Supreme Master Ching Hai's Book Premiere: The Love of Centuries, Chinese Edition - P1/2 January 1, 2011 Taipei, Formosa (In Formosan)    
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Hallo, honorable guests! Today is such an auspicious day! So, what day is today? It's the 100th anniversary of Formosa (Taiwan), and it's January 1, the New Year. We're so happy that on this auspicious day we are launching a new book, “The Love of Centuries.”


So, who is the author of the book, “The Love of Centuries”? She is a number one bestselling author on Amazon as well as on Kingstone's list: Supreme Master Ching Hai. We are very grateful that Supreme Master Ching Hai is presenting Chinese readers worldwide a new poetry collection on the New Year of 2011.

Through this book, Supreme Master Ching Hai expresses her profound love for all sentient beings in the universe. It is our great honor that the author of the book will be talking with us via video link.

Also, many distinguished guests have graced us with their presence, among whom are Mr. Karl Ku, the Curator of the National Central Library, as well as Dr. Eugene Chien, Chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy.

We hope this one-hour book release party will touch you with a loving and energetic atmosphere and will bring all of us a wonderful new beginning for the new year. Now, let's begin by inviting our special guest and great friend, Mr. Karl Ku, Curator of the National Central Library, to come on stage.

Good afternoon! Hallo, everyone!


I'm Karl Ku, the TV host of the Reading Ukiyo-e Program. I'm very pleased to be here this afternoon and to recommend to you “The Love of Centuries,” written by the author of “Wu Tzu Poems.” Thank you!

Thank you! Thank you! I just mentioned that Mr. Ku is a curator.

He is the twelfth Curator of the National Central Library. Formerly, he was a member of the Standing Committee of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, UNESCO, as well as the President of the Association of Parliamentary Librarians of Asia and the Pacific. It's a great honor for us to have him as a good friend and to grace us with his presence.

Thank you! Thank you very much! Since this is a book release party, let's begin by introducing the author, Supreme Master Ching Hai. She is a spiritual leader and a humanitarian. What's even more special is that she is also a multi-talented artist. Her many publications have topped bestseller lists, both domestically and internationally.


Characterized by attributes such as genuineness and truthfulness, her works touch the deepest love in our heart and bring out the inner wisdom and Light within us. A few years ago, because of the urgency of the global warming crisis, Supreme Master Ching Hai established Supreme Master Television, which broadcasts through 14 satellites to the whole world, and offers subtitles in 42 languages. Supreme Master TV's main purpose is to promote the organic vegan lifestyle as a solution to global warming.

It also urges people to create a sustainable planet through their compassion. Furthermore, in November 2010, upon the invitation of the Mexican government, Supreme Master Ching Hai attended the COP16 summit in Cancún, Mexico. There, she met many of the world leaders and asked them to join the effort in stopping the global warming crisis. Now, let's watch a short film about the author, Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Supreme Master Ching Hai is a world-renowned spiritual teacher, artist, and humanitarian whose loving assistance extends beyond all cultural boundaries. Apart from offering us the best method to practice to attain the Truth and wisdom, Supreme Master Ching Hai herself is greatly talented in the arts and the art of living. In 1995, S.M. Celestial clothes, designed by Supreme Master Ching Hai were presented in the most renowned fashion cities of the world.

Her Celestial Jewelry has also been highly commended. With these exquisite artistic collections, Supreme Master Ching Hai has revealed the inner beauty and wisdom within every one of us. Her many other artistic creations include poetry, music, paintings, creative lamps, fans, elegant sculptures, and stone paintings, and so on. The income generated from her artistic creations enables Supreme Master Ching Hai to comfort God's children in times of need.

Nowadays, due to the effects of global warming, Supreme Master Ching Hai has contributed to numerous humanitarian projects and requested our Association members to go and help countless victims of natural disasters worldwide. In addition, the planet's precious animals and the environment have been recipients of her tender care.

Her loving kindness has touched the hearts of millions the world over and has inspired others to follow her altruistic example. In this era, Supreme Master Ching Hai, with a selfless spirit, has been tirelessly helping people to create a bright future on this precious planet.

“The Love of Centuries” is a collection of poems that Supreme Master Ching Hai wrote in various stages of her life. Her poems often touch very deep feelings in our heart. Now, let's watch the film about this poetry collection.

In her perfect and carefree heart, in her true, eternal Light, there exists the sensitivity of a poet. When Supreme Master Ching Hai made connections with the ephemeral life, she felt the same pain and sorrow that worldly people do.

“The Love of Centuries” includes 46 of Supreme Master Ching Hai's wonderful poems written in Aulacese (Vietnamese) and English. In these poems, the poet expresses her love and sympathy toward the weaker co-inhabitants. Her poems exquisitely combine the beauty of language, spirituality, and life.

These gentle, graceful words are like the moonlight; they brighten up our heart. Sometimes, they are the lonely boat that carries romantic love, sailing across the river of no return to a happy shore. Sometimes, they are the refreshing summer rain that revives mortal hearts. Welcome, poetry lovers, to the garden of “The Love of Centuries.” Together, let's enjoy the eternal love and enlightenment it offers.


Actually, all of us are searching for our own “love of centuries,” but in this poetry anthology, the author transcends the limited human love and expands her love to the sun, the moon, the stars and all in the universe, as well as all sentient beings and our Mother Earth.

Next, we'll invite two of our special guests to share with us their thoughts on this book. First, let's welcome Dr. Eugene Chien, Chairman of Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy. Dr. Chien was also formerly the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Transportation and Communications, and the first Director of the Environmental Protection Administration. Let's give a warm round of applause for Chairman Eugene Chien.


That's why I would strongly recommend this book to everyone. My current job is related to climate change issues. In a report issued by the United Nations, I happened upon a list of the top ten most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change in 2009, and this list startled me because our country, Formosa (Taiwan), ranked number two on this high-risk countries list of 2009. So, can we say climate change affects us a great deal?



So, it makes me think: “How we can solve our problems?” We have so many problems, but the simplest way to save the planet is to reduce carbon dioxide, and there is one thing everyone can do, and that is to change one of our lifestyle habits.


The largest carbon emitting industries are the energy and power companies and the transportation sector, but the emissions from the agriculture industry are even greater than that of transportation. Moreover, within the agriculture industry the livestock sector is the biggest emitter. So, what does the livestock industry produce?



Meat! To put it simply, according to the report by the Food and Agriculture Organization, every kilogram of beef we consume produces 36 kilograms of CO2, and every kilogram of beef produces 40 kilograms of waste. These not only pollute our planet but cause serious problems for our future development. Therefore, let's join the vegan movement: Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet! All right?



While I was reading this book, I realized that not many poets have written poems from the animals' point of view. In this poetry collection, the poet even wrote about the feelings of hens and calves; this really impressed me. This is such a wonderful book, and I highly recommend it. At this moment, I'd also like to wish you all great health and success in the new year! Thank you!

Thank you, Chairman Eugene Chien. Thank you! We thank Chairman Chien for his speech. Next, let's welcome the Curator of National Central Library, Mr. Karl Ku to the stage. Thank you!

Hallo, distinguished guests, and Happy New Year to you all! (Hallo!)


Mr. Chien has just called on us to be green to save the planet and humans, now I'd like to call on you to read in order to save Formosa (Taiwan) and to save the planet because in the magazine, “Global Views Monthly,” there is a survey in October with the title, “Read to Save Formosa.” How can reading save us?

It's because words are expressions. Words express our feelings in a fluid way. Words also solidify our imagination in space. So, in fluidity and solidification we can obtain a lot of knowledge, a lot of silent knowledge. Poetry, especially poetry in a collection, contains words for the expressions of our most noble feelings.

That's why there is a famous saying in the past, “Poetry contains pictures, and pictures contain poetry.” In this great literary work, “The Love of Centuries,” Supreme Master Ching Hai utilizes different languages to describe different emotions in various circumstances. For example, she describes how she feels while lying under a tree and watching her dog companion.

She uses different languages to express great love in all kinds of situations. Such great love comes from a great lover. Such is the way we love our Earth and the whole of humanity. Therefore, through reading poetry, we can see a big picture through the words and the verses.

In this big picture, we can decide which area we'd like to linger and to contemplate. When we contemplate this fluid picture, we have to open our heart and our feelings, and from both the movements and stillness we can feel the changes in the environment and the care we should give to the Earth.

Well, I'm the caboose following the leading train of Mr. Chien's. I'm here to strongly recommend to you this book. The words in the book are so beautiful, so refreshing. They flow so smoothly, like the rhythms of music. Another good point of this book of poetry: as readers, we can just turn to any page of the book and start reading there.

We can start from page 31 and read backward; we can sit under a tree and read it. We can read it anywhere. We'll find great rewards and great benefits from any word, any line. If all of us start to read different kinds of books and poetry collections like this, then our energy and power will infinitely expand. This is how we can save ourselves. So, let's save the planet by starting to read. Thank you!


Thank you, Mr. Ku! Thank you for your speech. We have here with us another special guest:


Stage Director, Mr. Chien Ming-Hsing.

Mr. Chien is currently directing a spiritual drama.


He also teaches drama and engages in creative writing. Today, many of our guests have traveled from Central and Southern Formosa (Taiwan), I'm sorry that we don't have enough time to introduce them all. We thank you wholeheartedly for coming here to grace us with your presence.


Let's put our hands together and give our friends from far away some warm applause! Thank you! There are also some friends who couldn't make it today, but they would like to tell us how they feel about this poetry collection, “The Love of Centuries.” Let us watch the videos made by our friends.

The first one is Ms. Tang Mei-Yun, the famous, award-winning, Formosan (Taiwanese) opera singer. The second one in our video is Mr. Lamech, the first-place winner of the International Indoor Floriculture Exhibition and Competition at the 2010 Taipei International Flora Expo. He is also a lecturer on body, mind and spirit at the Chinese New Age Society.

Mr. Lamech is a very unique person: he has been able to communicate with plants since an early age. He can feel the energy of plants and knows their needs. Because of his unusual experiences, he advocates that we return to our inner world and explore the wealth of our spirit. So now, let us watch the videos of our special guests. Thank you!

I'm quite moved by this book. I think that after reading this book people will be inspired to make improvements in their personality and behavior.

I think what's missing in our society is this kind of genuine harmony, love and kindness. That's why we have to tell everyone about this great book. In this book, the poet examines emotions from many different perspectives. One aspect is veganism, which has been widely promoted. By adopting a vegan diet, we can expand our compassion, and if we can be compassionate towards all beings, whatever we do will definitely touch people's hearts. This is why I respect and admire Supreme Master Ching Hai so much.

Hallo, I'm Lamech. It's a great pleasure for me to share with you how I feel about the book, “The Love of Centuries.” I was very moved while I was reading this anthology. I felt the profound love Supreme Master Ching Hai has for the animals, for the Earth, for humans and for God. Throughout the book there is a consistent theme, which is the strong passion for life.

In this anthology, “The Love of Centuries,” there are two poems written by Supreme Master Ching Hai during her youth, “Words of a Piglet” and “Words of a Hen,” in which she expresses her love for the tiny animals and shows how they yearn for life and fear death. I was so touched by their stories.


Through the stories I also felt Supreme Master Ching Hai's all-encompassing love for all beings in the universe. I would like to recommend this wonderful anthology, “The Love of Centuries,” to everyone. It's a great book to accompany you in every stage of your life, like the best friend you've ever had. Thank you.

Poetry represents the most truthful voice of the poet. It's also the expression of the poet's innermost feelings. That's why readers of “The Love of Centuries” will feel a special resonance with this book. We are all thrilled that we will have the author of “The Love of Centuries,” Supreme Master Ching Hai, gracing our Formosan (Taiwanese) friends with her presence through this videoconference.

We all know that a great, enlightened, spiritual Master brings immense blessings to the country where she extends her care. We're so grateful that Supreme Master Ching Hai has chosen Formosa (Taiwan) as the location for the book release conference. This occasion is even more meaningful because it coincides with the 100th anniversary of Formosa (Taiwan). We Formosan (Taiwanese) truly have a special affinity with Supreme Master Ching Hai.

We're lucky that at this time of year it feels so comfortable. It's a bit cold, but you have brought lots of love to help warm up the winter chills. Now, our place is filled with the excitement of the New Year. We're so happy to see so many friends here, on both sides of the stage and upstairs.

We welcome you all to meet the author, Supreme Master Ching Hai, in just a moment. About this poetry collection, I felt so moved while I was reading it. When I first read the book's title, “The Love of Centuries,” I thought, “I'm also looking for my `love of centuries.'”

I thought the theme of this book was about romantic love or love between friends, but when I started to read it, I was very surprised. As you can see from the Table of Contents, every chapter has a different theme: from the love among family members to the love towards animals, to the love for the universe, the sun, the moon and the stars, the love for our Mother Earth, and ultimately, the sacred love for God.

That's why while we read the book, our hearts feel so moved and so inspired! Another thing about this book is that it's such a beautifully made book. I've never seen a book so aesthetically beautiful! But hearing is not the same as seeing. Later you will have a chance to read the book yourself at our venue and you'll know what I mean. I promise you that the book is well worth waiting for.

Could those of you from central Formosa (Taiwan) raise your hand, please? So many! Thank you all for coming. Thank you! Next, could our friends from southern Formosa (Taiwan) raise your hand, please? Quite a few here. Thank you, too, for coming! Any one from eastern Formosa (Taiwan)?

It's not as easy to travel here from the east. Could those friends from the east raise your hand? There are some! I'm so touched. You all came a long way to bless us. We also have some friends from Shanghai! I'm so happy to see you! It's such a wonderful occasion for all of you to come to this book release party. Thank you all for coming. You have brought light to our gathering. Thank you for coming!

MC, Chairman Lin, distinguished guests, ladies, and friends: How are you?
Today is the 100th New Year Day for Formosa (Taiwan).
I'd like to take this rare opportunity to wish you a joyous new year, wishing you prosperous business, happy family, good health, and all the best. Today on this New Year Day, I'm very honored to attend this book release party of “The Love of Centuries.”

I have this opportunity mainly because at the end of last year, when I attended the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, I met Supreme Master Ching Hai and formed the affinity. At that time, I saw how she promoted veganism because of her universal love for the Earth and all beings.

After I received the book and read it, I found that she describes in her own words the love for ourselves, the love between people, the love for all beings, and the divine love. Her love is truly sublime, at a very high level; her words are very beautiful, very nice. But when I read the poetry, in addition to the beautiful words, I admire even more Supreme Master Ching Hai's great aspirations, enduring faith, and unwavering love for all beings.


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