The Real Self and the Choice of the Subconsciousness - P1/2 February 19, 1992 Hong Kong (In Cantonese)    
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I wish everyone a happy New Year and success in all your endeavors. When I saw so many people had come, I felt really touched, because it's still the New Year holidays, and you can have fun with merrymaking.

But many people came here to seek the Truth. There are many things we can enjoy in this world, especially in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is the most blessed - it has everything. Even its fruits are the best. You don't need to grow them, yet they are available here. All the best and the most unusual things come to Hong Kong.

This means that the Hong Kong people are especially blessed by God. The people of Hong Kong are good-looking, from my point of view. Actually, I've thought about why Hong Kong is such a nice place. It's not its location but the people here. If the people are good, the place will also be good.

The Chinese people were once a very spiritual people. Since the beginning, we have had Emperors Yao, Shun, and Huang, and many other spiritual practitioners. The most famous are Lao Tzu and Confucius. Most people in this world know about these two masters, Lao Tzu and Confucius. Even when I was little, I loved to read about them.

Why is the philosophy of Confucius, Lao Tzu, and Zhuang Tzu so intriguing? It is because they spoke the Truth. In the book,  "The Grand Learning," Confucius talked a lot about spiritual practice.

He taught us how to calm down, concentrate, practice spiritually, steady our minds, and find our inner wisdom. He taught us to seek the Path. Even those who haven't practiced much like these scriptures a lot.

When we are enlightened practitioners, if we read them, we will understand and like them even more. We will know why Confucius and Lao Tzu are admired for their works. If we don't understand their teachings, we may wonder why the world is so unfair.

Some places are very good. For example, in Hong Kong people live a free, comfortable, and peaceful life. However, there are many wars and misfortunes in other places. Some people do not have enough food or clothing.

Sometimes we also think that God is unfair, but in fact, it is created by ourselves. If we pursue spiritual practice, we rarely blame things on God. We'll see the cause and effect in every situation. We'll understand why things are the way they are. 

We'll see our past and know why we have blessings or disasters. Otherwise, no matter how many people tell us, or Lao Tzu or Confucius tell us, we will not see why we should improve ourselves before we can have family harmony, an efficient state, and world peace.

From my own experience, the more we practice, the less we need, but the more we have. We'll have everything we need, from important things to trivial ones. But we should really concentrate.

Our Earth is quite civilized now. We have many tools and machines to make our lives more comfortable. But in the eyes of a spiritual practitioner, our Earth is not civilized enough. A spiritual practitioner can travel to other worlds, not with his physical body but with his soul.

He can observe other worlds, and see what he can learn to help people back on Earth. Some people can do that. Some of them have written books on out-of-body experiences for us. These things happened in the Buddhist tradition, too.

For example, Buddha knew many other worlds and planets, and introduced them to us. He said that in the East there is the Crystal Light Buddha's world and in the West, there is Amitabha Buddha's land. He also said that there are countless worlds besides these; but not every one of them is civilized or of a high dimension.

Some worlds are more backward than ours. Some are not backward, but not very civilized, either. Some are more advanced, technologically. But their lives and spiritual levels are different from our world.

For example, some worlds can make UFOs which can travel very fast from one planet to another. Some worlds specialize in producing UFOs, and export them to other planets. Maybe one day our Earth will buy one or two UFOs. This is not impossible.

In the past, we had never dreamed of travelling from America to Hong Kong. When Columbus arrived in America, no one had imagined its existence. Similarly, we can go to other planets in the future.

However, something is even faster than UFOs: that is when we use our soul or inherent energy to send ourselves out. Then we can go anywhere we want. You don't have to believe me. It's okay.

It's fun listening to stories, isn't it? I know that our world has changed a lot recently. Lots of things have happened in Hong Kong, too, but our lives are still stable. Our Earth is still habitable. Some planets are worse.

For example, in the worlds that produce UFOs, spiritual practice may not be very popular. They are very much attached to machines. Some places have produced too many robots - R-O-B-O-T. They resemble people so closely that you cannot tell if they are people or robots.

Sometimes, because there are too many machines and everything is done by machines, people there become used to them and they have less and less human emotions. They have difficulty communicating, so they prefer to talk to robots.

I am not here to say that these worlds are better than ours. That is not what I mean. There are advantages and disadvantages. Except for the truly great spiritual worlds, others are pretty much like our Earth. They are a little more or a little less civilized.

Quan Yin Method practitioners would definitely like to go to the higher levels and be liberated from reincarnation. Our Earth is not the only one that has reincarnation. Many other planets are at the same level as ours. They also have reincarnation, hatred, wars and conflicts.

Some are even worse, for they are more advanced, their armaments and lethal weapons are more powerful than ours. The destructive power is even more terrifying. So our Earth is still pretty dependable.

But we know there are many countries that are not as peaceful and prosperous as Hong Kong. It is not that God is unfair. If we are born into this situation, it is because we did not choose the right path during our many lifetimes, stories that go back centuries or millennia.

What we are today is not determined at the time of our birth. If we practice spiritually, we can see millions of years of our history. Every soul is special, every human has an interesting history. People are not just Mr. Wang, Mrs. Liu, Sir Charles, etc. They are more than that.

Every human has a long history, and some have a great history; this can be checked. Besides our Earth, there are many other worlds. When we die, we will go to other worlds. When we die, not everything disappears. In some worlds, we can find out our past and future.

If we do not practice the highest method, we can find out our past and future. But a great spiritual practitioner can check his past only but not his future, because he can create or control his future.

He can escape his past karma (retribution). I feel that what I have talked about may sound unfamiliar to you. But what else could I talk about? Other things, you already know about. I cannot talk about today's newspapers, the US economy, or Japan's technology growth or the problems of Hong Kong; you already know these things. I am here at the sincere request of our fellow initiates.

Also, I would like to share some new and different information with you. Why do I talk about these things? Because I know them. Maybe some of you practice spiritually and know these things.

When I speak about them, you understand immediately. Some may have had such experiences and been exposed to cosmic mysteries, so they know. But those who do not know may find it unfamiliar.

Nonetheless, for spiritual practitioners, this is no big deal. Just like when you learn English, you can speak English. Those who don't won't know what you're talking about. However, those who understand English will know immediately.

They can carry on with the dialogue very briskly. Those who don't know English can't do that. Similarly, it's only a matter of knowing or not knowing.

You've been living here and speaking Cantonese since you were little. So for you, speaking Cantonese is no big deal. When you speak, you don't realize that you're speaking Cantonese. You speak automatically, casually, and naturally. But for me, it would be difficult to learn Cantonese. I don't understand anything you say, just one or two sentences, maybe.

Similarly, our world has many sciences. Some people study medical science and some study engineering. They're specialized in their fields. They each understand what the other says and does. Some studies are beyond worldly sciences, like we can study lives on other planets or find out about our past and future.

The best is what Buddha or Jesus called “liberation from life and death” and “going back home.” Where is our home? It's in a very, very high world. "High" doesn't refer to distance but to the highest supreme world. Nothing can compare with it. Nothing on Earth can compare with it.

If we don't want to stay on Earth, we can go back to the Origin, from where we came, maybe millions of years ago. We came to cultivate and develop this world and to exchange our emotions and experiences.

Some of our experiences are good and some are bad. Good experiences make us better. Some bad experiences make us better, some make us worse. Our good and bad experiences have been recorded deeply in our subconsciousness, as in a computer.

It records our behavior and experiences. If it records only the bad, we become a so-called bad person. If it records only the good, we become a good person. This is a learning process.

Sometimes we have free choices. We call this "free will." When we're born, we can judge which experience we want to absorb, learn and cherish, and which we don't. But sometimes we don't care whether it's good or bad, so we get tied up by these experiences.

We base our reactions on them. If we think this is good, we'll react this way. If we think that is good, even though it isn't, we'll react the same way. Gradually, we get used to it and always react the same way. In the same situation, we'll react the same way.

This is what we call “karma,” or being tied up by cause and effect. It's a habit acquired over lifetimes, what we call a “natural response.”  We output what we've recorded.

That isn't our true Self, only our mind or subconsciousness. Our subconsciousness is like a computer. When we enter the inner world, we can see our own "computer." Then we'll know what we've done in the past. This is nothing mysterious. If our mind was not like a computer, how could we learn things? This is self-evident, because we can learn!

When we learn English, we'll remember English. If we learn Cantonese, we'll remember Cantonese. It's also like a tape recorder, right? It's like a computer that gathers and releases the data. This means that there is truly a so-called computer inside us.

This subconsciousness will not perish even after we die, because it's not material. It belongs to the spiritual realm. We can say that it's invisible, but that doesn't mean that we can't see it. It's invisible only to our physical eyes. To our wisdom eye, it is not invisible.

What I am talking about isn't of a very high level. Higher levels are hard to describe. I am talking about these ordinary things so that you can all understand. If you hear someone say that he can see his past and future, don't think it's anything mysterious - it's a computer.

We can see it. A visible computer can be seen with our physical eyes, an invisible computer can be seen by our invisible eye. The difference lies in the tools and approaches we use. It's nothing extraordinary or mysterious. We may think that it's mysterious the first time we hear about it, but actually it's not. It's very scientific and logical.

We've been reincarnating life after life because we can't delete things in this invisible computer. We don't know how to delete them. An ordinary computer or robot can be formatted. We can take it apart. We can take a robot apart and loosen its screws so that its hand goes here and its head goes there. Then the robot doesn't exist anymore. Or with a computer, we can push a button to destroy it. Then it doesn't exist anymore, right? Because it's only a material computer.

However, our “inner computer” is more formidable. If we don't know how to erase the information invisibly, we take it with us life after life, and we will be pulled back because of it. After a person dies, he takes this computer with him, because it isn't material. Our physical body may perish, but the computer will not. Our soul will not perish.

Our ultimate spiritual body is wrapped by another one. The body has many different levels. For example, the physical body is dense and rough. We can see and touch it. Another body can sometimes be seen with our physical eyes, but it cannot be touched. There is yet another body inside the one we can't see nor touch; but we can sense its presence. If we're at a higher level, we can see it.

There's yet another one. It's an expanse of light, power and immense love. That's our true Nature, our true Self. If our true Self hasn't taken off this coarse outer jacket, this outer casing, like the physical body, we'll carry the computer within us life after life.

We'll still have a form and image. We may be invisible but we're visible in another world. Sometimes we hear about a dead person coming back to make trouble. Sometimes he shows himself to some people. Such incidents are true. Why? Because his soul is wrapped inside his astral body. That is called the "astral body."

We have a body called the “astral” or “spiritual” body. This spiritual body is the wrapping. Our true soul or true Self is not like a body at all. If we have attained that level, it will be convenient for us to manifest a body. Then we can show ourselves to people. But this is different from showing up and causing trouble after death.

I just said that our computer records many things so we cannot escape the experiences, because we believe those experiences are all that we are. We keep coming back life after life, because we have these experiences waiting for us.

So death is not the end, the data is still here, and for this data we come back again because we are not satisfied with it, we have not done enough research on it. Or when we have only half-fulfilled some of our desires or just beginning to fulfill them, we die, so we come back to enjoy them with another physical body.

In other worlds, we don't need this for lectures. Some worlds don't have languages at all. A master just stands there like an expanse of light; he seems to have a body but without fine details. He is only very bright light. This light keeps shining and flashing, and the audience understands what he says. There is no need for language, so no translation or machines are needed.

For this trip to Hong Kong, we have brought a lot of equipment, like earphones, etc. Even then, we still have problems. Our car had problems, too. Our car lay flat and didn't want to move. It happened.

The machinery in this world isn't good enough. I hope that some day we can use UFOs at least. At least that will let us travel to other planets, in UFOs, to study the machines, civilizations, and methods of spiritual practice. Then we can bring them back and show our people.

Right now I can only speak about it. I can't prove it to you, unless you practice the same method as I do. If you practice earnestly, you'll see the same dimensions as I do. Then you'll know I'm right.

Otherwise, there's nothing I can do. Just like if I don't learn Cantonese, when you say that Canton has a certain poem, a beautiful culture, and such-and-such history, I won't be able to understand you. This is because I haven't learned the same things as you. But I will try to share with you what I know.

I believe that your souls inside understand what I'm talking about. The wisdom inside knows, not the brain. The brain may not understand. What makes human beings the greatest is the inner wisdom.

It is the wisdom that brought us here to the lecture, the wisdom told us that it is good for us to be here. It understands many things that the brain does not.

The brain is like a machine. Some robots look like human beings, but actually they are not. Sometimes we hear that a UFO exploded, or people have been left behind. The people that came out of the UFO look very strange. But, actually, they may not be human beings.

They may be robots or machines, but they look just like people, so sometimes we misidentify them. If we have a kind of tool, we'll know that they are different because their structure is different.

They have machines, screws and computer chips inside. They do not have a heart, lungs or liver, and they can't digest food. Then we know. After we get closer to them, we find that they have no emotions, they are not like human beings. They have no emotions. They don't know what love is. They do not know how to love others, but they are very smart and can make demands. Sometimes they can ask for very serious things.

I'll stop talking about these things. Now let me talk about how we can be liberated from this “computer” that has recorded the good and the bad of lifetimes.

There's a method. Those of us who practice the Quan Yin Method can delete them. We can delete them and only keep what we need. This is the only method that can enable us to forget the influence of the past and be liberated from it. This is called “liberation from life and death.”

Just like those of us who know how to use computers, no matter how much we input, as soon as we press a button, it will all be deleted, right? Those who know computers, isn't that right?

Similarly, the invisible computer is like this. If we know how, we can delete the information quickly. That's why we can be liberated in one lifetime and be enlightened.

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