To Live a Balanced Life in this World and Heaven - P1/3 May 22 , 1993 Tokyo, Japan (In Japanese)    
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Good afternoon I am very happy to meet you today, the supposed-to-be one of the most intelligent races of people in Asia or in the world. Some people told me that they have a test and that Japanese IQs are very high. Is that true? No?

If what I speak today you understand immediately, then that means your IQ is very high, because what I speak is not concerning mundane business or economical affair or political business, but it's concerning the matter of the world beyond our intellect.

If we want to be successful in this world, it doesn't matter in which aspect, we need IQ, and also we need training, and also we need ambition. Now,if we want to understand something about the world beyond this world, we need all these things plus something more. And that something more we already have within ourselves: that is our wisdom.

If we do not try to remember our wisdom, try to develop it, try to recognize it, then our life is a little bit empty,feeling kind of not fulfilled, not completely balanced. Now,if we look around in this world we see everything is created in a kind of balanced manner; therefore, there is day and there is night, there are women, there are men,etc.

Also,when we work very hard every day, we need,sometimes, to go out in the nature and relax and do something different than what we do every day. When we want to find happiness in our life, we should live a balanced life.  Many of us live a life of too much materialism and we have forgotten the real spirit, the real Self,inside us.

That's why we have tried very hard and our world has not been very progressed. Maybe we have progressed in some aspect and then we regressed in some aspect. That is because we have forgotten the more important part in our life: that is our spirit, our wisdom.  In the whole universe, everything must be in balance if it is to survive, if it is to prosper in the highest sense, in the highest level. In our world we are much more preoccupied with the material aspect.

That's why we could not understand Heaven. In Heaven,people are too much preoccupied with the spiritual aspect, therefore they could not understand man. So in order to live our life in this world and understand Heaven at the same time, we should try to balance our life so that the spiritual part of our Self will be blossoming, and also the worldly part of us will be more developed.

Therefore,while living in this world we still can understand and contact with Heaven because in Heaven there are higher teachings for us that we can make use of in order to help mankind to develop in a more civilized manner, in all aspects. You see,our brain is just like a computer, a first class computer, and according to what information we give to the brain, it will come out.

So now,what we pick up in this world are not always the best information and not always the highest quality of information, therefore we have to go to a higher dimension in order to pick up better information,better quality of information, to give it to our brain, and then in turn the brain will give it out to the society or to our daily life activity.

The other day I was interviewed by a newspaper journalist - and I am often interviewed by journalists of different newspapers and different countries - so I asked them,I said, "You always ask me questions,now I want to ask you one question." I said,"Why do the journalist people have often the very negative outlook on life?

Or when they go to question someone, it seems like they have a kind of negative feeling or a tendency towards some negative questions, and also why most of the time the news are more negative than positive.』

So I was answered that because they find nothing good to report,nothing good in the society, only negative things, so they have to report what it is. But I do not agree that there is nothing good in the society or there are much more negative than positive; I do not think it is so bad. But most probably we are more attracted to something that is very 『upheaval』 or very tragic, very drastic, so the newspapers would like to report these things to us.

This is all right,but then in the long term, it will affect our attitude and our spirit and our outlook of life, and then everywhere sometimes we go, we see similar people, similar type of situation, and immediately we expect something negative. And this is how our brain picks up information in this world,mostly, largely due to television, due to newspapers, books,etc. I have heard that sometimes because the young people see some criminal scenes reported on television and some time later they imitate and then it breeds more crimes.

Sometimes I was in America and I went through the bookshops to look for some spiritual books to see what people print and what people read today, and I was very disappointed to look the whole day and very little valuable spiritual guidance, but low level books are plenty. Sometimes the whole, very thick,book only reported some very bad, very,very terrible action of some kind of group, of some kind of cult,or something like that, and even described in detail the terrible things they do.

Now,probably there is only one person who did these things or a group of a few people, but when it's printed into books,millions of people will know about all these negative things, and if our brain is always overloaded by this kind of bad information,then these information will, in turn,feed out to the societies or to our environment. That's how we see our society become kind of, in some part of the world, very degraded in morality and in spirit. Because the brain-computer continues to pick up information, regardless good or bad, and there's much more bad information than good,therefore, our spirit is very tired, very degraded, very discouraged, very frustrated, very weak.

That's why sometimes if somebody,some person, is truly good,truly pure, comes to us and wants to help us, we sometimes have doubt and suspicion and thinking,『How could it be,so good a thing? I've never heard of it! We didn't have this before.』

And then,so,a very few truly good persons finally also give up because they couldn't convince us that they are truly good, and that we also don't give them time, don't give them a chance to prove their goodness. Most of the journalists would be more interested in the way I look or the way I wear my clothes more than what I offer in spirit.

I don't say all of them, I'd say the majority. And also they had the feeling, not only the journalists, and many people, many other people, and they had the feeling as if to wear makeup or to wear nice clothes, it's something not good, something not good for the people with wisdom, yes, or with enlightenment. I do not blame them for their attitude,

I just feel sorry for our society that breeds such kind of thinking. I just feel sorry that our people have lost the sense of dignity, sense of beauty, sense of appreciation of something…beauty, truth…and graceful, and worse still, even feel proud of it!

In the old times, our traditional dress was beautiful; women were truly women, men were truly men, very beautiful, very dignified. Nowadays,we do not see much of these signs of beauty on the street because if some woman appears to be beautiful, then she attracts many criticism. When I first came here today,

I saw only one or two people wearing kimonos on the street, and I always look at these things and I like it so much. And a Japanese woman who wears a kimono is much more beautiful than wearing other clothes. I saw two women walking together,one wearing different clothes and another one wearing a kimono.Even though both of them looked beautiful,but the one with the kimono was extremely,extremely and distinguishedly beautiful.

But in this society today maybe we do not have so much time to be beautiful, and everybody just learns with each other and we're all rushing around and forget to keep ourselves in the way we used to be or the way we want to be, and then finally everyone accepts that it's okay to be not beautiful, it's okay to wear just casual clothes, or any kind of clothes.

Even I myself dare not wear beautiful clothes today because I am afraid to shock you. Even though I thought today is a very important occasion and I should show my respect to you with my beautiful dress or traditional costume.

And also I feel that as a guest of a nation, I should dress more properly to remind you even of the life in Heaven,yes, the life we used to have before we came to this world. But I saw so many outside wearing just ordinary clothes, very conservative,so I dared not wear anything beautiful for you. So this is the same,what happened in our society.

This is only one example to prove how we are intimidated every day with our actions, our thinking,and our habits; the same. Therefore,if we only learn from information of this world, we will not learn of the highest quality.

We have heard that we have Heaven, we have many different dimensions of higher intelligence, higher civilization, so why don't we go and have a look? Actually,Heaven is within ourselves; allthe most intelligent source, are within ourselves. If only we take time to turn inward daily sometimes,then we will find this highest quality, and then our life will become truly happy.

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