To be One with God is to Do without Doing - P1/3 March 14, 1993 Melbourne, Australia    
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I congratulate you for having a new “old” Prime Minister. Your country is the envy of many other nations. That was my impression

when I first landed at the airport and that we have drove around to my temporary residence. It's so clean,fresh and big and vast,people don't have the pressure of living so close together without space. So clean,and people are so friendly.
Even the police in the airport were so friendly,so expert in knowing who is who. I mean,they only take care of the law and check out on the so-called not very law-abiding people,but when they saw us they knew nothing would happen,no problem,so we just passed through without any check,checking in the luggage. This very rarely happens for such a group like us with many people and a lot of equipment and wires and all things,microphones and earphones.
Yes,it is a very,very warm and welcome feeling at the airport. And because I have traveled a lot around the world and this rarely happens. So,I'd also like to thank you; maybe some of the policemen are sitting here today.
If not,please,please be reminded of the goodness of your country and your people again. If all the countries in the world become just like Australia,then it would be that we don't have to worry much. And also,I'm happy that your country is very liberal concerning different faiths of different religions.
When I first came,the first day,many people came to visit me. They're native born,or they are immigrants into your nation but speak perfect English. So they have informed me of different faiths in your country,and different groups of meditational practice and different beliefs or different so-called religious sects in your country.
That shows that the people in Australia are very spiritual and very open-minded to all kinds of good influences,you see? And they also asked me what kind of religion I represent or try to advocate.
Well,I was asked already. I was asked at the airport even,by the police; he was interested to know. So I told them that I have no intention to advocate any particular religion in your country.
Because from what I have gathered from information even before coming here,I know your country has enough religions already. Is that not right? Yes,by the smiles on your faces I know it is true.
So then they asked me,"Then what have you come for?" I said: "First,to get to know your country,because I have heard so much about Australia. It's a very interesting and charming land.
Many people know about it and I have heard about it since I was a child,but I had not had the opportunity to come. So first,to get to know the country and the people,also second,to share with them what we know and also to learn from them what we don't know." So in these days I have been also busy learning,but have not had the opportunity of sharing.
So,today is the day that I may have a chance to share with you what you might already know,or what some of you may not yet know. You see,in this age of very progressive communication system,most of the people in the West - for example America,Australia - know about many systems of meditation or religious devotion.
So,religions we have plenty,and we have enough,and all religions have encouraged people to be good,to do good and to remember God or the Buddha. Therefore,I do not have to remind you about this again.
The reason of my disciples to invite me to come to this beautiful country is that they thought because they are living in such a peaceful country,and they owe so much to the Australian people for this happiness and freedom which they sometimes don't have in their land,so they wanted me to represent them to share with you the happiness that they gain through our meditational practice,which is called the Quan Yin. “Quan Yin” is a Chinese term.
I started in Formosa (Taiwan). I'd got to start somewhere. Therefore,most of the terms sometimes seem very Buddhist,also a little bit Chinese. But in the Western countries we don't need to discriminate over this terminology. You see“Quan Yin” is the Chinese term for observation of the vibrationobservation of the "Word" inside us,the Word which was mentioned in the Bible: "In the beginning was the Word,the Word was God,the Word was with God,and the Word was God."

Soby observing silently with our wisdom insidewe will come into contact with God. That's the reason for all our happinessand all our desires will come to an end. We do not leave our desiresour desires will leave us.
Some people call this "the Supreme Power inside." When Jesus came to Earth,he declared that: "I do,but not I,it's my Father in me who does it,and whoever prays to the Father through my name would get whatever he wishes for."
You see,why did the people at that time pray through Jesus? Why through his name and not directly? It is because at that time the people had not discovered their own Christ within.
But later on,when he imparted the Supreme wisdom to his disciples,he again told them that: "Whatever I do,you can do also,and you can do better." Why better than the master? It's just because it's the nature of every master to be very humble and also to encourage people to stand on their own feet,to know their greatness,to recognize God who dwells within themselves,that he has mentioned this way.
Also,why better? It is because he knew that in the generations to come,the freedom of religion,of spreading religious faith,will be greater than at the time of his birth,of his life,and he knew that his disciples,going through their own experiences and speaking in his name,would be having more freedom to express the greatness of a living master,as well as the Kingdom of God which they themselves experienced. Because it doesn't matter how great a master is,like Jesus,he would not venture to glorify himself; also he is too humble to do that.
But most of the disciples can speak better of him,and more freely express the greatness of the master. But the reason why the master does not glorify himself also is because,when a master is one with Godthe master has no more self to proclaimand there is no feeling as the doer with a masterif he is a true master. So if we believe in Jesus or any of the saviors who have graced our Earththen we must know that we are greatwe are the sons and daughters of Godwe areourselvesthe Supreme Master.
But because we do not discover this power within ourselves,we have doubts,we have anxieties,we have desires which are hardly ever completely fulfilled as long as we have not come in contact with God power.
So the reason for my disciples to invite me to come here is to share with you the knowledge of how to get in touch with this Supreme God who is within you,of whom you have heard much about,and all the Bibles,all the scriptures in different religions have mentioned.
I have not come to alter your belief,your religions,to make you become a Buddhist or a Christian,or to make you become Muslim or whatever. Because whatever faith you have believed in,that is correct.
If you have not the opportunity to get in touch with that Supreme Power on which your faith is based upon,then we will help you to recognize that. It's very easy,just like you receive the flowers from the beloved friends,because it's always there. "It is very difficult to know God," some people say to me. But to me,it's very,very easy,it's like a child's game.
And I'm always surprised whenever I'm in contact with some people who have not tuned in with the Supreme Power. I'm always surprised again and again. Why they don't know it?
Why they have forsaken their greatness and go around in life in some kind of negative feeling or suffering,not knowing how great they are? After the initiation,many of my disciples claim that I am the Buddha or the Master or whatever,or God's daughter. Okay,that I accept.
But so are you,so are all of you,from the child to the old man. None of you are different than I am. Everything I have,you have; everything I have gained,you can gain,and that can be proven very shortly after you have accepted your greatness through the symbolic process of so-called "initiation."
All of my disciples have testified to this fact. Just like we say "by your fruits shall you be known." If we say something that is only hearsay or by only theology,by speaking or by reasoning or by debating,then it's only half of the truth.
We have to have proof of what we say and what we hear. That's why Jesus said to the people,“Seeing,you see,but you do not perceive; hearing,you hear,but you do not understand." The reason why we see without perceiving is that we see only with our physical eyes only a part of the creation of God. What we do not see is the Creatorand we do not completely perceive what is the meaning behind all these beautiful creations and what is truly the meaning of God is loveor God is almightyGod is omnipresent.

Of course,some of you would have perceived that,because nowadays the communication is excellent and everything is made known to the public at large. So many of the systems have been introduced to you,to your country,and to other people in different countries,so perhaps you have known some of the teachings similar to ours,or the method that can show you the Kingdom of God.
When I mention the “method” it isn't a method at all. Because when we transmit the Light and the Soundwe don't speakboth of us. Because the Kingdom of God doesn't need human language to be revealed.
Just like in the Bible,it is stated that "not by praying loud on the street or in a corner,and making a lot of noise that you know God,but you pray in the secret corner,and there your Father knows you. And what you do in secret,the Father will reveal to you openly."
What is it that we do in secret? That when we meditatewe come into the secret corner of our wisdomof ourselvesand then the more we come into that chamberthe more it manifests outside as intelligenceas wisdomas loving kindnessas the more effectiveness of the way we work and serve in this world.

Now,all of my disciples,most of them,have experienced a lot of miracles in their life. See,many of us love miracles. Wherever I go,people keep asking me,"Do you know this and that man or woman who makes miracles?” and all that,
and this and others; I always heard about it. “And do you know about this healer? He is the greatest healer; he puts his hand on you and you're healed,” and all this. I said,"That would be great,and then all the world doesn't need hospitals anymore."
And we all love miracles; that is the weakness within us. Yes,it's all right. So I told some of these people sometimes,"All these healing powers,all these miracles are yours." If you want themyou will have themand no need to worship any miracle workers or any healers even. What they do is greatbut you can do the sameyou can do the same.
Jesus has promised and so it's for us now to verify if what Jesus said is true or not. I have verified,and  many of my disciples - thousands,ten thousand,hundred thousand of them - have verified around the world. So,if you yourself want to verify it,it is nothing very difficult and it can be done very shortly.
Most of our disciples,our fellow practitioners… I normally call them “fellow practitioners,” I don't call them “disciple." Just because I just talked to you and I forgot. I call them "fellow practitioners," "brother" or "sister." That's what we call each other.
But they call me "Master." So I'm only one and they are too many,I can't win,so sometimes I forgot,I called myself "Master" also. But this is not in a proud sense. It's just a very natural,spontaneous reaction. You might call yourself "master" also,after you have mastered the art of life and death through the practice of the heavenly Light and the heavenly Sound,which is the Word and the Light of God in the Bible.
We know so many things in life already,we know so much already,and many of us have a great position in the society and possess great knowledge about science,biology and every other thing. But there is much more to learn and we should not stop at the worldly level of discovery but we should go on further into the higher dimension of the Kingdom of God and then choose where we go after we leave this physical world. Just like many of the immigrants to your country,they have chosen your land because it's peaceful,it's more secure and more loving than probably their country,some of their original countries.
Similarly,our world is beautiful,beautiful,but there are more exquisitely beautiful,absolutely fantastic worlds beyond our world,and these we can choose. Because in the Kingdom of God there are many mansions,and  should we practice after the initiationshould we practice this methodwe know immediately some part of this Kingdom.
Most of our disciples know this. That's why they would like to invite me here and there all the time to share with other people the same happiness. They thought they couldn't do it alone. They can do it,but they thought I probably can speak about it better.
But that sometimes is their mistake. But if people request me too many times repeatedly,I cannot say no,so I have to come. Otherwise,each of them,each of youafter knowing Godafter knowing the Kingdom of Godyou have also the power to share it with other people. To do it or not do it depends on your confidence. After you practice for a longer timeyou have greater confidence and you have greater knowledgeand then you know what you are speaking of.

Before I knew the Kingdom of God,I always thought,“If I do good things and bow to the Buddha or go to church that would be enough,” but afterwards,there was something missing within me. Something,I cannot tell why,just pushed me that I have to know further,that I have to know more.
Before,I went to church,I never asked for anything much. I always prayed to God that “if You truly exist,please reveal to me,please somehow let me know Your greatness.” And I prayed to the Buddha in the same way.
At that time,God didn't reveal to me. God did not care about me and the Buddha also ignored it. After much suffering and crying and praying for the Truth,I have got it. But through the transmissionthrough the practicing of the Quan Yin Methodobserving the Wordthe vibrationwhich is our own Self.  
Our world is getting better and better,because there has never been in history such an open disclosure of such a precious method. Not that the master did not desire to share it with the people in the world,it was just due to persecution and difficultly in communication in the old time.
Now we have television,we have telephone,we have newspapers,we have radios and therefore the people in the world at large now practice this precious method,which in the ancient time could only be acquired through secret,through hardship,through years of searching.
I'm not the only one who spreads this method - there are several more - and therefore,our world now is full of people who are enlightened,who know the Kingdom of God and who live a saintly way of life. That's why I guess our world is getting better and better. Even all the conflicts between the nations are being slowly minimized.
Even many of the political struggles which had bothered the whole world have become lessened in a very short time. If we practice the heavenly wisdom,we will see that there is a reason for it. That is because so many people are Enlightened  and there are so many new discoveries which are better for people's health,for the people's spiritual welfare and for economical growth.
Everything has a better promise. If more of the people turn to Heaven,truly get in touch with the source of all-healing Power,of all magical fantasies,then the world becomes Heaven. At that time we probably don't need to aspire to go to another planet or to go to Heaven even,because our Father will be here among us,because all of us will become one with the Father.
It seems a very fantastic dream,but it may come true. We have no need to fear for the end of the world because we will turn this into Heaven. God will not destroy our world if it becomes a fitbetterand more glorious space for peoplefor Hiers children to live in.
You only pull down a house when the house is rotten,and build a new one. Otherwise,if the house is repaired and intact,you would not pull it down. Many people ask me about the end of the world,say do I believe in it? Am I afraid of it? What do I do about it? I say,"Yes,I believe in it."
I say,"God has power to createand should our world become unfit for Hiers children to staythen Hes would destroy it.  But no,I'm not afraid of it because I have the Kingdom of God in my pocket. I can take it anywhere I want in this life or the life after. I will never lose my Paradise.
Therefore,it doesn't matter if the world ends or doesn't end; it doesn't concern me." But what do I do about it? I do nothing. Of course,if you come to me and ask,then I will remind you that you don't need to fear it.
Because if we die,the world ends anyhow,right? So the world might end anytime,sometimes even in an accident. Sowhat we worry about is not the end of the world but the end of ourselves.If we are not prepared for a longer journey to Heaven,we might have to worry. Otherwise,there is nothing that we should do but to leave it to the will of God.

*If you have already a Christian mantradoes one have to change it?

No,you don't have to if that works for you. If you truly can get in touch with God through that mantra,that you can see the Light of God,that you can hear the Word of God,then you don't need to change. If you do not experience this God power manifested through Light and the Wordthen you should changeif you desire to. If you do not desire,of course,you don't.

*What does "the fear of the Lord" mean?

To fear the Lord means to respect Hiers laws,Hiers commandments. It doesn't mean you have to be scared of Hirm or be afraid of Hirm. “Fear of the Lord” means to respect God,which is the Creator of all things,and so we try to be righteous and virtuous in order to please Hirm,which is our True Self. Because when we fear the Lord,it means we respect the Lord,it means we know the wisdom. Then we can never do wrong things. Not that the Lord is so fearsome that we have to stand far apart from Hirm.

*Why do you have to meditate 2.5 hours a day and become vegetarian to be enlightened?

No,you don't have to be vegetarian,and you don't have to meditate 2.5 hours a day to become enlightened,but to keep the enlightenment.  You can be enlightened without,but you can't keep it if you are not fit to go on with it.
There is some great power within ourselves which,when tapped,can bring confusion,can bring shattering experiences to our body and mind,should we not have prepared our purity for it,to keep it or to endure it.
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