The Best Way to Treat Each Other - P2/2 March 19, 1993 Brisbane, Australia    
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Sometimes we practice but then we are too proud of our practice. That's also no good,yes?Understand what I mean?And then because we are too proud inside,we go out and put our airs on,and so make people uncomfortable. So this is also a lesson for all of us,yes?Just be natural.Practicing this way of life is actually a very natural thing to do.
 We are here on Earth because we have to exercise our supreme power to bless the world.  If we don't do it,we have to come back again until we learn it,we learn that we have to do it. We must do it. It's our duty as human beings. So while we do it,it's not a big deal,understand?
Just like you finish the high school,you go to college,nothing big deal. But if everyone else doesn't want to go to college,it's all right with us. If I were a king,of course I would force people,『everybody vegetarian and Quan Yin Method,two-and-a-half hours a day,otherwise…』expel them.
Yes,there were such kings before. Yes,in the whole kingdom,people practice virtues. That's in the olden Golden Age. People live thousands of years and in harmony with each other,and they have halo on their heads and then sometimes they have miracle healing for themselves; not many people sick or dying of young age. Now,we're decreasing of age,of health,of intelligence,of abilities,and no halo whatsoever except a few who practice Quan Yin Method.
Therefore,sometimes because these things are very rare,therefore it becomes precious; otherwise,in the Golden Age,everyone has it. So now,suppose we see Jesus with the halo,Buddha with the halo,bright light around them,it was because they are rare,rare species,rare beings who came from the Golden Age back here to teach us.
Normally,we all should have it. I don't know what's the difference between me and you. Sometimes you tell me I have it and you don't have it and I don't know why. Perhaps you have forgotten your glory,that is all. And I have not forgotten in my sub-consciousness. This is the only reason  Otherwise,I don't know the reason. I don't know what I have that you don't have.

Even now we only offer to the people what we do and do not even condemn anyone who doesn't do. But because we have it open,open lecture,therefore,thousands of people come. Only those people with a high-level of consciousness,even if you speak a few sentences,they immediately know it. That is okay,understand?
That is all right with them,and they will come and practice with us. These are rare souls,advanced souls. All other people need a longer time to ponder over what we say to them. Sometimes you talk to people with the good level of education or maybe a good knowledge about the Bible or the Buddhist sutra or any other religious sutra and you'll be surprised to hear what they are saying,and you cannot believe they are such persons. Understand?
They are so attached to one or two or three sentences in the Bible or in any Bibles,and they just hang on there,never move away from it. Understand?Never move above it or away from it even. You'll be surprise. But that's the way it is; otherwise,our Earth would not be called "Earth," it would be called "Heaven" or the 『Kingdom of God.』
Then we don't need to seek any other Kingdom of God. If everyone is like that,then I will resign my job and go out and plant vegetables or pitch my tent next to a river,and write my poems and draw pictures,or just idle my time away I do anything I want,you see.
Because the world we cannot change so rapidly,therefore we practice and at the same time we bless the world and then we aspire for a better world after we leave,more suitable to our mentality,more suitable to our ideal,yes,and then we finish our job here. We bless our Earth while we are here,we help people who come in contact with us,we rescue our five or six or seven generations and all the friends that we love,and then we take them all with us.
Then our job is finished. Our job is to come here to help these peopleand when we finish that we go where we belong,okay?Because we can't just stay here and wait for all the 『babies』to grow up. Because once they grow up,we grow higher,understand?For we go to a different degree. If somebody,if our sister and brother,is in the kindergarten,we can't just sit in the kindergarten at 15years of age and wait for our brother to grow up in order to go to college together. Understand?We have to leave the kindergarten. Doesn't matter how much we love our brothers and sisters,we have to do our business,understand?That's it,that's it.
Therefore,we practice the Quan Yin Method,we take care of our brothers and sisters while we are here,but we have to go on to the higher kingdom because that's the law of evolution. We can't stop here. Even if you want to stay in the kindergarten at the age of 15,the teacher won't let you,your parents won't let you,and even the small brother and sister won't let you because you can't play with them. You feel bored and you don't play with them,and you are so high and they don't like it. Understand?So different.
Thereforeafter practicing Quan Yin Methodif we want to truly stay herewe just have to be.  We can't just be an ignorant person like beforeand play the fool with people even though we want to. Thereforeit is natural that practicing Quan Yin Method we have to go to Heavenwhether we want it or not. Understand what I mean?
So don't say that 『we don't love the people on the Earth,』『why do we leave them?』and all that. No,no,it's a natural process. Therefore,you see,that explains why beings like Jesus,Buddha,or other highly developed souls,when they stay on Earth they sometimes are hated by the Earthlings. Understand?And they try to harm them because they are so different from them even though they don't pretend to be,or they try very hard to hide themselves,to hide their qualities of goodness.
But because other people who are attracted to their goodness,and who recognize their goodness and worship them,praise them and come to them and beg for the teaching,therefore,it arouses the jealousy of other groups who don't recognize that goodness in the teacher,because they're jealous. Understand what I mean?Yes,of course,that's the different things. Even though we all know that all the teachers only do good to mankind,sacrifice everything they have in order to lead mankind back to their glory,to their Kingdom of God,only teach people to do good things,
but still,people are still jealous of them; and we can't understand why,but it is like that,because we shouldn't stay here. The ones who come here are the ones who are risking themselves.  They're making a dangerous adventure. They risk their safety to come to this world to teach the people,to lead the people back Home. They do not belong here. And everyone will smell their difference,doesn't matter how hard they hide it. But at least,you know,from the outer appearance,sometimes they could hide it for a while. If they can pass by quickly,then no one will notice; if they stay long enough,they will smell it. Understand?
And they will come around and look for it. For example,if we put a flower,hidden in the closet,even then we smell it,right?And people would say,"Strange,I have got some beautiful smell; seems like fragrance." They will come and search for it and then eventually they will find it. But if we just bring the flower along just pass by with the flower,even though they smell it,they'd say,"Strange. Suddenly there is a beautiful smell,how come...?"
But then they have no time. Understand?Because we cover it in the box or we cover it with the paper,or anything,and then even though they smell the flowers,they have no time to look for them. They can't; they don't react quick enough. You understand?By the time they react or discover there are some beautiful smell in the room,we are gone with the flowers. Understand?That's the difference.
Therefore,of course,covering yourself and hiding your Buddha Nature with the body or with anything,it helps,it helps. Yes. So it's just what we are accustomed to,that is all. It's not the outer appearance that's really so important to us,the practitioner. It's just that whatever circumstances demand,we just do it,right?

So the last sentence is that 『if he wants to be a child,then be a child with him; if he wants to act strangely,act strangely with him; if he wants to be reckless,be reckless with him. Then you can reach him and bring him back to his senses.』This is someone who has to be the tutor of the prince,and the prince's nature is violent,therefore,he has to be flexible and go around with him and win his trust and friendship and then slowly change him.
Because this is a very dangerous situation. He can't even go. If the teacher even refuses to teach the prince,he is in danger also. Therefore,he has to do it and do it in a wise way. Remember the story I told you about a man who took off his clothes and became like a chicken,with kind of a prince,and eating on the floor,yes?
Then slowly he said to the prince 『I am also a chicken,』yes,and then he ate on the floor with the prince also,and he also ent around naked,and crawling around. So the prince said,"Oh,here comes another chicken,it's fine.』So he has a friend,so he trusted him. Because before that,everybody criticized the prince,tried to force him to put on clothes,tried to force him to sit at the table,and eating properly with knife and fork and all that,yes.
So the prince was fed up with everyone and didn't want listen to them. But the old man,he knew man's psychology,so he took off his clothes also,went naked and crawled on the floor with the prince,picked up the things with him and gained his confidence,because 『here,another one looks like me,so he can't want anything from me and he can't force me to do anything because he's just the same as me,』so he was so happy and went along with him.
Later on,the old man put on the shirt and said,"Why shouldn't we chickens have the shirt?Just for fun,okay?』So he put on the shirt,and then the prince also did the same,because he trusted him,had confidence in him. After a while,then the man put on the pants and said,"Why shouldn't we chickens have pants?Have fun. Why don't we try it!" And he put on pants and the prince also put on pants.
And after some time,the old man said,『Why don't we sit at the table?Why shouldn't we chickens have glamor and sit at the table and be dignified?』So he sat at the table and the prince also followed suit and slowly gained his normalcy. Therefore,the man was not crazy; he was in an absolutely normal state of mind.
But because he wanted to rescue the prince who was a little bit disturbed and then forgot his dignity,for he wanted to help him to regain his dignity as a human being and as the top of the nation. Therefore,he has to even,put aside his own dignity,you see?- and take off all the clothes and acting strangely,crawling on the ground like that. It's only a parable. It might not be a true story,but this story only demonstrates to us how a teacher sometimes use various methods,and looks like us and accompanies our level and slowly brings us back to our glory.
If we truly trust the teacherwe will discover the teacher's good intention.  And because the teacher might look the same like us,so we gain confidence and trust. And then whatever the teacher says,we will listen. And that is all. If our wisdom is a little bit low,then we will judge only the outer action and appearance and we do not appreciate the great teaching from the teacher. Then we will lose; we lose the precious opportunity.
So,similarly,w/hen we go outsidewe treat people in the same manner: try to be with them but do not lose ourselves because of them,not be influenced by them. But do not act too domineering,or overwhelmingly virtuous,obtrusively righteous,that people feel uncomfortable. That's why sometimes we are very upset,we are very frustrated,because people don't listen to us. Of course,they don't want to.
When we come in with the air of righteousness and "I'm better than thou" attitude,people are scared away,yes?I would have converse with them as friends or as ambassadors of peace. We can talk,we can exchange opinion,it's all right. Religious matters shouldn't be like that. It shouldn't be possessiveness,it shouldn't be over-domineering.
That scares people away. So even though you are very enthusiastic about our path and you've had a lot of experiences and you are very happy about it,but take it easy. Practice for a while first,calm yourself down from all your excitement and change a little bit of our overactive and aggressive behavior first,and then when we talk to people very friendly and naturally,people will listen. If you try to convert the whole world into Quan Yin Method right away,they'll all run away,okay?So thank you very much.

I have one questionMasterabout your advice to be flexible with everybody. I think it is very dangerous for usMasterbecause we are very weak...

Don't look down upon yourself.

We don't have enough power tobecause this world is maya's and Satan's...

No,it's not that bad. Just a playground.

About one percent of usand we try our best…

To maintain good,right?

Yesif we got childrenMaster. If we let them play with the bad elementswhat would happen to them

If you are in a position to deal with people,if you have to do it,then you try to remain balanced,understand?Remain within yourself and not to lose yourself outside. I don't say you have to go out to look for trouble and try to teach everybody and mingle with all the people. Suppose you have to be,understand?
For example,this man,he is forced to be the teacher of the prince,therefore he has to do it,not that we go out and look for trouble. Therefore,I say practice first,calm yourself,enjoy yourself,and if God wants to use us in any circumstances,do it without fear. Understand?
You have to remember God all the time - I mean your own greatest powerwisdom.  Remember your inner Master in dealing with all peopleand you'll be in no harm. You will be in no harm,yes. That's all. But I don't say you have to do it. Don't go to the discotheque every night and try to remain above the smoke and things like that. Even the smoke alone will make you trouble. Never mind.

But if you have to be in such circumstances,or in anywhere at all,just remain centered and then do what is required at that moment,yes. Don't push your children into the bad company. Of course,if you can avoid it; but you can't avoid it sometimes; in that case,yes. Teach your children to remember the inner Master,yes. Or you yourself do whatever is necessary at that moment or whatever you can afford to do. If you can't,then stop it,it's all right.
If you feel you will be affected by it,then stop it. It's all right. Say "I can't do it," then go home,okay?But if you can do it,it's all right. You know what you are doing. You know your purpose,understand?Yes. For example,if you go out,you are strong already,very strong in yourself - you grew up already - you will take the children the park where they can do the seesaw and slide and all that. Maybe you do it with them,maybe you don't,but you will not be affected,right?
You will not have a desire to do it all day long like the children. No. You do it now and again,it's all right. Understand?You will not grow smaller and become a child again. That is what I mean,okay?But you don't have to go out and look for all the children and always take them to the park in order to prove to yourself that you are an adult. That's what I mean,okay?Don't worry,you always have the inner Master with you. If you truly remember the inner Masterthat protects you from everything. Don't worry.  If you have to do thingsdo it. Okay.

In the body we have so-called chakras. Is it our spiritual center

Yes,yes. That's right. (All the chakras?) Yes,yes,different chakras. 『Chakra』means spiritual center. That's correct,and we meditate on the highest chakra,okay?You can meditate on different,other,chakras,like throat chakra,heart chakra,etc.,but they are not so efficient. Yes,yes.

We have a subconsciousness and the consciousness always…gets in touch with the inner Master. Is it the type of super-conscious levelIs it the same

Yes,yes. That's right. The super-conscious,the supreme conscious level,yes,yes. That is our own Master,yes.


Is it true that we are connected to the cosmic energy

Sure,sure. (Is this the same?) Yes,it's the same. Sometimes some masters expresses in different verbal explanations,but it's the same,yes.

What I want to ask is thatI have been meditating for about one year. I want to know what the significance of the lotus is.

You see,sometimes people will have doubt about the religious differences,right?Now,when you see the lotus,just to let you know that Buddhists,Muslims are…okay,the same. All right?Because actually you should see the moon Or Allah,but you see the Buddhist lotus.

So,therefore,this is just to clear some doubt in your mind about the differences between religions,just to assure you that what I tell you is the truth - //that all religions point to the same thing and worship the same almighty God,yes?// And,therefore,also in the same center you see it again,just to make sure that you understand this message.

Whenever you think of me,if you're truly sincere,you'll see me in your home. Not only in a dream. Sometimes you open your eyes and you can see,just to let you know that I and you are one and we are always everywhere,we are not confined to the body alone. And in that stage,which you'll reach after efforts of meditation for years or sometimes months,you will reach that stage,too,which you can be at home…everywhere. You'll be omnipresent.
Yes. So you don't need the body to spread,sometimes,your message,but because your disciples or other people,they're still in the flesh,so they want to see you in the flesh,and they can touch you and see you and listen to you and talk to you. Therefore,we need a body,okay?All right?

Wisdom may not appear even if we seek it. We have to be very sincere and humble.

We have to figure out a way and then practice it every day.
We meditate every day to find our Original Self within until we can completely remember what it is.

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