To be One with God is to Do without Doing - P3/3 March 14, 1993 Melbourne, Australia    
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*About almighty powercan it change the movement of the sun or planetsOr should we understand the almighty power as spiritual meaningBecause I cannot believe the miracles written in the Bible.

You should. We can experience these miracles right now,then you will believe. Anythingthe almighty power can dobut as God sees fitnot as our dictation.But all the miracles in the Bible are true. These are child's play. There is nothing big deal that you could not believe. There is much more than that. These are just a very fragmentary record of what a master can do.
Even these nowadays,I have seen with my eyes some of the Hindu monks that walk across the water - and not walk half way across the swift flowing current - and they want to teach me how to do it,but I refused. I said I'd use a boat,it's cheap,very cheap. And some people still,nowadays,if you read the book from Alexandra David-Néel,you have seen she recorded many miracles in Tibet - people can fly around in the air right now.
And they have to chain themselves with a lot of metal blocks so that they sometimes can land,otherwise they fly all the time in the air. There are many such things; it's very simple and to turn water into milk and all that,it is there. You can buy them in India,these miracle tricks. If you want,you go to India and search for some sadhus (ascetics) and learn with them. No need to doubt the Bible,because Jesus wasn't very proud of these miracles anyhow.
For example,when his mother tried to demonstrate his supernatural power by telling people to prepare the jars of water and put them outside and tell him to go and turn it into wine,he said,"Mother,why?Why do you make me do these things?" Remember?Is that not so?"Why do you force me to do this?"
He wasn't very pleased about it. And then when somebody was sick and then touched his garment and became healed,he said,"Oh!Your faith has healed you." And sometimes when some miracles happened,he said,“It's not me,it's my Father who does it."
So these things should not be an obstacle to you to put faith into Christianity or Jesus,and to his greatness. He is greater than these miracles. These are just by-products and he was forced to do it in some circumstances. For example,he healed some people because at that time the medical treatment was very expensive and rare,people were poor and needy. If he were born here now probably he wouldn't do it to attract you. But the imparting of knowledge is importantnot the miracles.

* How were souls created and can they be destroyed

No,the soul cannot be destroyed because it is not material. Anything that's born and has a material shape will be destroyedbut not the soul. Something like space cannot be destroyed.

* Why did God create this world

So that we can know each other today,at least.

* I agree with what you say. In my opinionit's not that God created human beings but that human beings created God. Do you agree

Yes and no. Depends on what you mean by “God.” Because God is our own wisdomand that has no need for any creative power. It exists alone.It existed before all things. That is Godand from that power we came and to that power we return.

* Is it true the teacher cannot teach until the pupil is ready

Right,it's true,it's true,it's true.

* What is it that you have that I don't have

No,nothing. I told you already what I have,you have. It's just that probably I know what I have and you don't know yet what you have. But you'll know if you will let me show you how and where.

* Could you please give a briefing on meditationHow do you go about it

Meditation itself is an empty word if we don't have sincerity and perseverance. If we truly want to know our true Selfthat is the true meditation. Whether you sit,you stand,you lie down,you go about with your business,you are always centered in this sinceritywanting to know Godwanting to know your real Selfthat is meditation.
And so we just show you how to collect your scattered attention and focus on the wisdom center within our so-called apparent body within the brain. It is human language. Actually,there is no center,but I have to start somewhere and to tell you to focus and later on you even don't know that you have a body. When you are in samadhiyou'll experience blissLight and all the wisdom; and all the questions will be answered to you and all the desires will drop off.
You still continue to serve the society in a greater capacity and love,but you desire for no fruits. You just carry on your business without attachment. And the meditational practice is very easy,but you need an experienced friend to teach you. That's all. If you already know it or if you know an experienced teacher,then no need. If you don't,I may help you. But we have to explain it in detail,Because if you do it wrong or if your motive is not pureyou might have side effects. That's why it is better to have a commitment to a teacher and learn the whole course in time. That's all.

* I have been through the experience of enlightenment but now need to know how best to maintain my oneness with God's Light.

If you do it through a teacher,then ask him. If you don't have a teacher,then come to our initiation so that I may help you further to maintain that.

* I would like to be initiatedbut I live far away from here; but if I have been vegetarian for three monthshow are you going to give me initiation according to the videotape I have seen

I will send someone,if I'm not there personally. Because the initiation doesn't need language and doesn't need my personal appearance at the place. We do it regardless of space and time. Anytime you are ready,we're ready for you. We'll find the means to do it.

* MasterI have some questions that no other monks have explained to me satisfactorily. Where do human beings come from

Even the Buddha did not answer this.

* Where are we going to go after deathSomeone says that we are going to Paradise and some other says that we will go to hell

You go to Paradise if you are virtuous and you go to hell if you registered there.

* In the five preceptsthere is something that prohibits us to put make-up on our face. (No.) If we do sodo we violate it

No,no,no. It didn't say so. Five precepts only: not harming other sentient beings,not killing,not stealing,not committing adultery,not drinking alcohol,all these things - I mean the drugs and all that - and the other is not gambling and not telling lies. These only,five. The Buddha didn't say “don't put on make-up.”Don't make it more complicated than it already is.

* Dear Masterwhat is the essence of the Quan Yin Method that you are teachingWhat is the important pointWhat is the benefit for our lifeour current lifeAnd what is the good for us when we leave this life

The essence is that you will get in touch with your Buddha Nature or your Kingdom of God,and it will benefit you right now as well as the life after. Because you have wisdom and you handle every situation in life in a more proper way. And then after you leave this world,you will go to your proper place in Heaven or in Nirvana (the highest Heaven) and continue to serve the whole universe in your capacity there.

*Dear Masterthere are many people who say that the husband should not eat a vegetarian diet because if a male person eats a vegetarian diethe cannot fulfill his duty as a husbandso the family will not have happiness. opinion

You answer me,is that true?Did you fulfill your duty?


Yes,he did. All my disciples are householders. Some of them are husbands and wives,and they continue to have children. I have no ban on anything,just I advise them to be moderate in all things. That's all.

* Dear Masteris it true that when human beings commit many sinsthey have be to downgraded into animals in the next life

The Buddha said so. Buddha said yes.

* Why is it that the more material things that we getthe more obstructions we have in the spiritual progress

It's not that the material things obstruct our spiritual progress,it's our attitude towards them that obstructs us. Because,if you remember in the time of Buddha,there are many kings and many rich people who followed him,and they attained enlightenment all the same.
In fact,one of them called Wei Mo,he was a householder,he was very rich and he was more or less equal to Buddha,because he was so highly enlightened and powerful. It is because he has a lot of possessions but he is not attached to it. So take care of your attitude,not put away your possessions. Put away your attachmentnot possession.

* Can the wisdom eye open by itself through the diligent spiritual practiceor do we have to rely on the Master's blessing

Rely on both. It's the bestit's the most insured.

* Can you tell me the progress of the soul from the beginning to the end

If I have time and if you have time; if we stay here forever then I will tell you.

* “Dear Masterif my husband has a concubine and I divorce himdo I commit some sort of sins against my childrenBecause I feel scared not to live with him.”

She feels disgusted to live with him. That's why I have told you “no sexual misconduct,” “no adultery,” to protect your family and the happiness of your children. So I think you should not divorce him yet,but talk to him first and see where probably you go wrong. Maybe you neglect him,you don't love him enough,maybe you don't take care of the children clean enough,maybe you don't dress yourself beautifully so put on some makeup,put on some nice jewelry,buy some new clothes and be a good wife - see if it works first. You don't just forsake a marriage so at random and quickly.
You have maybe gone wrong somewhere or maybe something is missing in the family. So,please,rescue your marriage first. When it absolutely cannot be mended,then maybe you consider divorce. Otherwise,of course,you don't sin against the children,but they would suffer with a separated family and a split up loving atmosphere. If you want to sacrifice and you consider the children that much,then you consider talking to your husband. Be loving to him and be beautiful. See what the opponent has that you don't have and learn to be better.

* Dear Masterthese are questions from a young girl: Why do I have to eat vegetarian dietIf I eat vegetarian fooddoes Buddha help me to become smartermore intelligentIf I eat vegetarian food can I see the manifestation of Buddha

You eat vegetarian because you learn to love all the beings in this worldand whether you see the Buddha or not depends on your sincerity and practice. And,of course,you will have less sickness and be more intelligent. That is Scientifically proven.

* Dear MasterI have a family and I have two children. I do want to eat vegetarian diet because I understand the good of eating vegetarian food as you have taught in your book. But if I eat vegetarian food and sometimes I'd waste the food with meat because there are some leftovers from my two children. So if I do sois it a sin(No,it isn't.)

* How can I be a permanent vegetarianBecause I want to be vegetarian very muchbut I still want to eat meat.

Then pray that God will help you. We don't force anyone to be vegetarian if you are not ready,if you don't want to. We only help you if you want to,okay?

She said that when she meditates,not in our Method,she just meditates,and she just empties her mind and recites the Buddha's name,but she does not get the samadhi - meaning the trance,the peaceful-like state. She asks me whether if she meditates like that,is it effective or not?Well,I say it has some effect,but very minimal. If you have samadhi,it would be the best,and then you can get in touch with the real Buddha Nature.

* About not killingif a tiger wants to come and eat methen what

Where do you go to see the tiger anyhow?Is it so easy just to meet a tiger on the street?Your imagination is fantastic.

* In the kitchenthere are many ants. How do we fix this

Be hygienic. Clean your kitchen all the time so the ants will not come.

* Quan Yin is male or female


* Buddha or Bodhisattva (saint)

I don't think she cares so much about her rank. But in the scripture it says that Quan Yin was an ancient Buddha.

* Can we change our destiny

Yes,somehow,if we practice the Quan Yin Method.

* After initiationif I eat meat or drink alcoholwill that affect Masterwill that trouble Master

Yes,yes,because we are one. But it affects you more,it troubles you more. I can go free with all this,but you might not. The person you should be concerned with is yourself.

*I'm a followerI believe in Quan Yin Bodhisattva. If I study Quan Yin Methodwill there be any problemany conflict

No. It would be better.

* After initiation can we read Buddhist books

Sure. You can,only that you understand better than before.

* After initiation is it a certainty that we will be liberated

Yes,if you follow the practice.

* MasterI'm from Mainland China. There are many spiritual practitioners there who are very anxious that Master go to Mainland China to spread the Dharma (true teaching). Can Master help us

I go wherever God wants me to go. I cannot make that decision. I would like to,but if God's willing then it will happen.

*One of the Chinese said Melbourne is very beautiful and they hope that Master can come back again.

I said,“Yes,Melbourne is beautiful,and I'd surely love to go. But as again,depends on God's will and the affinity between us; that's God's will. So,thank you.” I thank them for their love and supportive spirit. And I also thank you,the Australia residents and natives for giving me such a warm,open and loving welcome. I wish you all the best in everything you do.

* I'm a follower of Quan Yin Bodhisattva. If I study Quan Yin Methodwill there be any conflict

No. It would be better.

* One of the Chinese said Melbourne is very beautiful and they hope that Master can come back and give a lecture again.

Thank you for your love and your open-minded,supportive spirit. I am very touched. If God wills,I will come back again.

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