.

*No, why?

And my driver also is very young, but he's already working in business with his brother. Very good guy.

*Yes. Everybody's good people.

Why do you speak English so good? You learn in America?


You went there to study?

*Yes. I've been there for, well, many years.

Many years.

*So I learned.

Yes? You're so capable.

*I work here with many American people, so you learn over there, or you learn... (Okay.) There's no other way.

Okay. Amazing. I'm glad to know some more Mexicans, otherwise I just know the COP16. And I already know all the police and security men. Today, I'm glad I know two normal Mexican people.

(* Really?) Yes. Today we had another journalist who came here to interview me. He also wanted to change the world, and he became vegetarian after talking to me, and I believe he will go on. I gave him the name of the restaurant. Did I give it in my speech today? Did I tell people about the Gopals restaurant?

* Yes, you mentioned the restaurant that the Cancún Gopals, yes, (Just Gopals, but I don't think they can find it.) and the food is organic and very good.

No, no. Vegan, not organic. I'm not sure…

*Vegan, vegan, of course.

Yes, but I don't think they can find it; but they will try. They are Mexican, no? They can find it. Because when I first came to Cancún, I ate in that restaurant. I don't know how we found it, but they found it, and then ate there. But when I came back, I forgot where it was, the address, I didn't remember. But then I got a taxi and just told him the name, like that, and asked for a vegetarian restaurant and then finally we found it. After driving all over downtown. I forgot the address again. I saved it but then I tore that and then threw away; I didn't see. What is this?

*Good question. Looks green, green is good, but…

It smells something like banana, and then something else. Okay, I'll find out. This is an adventure.

*Let's go.

This is for you.

* Thank you, thank you.

Also yes, and that you have it all. It's good that you like fruits, I'm glad.

*I like it very much.

Good for you. So what else do you want to ask?

* How to stop the warming?

Very easy, but they don't do it, the government.

*Of course. They won't act.

 Originally, they included something like vegan diet, organic vegan, and then now they take it out.   I don't know why.

*You know why.

They say they haven't discussed or something. I asked somebody to find out why.

*It's very tasty.

You like it?

*So much.

I'm so happy. It's because it has avocado in it. All the Mexicans are in love with avocado. This is nice. It's fresh fruit.

*It's very good.

Okay, please enjoy. Enjoy.

* I want to know what can I do for help to you?

You write articles and  spread the news wherever you can - Internet, whatever connections you have, tell them to do it. 

*All right. I will.

Newspapers are also very powerful. (

*I will. I really will.) If you know any government or president, keep telling him.

*I cannot tell you right now when, but… I know, I know.

Yes, you try what to do. You try. You know what to do. Do what you can, that's all. We can only do what you can, right? If you keep writing, then maybe other newspaper also begin starting the fashion to write about environment and vegan diet. We have tons of information, updated facts on our television.  You can download them all free, everything free. No rights reserved - nothing.   Just download them, then use them for your articles, with all the facts, and if you need any more details or something, you can write to us, to the (*Of course.) correspondent and then they help you to find some more.

*Very good. Amazing.

Yes, you are in the right position to help, (*Thank you.) I am so glad. (*I'm in. It's my intention.) Yes. I love Mexico, my God.

*Yes, I love it too. It's amazing.

Today, there was a journalist, he also vowed to help; and you are another one.

*There are so many places, so beautiful, so…

Yes, yes. Just that half of your country is a desert now, because of… Plus-thirty years ago the government allowed to cut forest. They know it's a mistake now. Your president, at least he mentioned something like methane gas came from animal products, we have to reduce it. He's the only one who said that.

*He will know.

Yes, he knows. In the whole COP, I hardly hear anybody mention - just now and then - and he's the president and he said like that. He's very brave.

* You should talk with him. He is a very good person, I mean, this president.

Yes, yes, yes. He's a good. A good man. He looks like, you know? At least he mentioned about methane gas. They have to stop methane because methane is warming up the planet more than CO2. And he said will stop it.

*It will explode, like… baaag!

 This is from animals

*Yes, we need to stop that.


*I saw a video called “Home.”

Yes, yes, yes.

*You saw it? (Yes.) So sad.

Sad. Another one (*I cried watching it.) “Earthlings.” Yes, if you're sensitive, you cannot bear it.

*It's so, so hard. I mean…

Except to look.

*Did you see the big bears of the world and we are destroying it, (I know.) we're just messing around with...

I know. I know, and then…

*It is so bad.

It's just so sad. You love food? You want some more? I cut some more for you. That's enough? You eat it. Okay, maybe I eat just this one, because I like the smell. Smells nice.

*It's very perfumed.

Where do your parents live?

*My mother is in Mexico city.

Yes? (*Yes.) And father?

*He is in Spain, I think so. Yes, he's working now.

In Spain? (Yes.) So far?

*Yes, I have a brother.


*Yes, he's younger than me, he's (How many?) 19, becoming 20.

One brother?

*Yes. I love him. He's pretty good, so serious and quiet.

Because the father is not home so you all become more grown up.

*Yes, I think so.

More mature, quick. More serious.

*Very serious, but he's a very good person.

What newspaper are you writing for now?

*Now I write for…

Many? Whatever?

*Whatever. But, right now, I'm working for Kriya, the team who organized everything, the event.


*It was there.

Oh yes?

*They work for Televisade, the big company of this country, so everything I have given to them, and they publish it. So that's how it works.

Very good. I'm so glad you have such good job. (*Yes, me too.) I love Cancún, you know, right?

But normally, whenever I come, I don't feel like staying long, I couldn't wait to leave. But this time, it was so difficult for me to leave.


I have to change my airplane


What for? I'm not sure if I could stay. What do I do here?

*Change the world.

Change the world? Change Cancún? All the hotels..?

*Keep it like this. Keep it beautiful.

All the hotels with all the meat and restaurant? I'm just more reminded of my frustration if I see all that.

*Well, this place is like a big, big tourist center, (I know.) so you can touch people.

You are right. You can change the world. (Maybe.) Okay. `

*I think so.

You guarantee my success? Okay. My God. Thank you, for your devotion. Even if Cancún is not a success, you have been a success, all of you. (*Thank you.) They have been a success. They are very good.

*Yes, he's a very good person.

Yes, they are all good persons. (*So smart.) Yes. Yes, he is nice and calm. (*Yeah.) How did you find him? Come here! Sit down, tell me the story of humankind.  All of the information that you want to know about saving the world, you please download from the Supreme Master Television.  (Of course, I will.) First, you inform yourself more about all the facts, about why the world is going down. and then inform yourself of the facts scientifically how to save it, you see? (*Yes.) And then you can write articles. Your pen is powerful. You know what I mean?

*I know.

One of the powerful tools. (*The medium is so powerful.) Yes. Please keep writing. (*I know that.) Keep writing, yes, and  whoever you know, influence them. Tell them, (*Yes.) or give them your article, tell them to read it.  How did you find this guy?

*In front of the concert.

So late already, and he's still there?


*I love my work. I love my work, so I was there.

You were at the concert? (*Yes.) You're working there? (*Yes.) What were you doing there?

*Everything. Taking pictures, organizing.

My God. Yes, I am glad. Always lucky. (*Yes.) We are lucky. This time, very difficult for me to leave Cancún. I'm supposed to leave today already, and I change my airplane ticket. And I'm supposed to leave tomorrow, and I want to change again. Just I feel so bad about the three, four journalists. I don't want to leave them with this impression. (*Yes.) I will feel unfinished.

*I know how you feel.

I will feel like I have not done right. Even if it's not my fault, but I don't feel right to leave them just like that. You know what I mean? (*Yes.) I do hope to see them again, but I don't know. The thing is, everything's arranged, like hotel, until tomorrow only, right? But we could book more? We could reserve a few more days. That could be okay, right? (*Yes.) I don't feel good leaving the journalists in a stick like this. It's terrible.

*It's not your fault. It's not your fault.

I know that. It's not about fault or not. It's about how they feel that I am concerned.

*Right. I know what you mean. Like, they think about you over there.

I don't want them to feel so disrespected and neglected, and (*Yes, understand.) left aside like this, like they don't exist. My God, I have so much respect for journalists! That's why in the morning, you have to try to find quickly all of these people who came, the other guy promised or the girl, whoever. At least I invite them for a meal or something. Even if no interview, I want them to feel that they are very much respected and welcomed. (*Exactly.) That's all there was. And even we interview, even if they want to interview, still, it's even much better for the world, you see? Because they spread the news. (* (Exactly.) Yes. You never know how many people they help by their article. (*Yes, true. Spread the voice.) Yes, and then from that article, some people help, and then that “some people” help somebody, and that other “some people” help and maybe other newspapers also learn and want to write the same and… who knows? (* voice and voice.)

The chain effect is long. (*Exactly.) But even without that, even if they don't write any more articles for me or they don't interview anything about climate change, I still want to make it feel right.

*You will know about it.

Tell you what. I have to stay at least a few more days until we settle this, okay? I have to see all of them. Interview or not interview, I have to see them and make it right, okay? Even don't interview, don't write article, nothing, I just want to make them feel respected, the way they deserve, okay? Because like this, I never wish on anybody. If I am a journalist, I would not feel good at all. In the morning, you and the lady, try to find them, okay? (Okay, Master.) This is the one she invited to come?

*This is the one we invited.

The lady?

*(Yes.) Yes. I didn't even talk to her. I just said “hallo,” all that, but just nothing. My God. Terrible. I feel so sad. I keep telling them “do something,” otherwise I cannot bear this, I feel so sad. (No, no.) I haven't felt so sad for a long time. I truly feel bad. I am very sensitive about other people's feeling.

*Yes, I know.

You understand? Suppose they don't care or maybe they're used to with bad treatment, but I don't want to be one of the bad treatments (*Exactly.) that they have to remember that. (*Yes.) Please. (*The first impression, the first impression.) Yes. I have to rebook the hotel and I have to change the airplane ticket until I set this right. I cannot just go like this. I'd love to go, but I can't. This is not good, okay? I will never forget this. If I left I would never forgive and forget. (Okay.) I'd never forgive myself or I would never be able to just “forget it, no problem.” I cannot. You know what I mean? First, they came on time and then we were late and then we didn't talk to them. First, I thought I'd come for an interview, and then when I came, all people, and then they put me on the stage and I thought, (It's like this.) “Okay, maybe the journalist just comes, take photo, write a few words and go.” But later, I feel it's not right. I asked them, they wanted an interview. (Exactly.) It's terrible.

*They wanted to talk with you.

Yes, I know. It's terrible.

*To meet you. But, don't worry, maybe…

No, I do worry.

*It will change.

I do worry. Do you know any of them? Okay. Which one do you know? (I know…) There was one young man with you, nearby or not? No?

* Young man, no, but young girls.

Young girls? (Yes.) Which one? No, the journalist.

*Channel 10. Yes, the Channel 10.

You know her? (Yes, I know her.) Could you please ask her to come back? Not now, but I mean…

* Yes. I think you need to meet somebody.

Who? Who?

*I give you the name.

Yes. (She has a…) Oh that! Also another television, she came also tonight?

*No she's in Cancún already. She has a big foundation for… it's named “Love for Life.”


*She helps childhood…


*She is beneficent sometimes.

Understand. Okay. What's the name of this paper that we had today? “La Verdad”? Yes. Is that the one? (Yes, that's her.) Okay. They interviewed us and they wrote a very nice thing today. They wrote today or yesterday.

*His name: Miguel Canton.

Yes. (Yes.) They already did interview, yes, (All right. He's the owner.) and wrote very nice thing. And there were a couple of other newspapers, also very nice. (Yes.) Wrote very nice stuff. (Okay.) They did already, automatic. (Yes.) Before.

*Well, she is my friend.


*He is my friend so…

Okay, if they want to write more, it's okay. Can interview me, but the thing is… Or maybe we just write one article and then send it to all newspaper and…syndicate-like.


Or you write it and you give all to the other newspapers.

*Yes, I can.

Okay, you find out these two people, okay? So you don't know the other two? The lady, a little bit like 40 years old? And another man, similar to your age, but smaller.

* Don't worry about that, I'll try…

You know him?

*I'll try to help you.

Wonderful! Please, to ease my heart, because I will never forgive myself if I go and leave people feeling neglected like this. They don't deserve it, do you understand me?

*I know. I understand.

They deserve more respect.


Yes, and more welcome, especially when you invite him (*Yes), then you let him standing there. (Exactly.) Just because I did not know - not I invited - I did not know anything. I did not know anything until 5:30, and then I had to go quick with… I said, “You're joking?” “No.”

*Fast, fast, fast, fast.

And then change and then run -my driver driving like mad.

*“It's too late, it's too late, it's too late!”

Oh my God. And then when I got there, I expected that… Okay, I called on the phone, I said, “Please wait for me.” I thought only two, three journalists waiting for me, interviewing like normal; sit at a table or something, writing. But when I came, I was overwhelmed by the different arrangement. And then another speaker coming, six white angels sitting there, I didn't know what was going on. And then I thought, “Okay, maybe these journalists are waiting for me to come just to take a photo with that and then report it.” But I did not even know there were arrangements like that. I thought only you or two, three men waiting.


And then because of the overwhelming people, I thought you just came and wait for me just take a photo with the people. And then come home and say, “Oh, Ching Hai has a party tonight, 200 people…” You know what I mean? Like other newspapers.

*Not like the real information.

Yes, yes. Okay. So because I thought like that so I did not come and talk to you guys. I thought it's just like “La Verdad”. They did not interview me, nothing. They just came, took my picture with that, and then they went home, write the article. (All right.) Because when I came and saw a lot of people, I thought you do exactly the same. That's why I didn't come and talk to you. You see what I mean? And all the men, all the women… Because I thought you just come and do like “La Verdad.”


And then afterwards I found out that you wanted to interview me, for example, and I said, “No, I did not even talk to them.”

*I was there, but I couldn't help. I couldn't talk to you becausethere were so many people.

Yes, yes. I feel so sad…

*But I am so glad to be here right now.

Yes, yes, yes, but I have to tell them, at least, even if they don't interview me, I want them to know that it wasn't like that. It's not like I neglect them or ignore them. It's not. I don't care how many people are around me, if I know that they came for me just to interview, then I would just give them time first. I would not just let them stand there like this.

*Like a rock star. You are. You are so big, rockstar.

No, no, no, no. I'm never big enough to neglect people like this, (*You're making something big.) to ignore people like this.

*You're making something big, so...

Thank you, thank you No matter what I have, I don't have excuse to leave, to just invite the journalists and then leave them standing there.

*Yes, exactly.

Even if it's not I who invite, but my people, it's no good, no good.

*Can I ask you something?


*I want you to sign my book.

Okay, sure. I will do it. I will do anything for you, to make up for you.

*Thank you, thank you.

* I read this book already. I like it so much.

You did read it? Okay, I'll write. This is Spanish version, or it's not? English only. But people still like it?

*Yes, very much.

Millysent. Okay. “Love veg and love you.” One enough or you want this also?

*Please, please.

My God! Why? You don't know my name?

*Thank you so much.

I thank you!

*No, I'm not.

You are, you are more than that, but never mind. We don't argue. (*No.)

Okay? Right. And here. I don't have room there, so I write it there. “Love you and veg,” and “Love veg.”

*I love it, I love it, too.

Yes, okay. Thank you so much. Please help him to find that guy and that girl.

*Of course, I will. It was a very great pleasure. (Okay.)

*Can I give you a kiss?

Sure, sure. Love you so much! Thanks a lot.

*Thank you!

Thanks for all this love.

*No. No, no, it's my pleasure, you know.

Okay, I know.

* Thank you.


* Chocolate.


*I love cakes.

From outside.

* I love cakes.

And non-alcoholic beer.


From today, you know how, where to drink and what.

* And my books.

Yes. Okay, love.

*Thank you very much.

I'm impressed, okay, your goodness.

*Thank you.

Welcome to the vegetarian family. The animals will bless you more and more now. No, they always bless the same, it's just you will receive more, because you're purer.

* I know.

Okay, baby. Goodbye.

* See you later. Another…

Another kiss.

*: Thank you.

All the best for you.

*For you too.

We need it. Change the world.

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