The Only Criminal is Ignorance - P1/2 May 28,1999 Prague, The Czech Republic (In Czech)    
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Good afternoon, everybody. I'd like to tell you about my story of how I met Master. They say that after initiation, life will change. My life from the outside didn't change at all; but inside, it's totally different, really. I feel much, much more peace and love and beauty. I feel like I am always in love. I'm always in love with my Master who represents the almighty power of God. Because I feel that the whole universe is full of love and happiness. And that's it. I love you.


Thank you. Good evening. I know many Czech people in Germany, in Munich. They're so friendly and so generous. I know one person very particular, he owns a Chinese restaurant - Czechoslovak owns a Chinese restaurant - and he cooks Chinese as well. So, every time I come to his restaurant he specially puts a little bit more spice for me because he thinks I am a real Chinese, so I eat a little sharp. He loved me so much.
Every time after a meal, he always played the guitar and sung all the beautiful, traditional Czechoslovak songs for me. He was the owner of the restaurant and he was kind of rich, but he looked very, very humble and his manner was very, very modest. And he would tell me about his country, about his people, and sing all these beautiful songs that made me fall in love with your country. But because he looked so humble, I did not imagine your country is so majestic, so beautiful.
Last night, I just arrived and I sat in the big square, the very famous square where the big church… against the sky, so tall and so beautiful. And they put the light on it, makes the church look like silver, so like mercury. It was so thrilling, I cannot imagine. It looks like a fairy tale. So I called my friend in America and said, "You must come over here and look at the Czech country. It's so like a fairy tale." I tell him I don't know why Czech has not been more famous than other cities in Europe because it's so magnificent, beyond my imagination.
So beautiful! I am so happy that the political situation of your country has allowed me to have this honor to visit your land. Otherwise, I would miss out on one of the most beautiful places on the planet. And also everything, the cost of living here, is so inexpensive that with a little money you can stay here for a long time. American money.
Maybe it's different in your country, but for me, the world traveler, I compare with other countries; the cost of living here is very, very low. I ran around the whole city with the taxi just to check out what is going on and how beautiful your country is, and I paid almost like around US$10 -that's very cheap. In America you cannot go such a long distance with US$10.

So, back to my Czech friend. He was so humble and so very ordinary that I could not imagine the magnificent background that he came from, like your country or your capital town, which is so attractive, so beautiful. I think most Czech people are like that. They are not showing off from outside. They are more introverted. Their values are more inside, similar to the original land where we came from, which is Heaven.
When we look at ourselves, we are so ordinary, so humble, we cannot imagine the background from which we came. And we, of course, could not imagine that what the Bible says is true, like, "The body is just the temple of God and only God lives within us." Maybe some of us believe that, that God is next to us, God is within us, but we don't know how to find Hirm, therefore, we suffer so much.
And because of the suffering of the pressure of this material, low-vibration world, we continue to struggle with life. And we have been behaving sometimes in a manner that is against our better judgment, and sometimes we even cause war and conflicts between nations and between religions, and within our own religion. So, I have found that the only solution to all these conflicts and struggles is that we must know God directly. And we must know what is our birthright; like if we are the children of God, we must reclaim this glory.
 And because I have discovered that it's so simple that I must share it with you. Because every one of us, every one of you, can also see God in this lifetime and see God right away. As soon as we want it, we will see Hirm, only if we know how. ***There is nothing easier than seeing God because God is within us, God is ourselves; we are a part of God, we are one with God. It's just that the illusion of this physical world has separated us and made us feel that we are human and we are sinners and we are helpless and we are lowly, etc.
Since the ancient times, there is always a way to go back to the Kingdom of the God, there is always a way to see God, but we must know how. We must know someone who knows that way already and points it out to us. Then it is as simple as looking at the flowers, as listening to music, as breathing, as eating or as loving one another. *** We want to find God, we want to believe that God exists, but we just cannot find Hirm, and we are very unhappy. It is my privilege that God has ordered me to share this knowledge among our brothers and sisters in this planet. And I will do so until my last breath on Earth, just to show people how simple it is to recognize your greatness, how simple it is to make use of the treasure within ourselves, to get in touch with God and to live happily in the heavenly kind of atmosphere while still continuing duties on this planet.
Because only by knowing God we will stop all hatred and all wars, all misunderstandings between people. ***Only by knowing God we can dispel these physical illusions,*** which envelop us daily in our existence and make us feel weak, make us feel hopeless, make us feel ignorant and, therefore, succumb to all kinds of suffering. Before we were born into this world, before we even existed, before we had even been materialized into this kind of physical existence, we had taken a vow that we must know God.
But then when we are in this physical prison, we forget. And then we pray to Heaven. When we suffer so much of this coarse physical energy of this planet, then we pray to God. And then God always sends someone directly from Hirm - or ordered by Hirm or empowered by Hirm - to us in order to show us the way. That's why Jesus has come, Buddha has come, other great masters of the past and the present and the future will also come, as long as mankind is still groveling in ignorance and darkness.
And the masters always left behind verbal teaching and also nonverbal teaching. The verbal teaching is to satisfy our mind, our physical brain, our intellectual power. And the nonverbal teaching - which is very difficult to find, very difficult to discern - is directly for the soul so that it can know God. And this lineage, this transmission of nonverbal teaching, is always existing in this planet. As long as mankind still needs salvation, still wants to go Home, there is always a guide who holds this nonverbal teaching and is waiting for us.
And after we have the transmission, we can also pass it on, once we attain the level of sufficient knowledge. And so on, this lineage of unspoken teaching of God will continue generations after generations through different living instruments of God, who are chosen from God. I have been fortunate to encounter one of the guides who keeps this nonverbal transmission alive, and I have been more fortunate and more honored to have the permission to share it with whomever wants to know God, wants to go back Home to the Kingdom. And maybe later in the future you will do the same, if God appoints us.
Knowing God is the only goal in our life. Everything else is temporary. Just like the water must return to the source, we must be one with God again in order to be truly happy, eternally blissful. Then we will know that everyone who sits next to us is God. We will truly realize this. We will see it with our own eyes, we will know it with our very soul that everyone is a part of us and everyone is a part of God, and we can no longer make war with each other.
We can only love. The Bible mentions that we must love our neighbor, we must even love our enemy; but it is difficult for us because we do not realize how great the neighbor is, how great the enemy also is, because we do not realize how great we are ourselves. In order to know this, in order to have a practical love, truly can love the neighbors, we must know ourselves; then we know also the neighbor, because we are all the same, equally great, because we are God's children, we are a part of God.
We are God. God cannot give peace on Earth if we do not make peace ourselves, because we have the power. We are the representatives of God here. We must do things that we should do in this level because we exist here. ***Only if we have peace within ourselves can we make peace. Only when we see God within ourselves then we can see God in others.*** And to see God, we must have some practical solution. We cannot say that “I know I am God. I know God is there. I love my neighbor, I want to love my enemy.” It is not by saying or wishing that we can behave the way we want or we can realize God the way we want, we can see God the way we want. We must do something.
I am going to show you how. To do something doesn't mean that we have to move mountains, we have to dry the ocean, we have to sweat ourselves laboriously all day long, the way we have to work in this world. No. It is very simple, very relaxing, just like we are going to sleep. To see God is simple, like you see me. It's just that we have to use a different eye and you don't know where that eye is. I am going to show you. To see the physical things in this world, we use physical eyes, to hear physical music in this world, we use physical ears, but to see Heaven, to see the celestial world, to see the invisible side of God, we must use heavenly ears, we must use heavenly eye.
And I am going to help you to open these instruments so that you can see Heaven while living. The reason why we do not see God is because we're busy looking elsewhere. We are busy to survive, we are busy to earn a living, we are busy to learn all kinds of worldly languages and knowledge; we are busy just to exist here, and we forgot that the source of all strength, the source of all blessing, the source of all richness is within us.
And once we can get hold of the source, we will have everything. I'm going to show you how to do just that - get in touch with your treasure. Just like the Bible says that "lay not your treasure upon Earth where the moths can destroy, but lay your treasure in Heaven where it will last forever." I am going to show you the everlasting treasure, if you care to know. Everybody knows the Bible says that "seek you first the Kingdom of God and all the things shall be added unto you,"  but it remains to us as if it's just a philosophical saying and it is not the truth. I tell you it is a hundred percent truth. Seek you the Kingdom of God and everything will come to us.
That's why when somebody asked Jesus whether he wanted to be the king of the Jews, he said, "No, my Kingdom is not on Earth. My Kingdom is in Heaven." Because he cares nothing for the ephemeral nature of this physical world. But, of course, Jesus was a master. We don't have to go to such extremes as forsaking our family, our property, our jobs in order to see God. We can see God and enjoy the world at the same time.
But after seeing God, after knowing the Kingdom of God, we can only prosper even more and enjoy more of the blessing, even in this physical world. And after knowing the Kingdom, we will see how our lives change miraculously for the better every day. Every day is a miracle. Every day we will see the existence of God and we will feel the love of God, and we can see God, we can even talk to God.
We tell Hirm our problem, Hes will tell us how to solve it. The more intensively we know God, the better our lives become. We become more intelligent, of course, more loving, more clear in the direction of life that we are going, and more clever, to know how to solve any conflicts in our life. Because we will be enlightened, we will become saints. And that's why people, since ancient times, they worship the saints because they are wiser, they are more loving, they know more than we do. They know Heaven and they know the Earth much, much better than ordinary people. But we can become one of the saints, exactly like that, more or less.
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