Tune in and Make Use of the God Within - P1/2 February 27, 1992 Malaysia (In Malay)    
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I think it is not the personality of the Master or the appearance of a Master that attracts you to the path. It is the inside calling, because after initiation it is your Self that wakes up.

There's no method actually; it is the inner transmission. Yes, it's the inner awakening of your own Selves. And should you not sincerely want it, then it won't happen. Even though you sit here with me and you listen to everything, but you might not have the experiences that you should have if you are sincere.

Understand? And also, because the Master inside knows what we want. It's not that we can cheat people. If we come in with just curiosity, then we don't have the desired effect; it's not that good, and we don't feel that much.

Understand? We might feel nothing. It is because we don't want it. And God's power is not a cheap stuff to just throw at you at random if you don't want it. Understand? Therefore, even though physically we sit here, but if we are not truly longing for it, God doesn't give.

The Master Power understands. And also, it's not the personality of the Master that attracts us, I do not believe so. Because many people, for example, they are in Mainland China, they never have seen me - they have never seen me, and they didn't even have a photo - once they listened to only one tape cassette, and then they wanted initiation.

And every one of them had seen the Master appear inside which they described to the representative. And they said: "Yes! That is Master, that's the Master."  - they had never seen me before! So we cannot truly say that the character of the Master attracts us.

It is ourselves, when the time comes, that our wisdom has somehow awakened and wants these things, because our duties in the world, our worldly sojourn is finished, is coming to an end. And we long for something higher than just everyday life in this earthly world. That's how we come to the Master, or any master at all. Because we truly know inside.

Our wisdom knows that “it is time now to go Home, it's time to leave this world.” It's just like we are on duty somewhere, we go on the voyage at sea, or we go abroad because of some special assignment, and when the time comes, it does not matter who says to us that we should go home, we just want to go home. We know our duty is finished.

This is the intellectual level, the level of our mind, that we know this clearly. But there are different, higher levels which our mind doesn't know. Our soul knows, our wisdom knows, or our Buddha Nature knows. These people are ready for the initiation into Quan Yin Method.

There are many people who meditate for very long hours and a long time before they attain what we attain in a short time at the time of initiation. Therefore, we say this method is “instant enlightenment.” It is just because you have not practiced very long, or maybe you did not know about this.

For other people, they practice very long until their mind comes to such a standstill that they could hear this transcendental Sound. Understand what I mean? When your mind is clear, you hear it, or when your mind is clear, you see the Light. It is not that you close your eyes so that you see or you close your ears that you hear. It is not so.

Therefore, I said "no method." There is no method actually. It is just that when you are initiated, we'll tell you many things to pay attention to on the road, that you know what you might expect when you meditate; but that is no method. No method! Understand?

Should the Master not want to give the initiation to you, even if you sit next door, “next door” to the initiated person and you hear everything, you get nothing.  Understand? You don't have the same experience even though you do the same.

The same with curious people or insincere people, they also get less or get practically nothing if they don't truly want it. Understand? It is a kind of inner feeling, inner knowledge, inner wisdom between Master and disciples, between the Master and the Master.

You are also the Master, and when the Master talks to you, to your Master level, you understand; the Master in you understands. Not that your mind understands.

Therefore, just like two lovers, even though they sit among thousands, they only know each other, they only feel for each other. They do not feel for any other person in that thousands, in that crowd.

They know they belong to each other, they know they love each other. And that feeling, even the one who sits next to them, cannot share. Is that not so? Cannot share.

And they cannot transmit that loving feeling to the neighbor, or to the next girl; she might be more pretty, but it's not what he wants. Understand? He will not love another girl even though she is more pretty.

The same thing with God's power, to whom deserves it, and to whom sincerely longs for it. The other person, doesn't matter how clever he looks or maybe how spiritual he looks, but it's not for him.

Sometimes, when we talk to people and one or two of them, maybe two of them or three of them, and you might think, “Oh, this person and that person looks so spiritual and so bright!”

And maybe whatever you say, she understands and she nods all the time, and she smiles at you, very supportive, but when the time comes for real practice, the one who looks unsupportive and who looks kind of materialistic will come. And the other one who looks so bright, so spiritual, doesn't come. Understand?

So God knows who wants it, and you know if you want it or not. Doesn't matter how much you pretend outside. You might sit for 10 hours per day, you might eat only one meal, you might wear only rags, but God will not give you the experience, the inner wisdom, or the higher level of practice if you are not sincere for it, if it's not your time.

So many people look brilliant outside, but sometimes they come for initiation, they don't get as high an experience as a farmer or the country woman. Sometimes our fellow practitioners, they don't look anything that you would expect for a saint or for a Bodhisattva, but they truly are brilliant inside, and you will only know it when they talk about it.

But you feel it sometimes, only if you are also practitioners. Otherwise, you'll never feel it even. Even if you meditate and you have the personality just like now, but if it's not the time, and people don't have affinity with you, they live next to you and they never know. Understand?

But the faraway people will come and seek you out. So, therefore, it isn't the personality of the Master that attracts you:

it is that your time has come, your wisdom has arisen and seeks itself, seeks to be awakened, seeks to be revived and live an eternal life, instead of transmigrating one life after another and do not know the next destination. It takes a sincere heart to stay on the path because outside temptation is very high.

I know no other better way for you. I have shopped all over the world. I spent my pocket money, my time, my youth, running around, searching for methods of enlightenment or a Master.

I have searched, I have tried all kinds of things, and I even eat one meal a day, and all kinds of things; and sit many hours with eye open in case I fall asleep - all kinds of trying - and I have been calling all the Buddhas until no more Buddhas to be called upon, and I repeat all the mantras that you can talk about, that you can name of, I have bowed to Buddhas until my knees were shaking like autumn leaves,

and I went through, all over, places on pilgrimages, seeking blessing and enlightenment. I have done all in my power to know the best way for liberation, and this is the one I selected, and it suits everybody, from children to adults, old and young.

But this way is not for everyone, that is for sure. Because it is not the outside performance, it is not only my teaching that attracts people. It is not only my appearance or my personality, it is their longing souls that are important.

Otherwise, when Jesus was alive many people ran after him, but just wanted him to cure their sickness or to give them blessing. Not everyone was initiated. And throughout his life, three-and-a-half years, he had 12 disciples and even one denied him, and the other one sold him for money. Understand?

Three-and-a-half years, he had only 12 close disciples. Of course, there were others, but they were kind of believers, and afterwards, the disciples went out and they spread more and they had more disciples, the kind of disciples of disciples. Maybe he had more, but then he conferred the power to only 12.

But even then, the chosen one had denied him. One, Peter. Peter denied him three times. It's difficult to pass the test of maya. Try to live as honest as possible, and fearless, as fearless as possible, because if you do not get away from fear, you have to come back again and learn it. As long as we have not enough quality to be a saint, we have to be human. Understand?

Just like as long as we do not qualify to go to high school, we still have to be in primary class. That is no exception. Now, it is not only the initiation that I gave to you, but there are many other moral disciplines that I have reminded you. And also in the long run, you have to be diligent, because you have just borne a baby only;

the baby has to grow up. Enlightenment also has to be nourished and taken care of every day by your diligence. Same like everything else.

For example. Also, when you sleep, the Master does not sleep and does not leave you; therefore, sometimes you just suddenly wake up by somebody kicking you or some noise, and you suddenly saw the great Light which quickly disappears.

That is when you are awakened from high samadhi during your sleep. It is important to fix your mind always on the quest of enlightenment, because that is the only way to make yourself progress very fast. 

By the grace of the Master, of God power inside, we can, even at the time of initiation, get cleansed even though we were not very pure at that moment. But then, even in the presence of God's power, we get cleansed at that moment. So we got through, we break through the prison door and we can see Light and hear Sound for a while, because that exists beyond the material existence.

That's how we say “instant” or “immediate enlightenment.” So we hear the Sound, that means we have contacted with the higher world.  We are fixed now; we are not discontinued. And we see the Light, that means we are pure enough - understand? - or we are clean enough, we break through. 

Just like the sun is outside and you are inside the door, if you do not go through the door, you cannot see the sun, even though the sun exists.

It's the same. Light and Sound of God exist, but because we are closed up - closed up in this kind of prison of our own prejudice and our own thoughts, and deeds and actions for many lives - you cannot see.

So at the time of initiation, the Master gives us a chance to break through, once and for all. But we have to keep going, understand? There are many more beyond to discover, not only the initiation. The initiation is only the beginning. But even then, the beginning is a very high beginning.

You have to go again every day to be used to it. Because higher worlds have higher frequencies, and our burdened soul is not yet so familiar with it, so we have to practice. Understand? Practice, practice.

It's just like a man who has been very sick and confined to bed a very long time, now he recovers by the miracle-skill of the doctor. But he has to slowly recover, right? And he has to try to walk, not running the first day - he'd fall. So he cannot walk very far, and he has to keep practicing, practicing, until he walks the way he used to do.

Because even then, we stumble and fall, and we meditate not well, but we do our homework. Just like when you were very young and the teacher gave you some kind of drawing of the words so that ou can trace the words of the teacher and learn how to write, understand?

And we could not do it well anyhow, and we'd feel like we are a failure - many days like this, we always zigzag with our pens - but finally, when we can write we don't even remember when we could do it the first time. Is that right?

Or when you try to do the bicycle, when you were young? When I was a child, I tried to ride the bicycle and I bumped my knees, and hurt my elbows, and sometimes got an ache over here by falling down; and the bicycle always lay on top of me.

Many days like this. But one day, I just got it! I got it! - and I don't remember when it was. And then I'd just ride on and on and on, and no more bumping knees and ache over here. Nothing anymore. Understand?

You just do it, and you don't know when you can do it. Even though you had failures in the previous days, but these are the stepping stones for the next success. Truly it is like that. You understand?

It is very good to have failure, no problem, provided you're sincere and want to learn it to the end. And whenever you succeed, you don't even know it; you just turn your head and there you are. You know everything. Right?

Just do it, just meditate as best you can, as much as you can.

After some time, you can even see Light even with your eyes open, or you can see Heaven while you drive or while you wait. Or you wash dishes and you see the Master appear, maybe talk to you for a while, or just stand there and then gone.

You think it is already better than when you have to sit very diligently for many hours before you can see the Master or before you can see some Light. So the person who opens the eyes, or drives cars and can see Heaven or can see Master, you envy, you think it is good.

Maybe, but that is only one of the levels. And after you meditate so long, or maybe you became master, then it's not needed that you live in only two worlds at the same time, not necessary that you see this kind of things when you wash dishes. But then you live in many worlds at the same time, many dimensions - you understand? - and you're all over places.

At that time, you say “that person has got the omnipresent state, he has realized God.” So that's why people in the olden times, they practiced with any master and they called that master “the Lord” - it means God - and they'd say “The Lord is omnipotent, omnipresent,” etc.

Actually, they do not know the invisible God. They know the God that lives with them, smiles with them, eats with them, talks with them, understand? And from these so-called scriptures, we learn to know the Lord, we learn to know what we call “God.”

Actually, from the beginning, that was the master, a master of some kind, and the disciples wrote all kinds of experiences and said, “My Lord is so merciful. He helps me in this disaster, he teaches me the path of Light. I see him as Light. I see him come to me as Light, I see him talking to me as thunder, as the sound of many waters,” etc.,

and then we learn from the scripture to know the so-called Lord, but we don't know who that Lord is. Actually, that is his Lord, not our Lord, understand? Therefore, no need to talk about Lord if we don't know about it, and no need to call that the impersonal Lord or personal Lord, because there is none.

As long as you yourself do not nourish the Lord within you and do not recognize the power that the Lord within you has, no Lord exists for you. No Lord whatsoever. Understand? Because you don't know Hirm.

The Lord is only inside you according to your level. The more you practice, the more your Lord is apparent or obvious, the more the Lord will be obvious to you, and then you can write many songs, praising the Lord. Actually, it is you, your level. Now you recognize the goodness within you, the power that you possess - that is called “the Lord.” Understand?

And the more you grow, the more glorious God becomes, the Lord becomes, the more you know how glorified the Lord inside you is. That's how we know the Lord, no other way.
Doesn't matter how many people praise “the Lord, the Lord, the Lord,” if you don't know Hirm, what is the use for you? Understand?

And the only way to know the Lord is that you have to know Hirm personally, because if he realizes his Lord has done for him many wonders, and tells you, but that Lord will not help you. Hes cannot. You have to realize it, your own Lord, and make Hirm.

Therefore, I do not tell you to worship God, to worship the Buddha - I tell you how to make Buddhas. Understand? Make God. That is the power we have. Understand the logic that I am talking about?

Even though if there is a God, but if you don't realize Hirm you'd never know. Even God exists, or God exists for him, for her, for you, it's no use. So what is the use if that God exists, for you? Understand what I mean? Whether you praise Hirm, or you curse Hirm, it is the same anyhow, because Hes is just non-responsive.

For Hirm, Hes is actually non-existent, and you keep praising and that is the most blasphemous, I think. When I talk to you, I cannot avoid these strong statements so that it wakes you up and that you understand the logic of making your own God, that you understand why the Bible says: "The Kingdom of God is within you," and then you understand why the Buddha said: "Buddha is in your mind, is in your heart, is inside you." -

because you make him. You wake him up, you make him grow. You realize how much power he has, then you make use of it for the benefit of yourself and mankind. That is when you know Buddha, when you know God,

and then you can praise, you can call Hirm “God” or Buddha or whatever, the Lord… whatever you want. But make use of Hirm, not praise Hirm, and not only worship Hirm.

You can worship, you can praise, only after you know how much power Hes gives you, how much power Hes has, understand? And you only know when you realize inside; nowhere else you will find Hirm. Is that not so?

The people from the sun, they are of a different mentality than the people from the snow. You go around the world, and you see. The people who live in the sunny climate, they are different. They are more warm, more friendly, more open, more easy manner.

When you go to a, kind of, very cold climate, people tend to be more, kind of distant, cold, reserved. It's not so? Not that they are not good, but at least their outside is not so open, not so friendly.

When I first came to Malaysia, many people ran to us and offered advice without even our going to ask them. They saw we were wearing these clothes, they knew we were foreigners.

Also when I went to Italy, and people there, even though they werenot as wealthy but they werehappy. Everybody was “O la la, da da da…” like this, and they were friendly, and they were just contented with what they had. And they eat something very little, but they get very fat. Nobody is complaining anything.

They were so different from where I'd go to, even the so-called holiday resort of the skiing and things like that. When it's so cold, people are not like that. Even when they go on holidays, they are not like ordinary people in Italy.

People in Italy, they work hard and they are still happy and they are open and friendly. And the people who go to holiday resorts, like in cold climates, just like they come there to work. It's different.

Of course,it is not black and white like this. There are always exceptions and there are always a little bit of a different mentality between the countries also. But I think the sun does people a lot of wonder, right?

I feel immediately different when I step into Malaysia country - immediately at the airport! When I see the trees outside, wow! - I feel already good! And people ran after us And told us where to go. I feel good because people are so warm and so hospitable. India also, India also. Warm country. Too warm, actually. Malaysia is different; it's kind of beautiful.

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