The Only Criminal is Ignorance - P2/2 May 28, 1999 Prague, The Czech Republic (In Czech)    
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I am going to show you just how easy. It is so easy, so easy, you cannot imagine. And every day you will see God just like you sit there and drink coffee. There is not much effort to spend to earn the Kingdom of God, but there is so much effort that we have to spend in order to earn a little bread and water on this planet, and that is really a miserable fate for us.

Thank you very much for your attention. You have been absolutely attentive. I can see how eager you are to want to know God, and God knows that. That's why Hes sent me here.

*What is the fastest way of overcoming the period of the so-called dark night of the soul?

How to overcome the dark night of the soul? Continue. Continue your struggle. We can only overcome the dark night of the soul with the grace of God, so you have to intensify your effort to contact God. Only the light can dispel darkness and make us enlightened and happy.

* Do you need a physical spiritual leader for the initiation?

Yes and no. "Yes" because a physical instrument must be there to tell you what to pay attention to and how to avoid the illusion of the dark force and how to recognize God and so on and so forth. But "no" because God is the Master. God is the Holy Spirit which will transmit to us this initiation in absolute silence, so we don't need any physical instrument. The teacher or a guide is necessary because we have forgotten too many things on the way to Heaven, and we might get lost, so she or he is there to help us in the initial period of time until we can walk ourselves and become one with God.
But it is not the physical language or action of the teacher or the guide that will make us see God. It is God Hirmself, automatically, will reveal to us when we open ourselves to Hirm. The teacher or the good friend is there only to show us how to open up.


*Do you believe that there is another civilization living underneath the Earth?

There are beings who live everywhere, not just beneath the Earth but within the Earth, within the atmosphere, within the stratosphere. Everywhere, everywhere, every one, every being, every event, every world exists at the same time in the same world. Just that because we are born into this physical existence and we are blind and deaf and dumb to other dimensions, and that is meant to be so, so that we can carry on our material way of life.
Otherwise, there is no such thing as a different dimension even. There is no such thing as time - past, present, or future. It is a very great mystery of the universe, and we can know it only by going inside the spiritual world and discovering it for ourselves. But it is also nice to know the physical world, and then together with the celestial world we can know both worlds.
And at the moment, most people only know the physical world and don't know the celestial world. There are beings, there are existing worlds that are better than our world, and there are also existing planets that are worse than our planet in different aspects, like technology, spiritually and…etc.


*Do you believe in reincarnation?

Yes. It exists. You can see that with your meditation also. There are many children who were born and until up to five, four or sometimes eight, they still remember their last life and they still can remember where their house was - very far away from there - and they can still speak that language, and they still know the names of the parents and every item in the house of their past lives they still can point out even though they have never been there.
You read newspapers, there are many reports like that. But to explain on this subject, it's much, much vast, more vast and deeper; it takes a longer time. It's not just the incarnation, like from one body to the next or from one life to the next. There are so many things that are very subtle, very mysterious, and we will take time to know that if we meditate every day and God will teach us everything.

*Is the goal of the spiritual way the recognition of God as a person, or is it the acknowledgement of the divine substance of ourselves?

The acknowledgement of the divine substance of ourselves. *** Acknowledgement not by intellectual but the truly seeing with spiritual eye, truly knowing with the soul, truly knowing with our spiritual being, just like truly knowing about these flowers or this candy with the physical being; and knowing God just as clear as this, but only with the spiritual being, our spiritual being. God can also appear as a human form, as a person to us, in the initial stage, so that we can know Hirm, we can feel more close to Hirm, more identified with Hirm.
But the absolute God is formless. It's just a brilliant sea of light and love that you will not be able to explain in this limited language of our planet. And then, eventually, we will become one with this sea of love, and then we will not think that we are separate from God or “there is God, there is me”; they're just one. It is the most extraordinary experience that one could aim for. We cannot trade the treasure of the whole world for this experience. We must endeavor to sincerely practice and have this experience for ourselves.

*Could you tell us something, from the spiritual point of view, about the situation in Kosovo?

What can I say to the ignorance of mankind that drives them to kill one another in cold blood? What can I say to those who suffered tremendous hardship in the war, who lost their parents, who lost their children, who lost everything that they have worked the whole life for?
I can only pray that they will ease their sorrow somehow, that God will bless them inside so that they know that life is eternal, and God always loves them; doesn't matter if they are bad or good, and doesn't matter how much they lose in this world, Heaven is still theirs. I can only tell you that if we, the spiritual aspirants, try our best to raise our consciousness to a higher level of understanding, then the world will be a better place.
Only by knowing that we are God inside can we respect the God who sits in front of us or next to us. Only with God's love we can erase all the hatred and all the differences between brothers and sisters, and the war will stop. Since ancient times we have been warring with each other, we have been destroying the properties and nutrition of this planet, we have even destroyed the teaching of the spiritual masters, we even damage their bodies and their way of life.
And what has it brought us? We gain nothing out of this war or any war. I feel sorry for the one who caused the war as well as I feel sorry for the victims. But I feel even more sorry for the one who caused the war because they are so far from God, they are so desperate that they have to resort to violence. They feel so much lack of love within them that they have to break out as a cry in such a violent manner because they are so desperate.
They are so far, so deep in the illusion of life. For the one who does not know anymore right from wrong, we can only feel sorry. And we can pray to God to bless them with more wisdom, more love so that they will be awakened to a better way of life. We can help shorten the war or ease the conflict into a better stand, or stop, if we all put our energy together, our positive thinking together and we meditate daily for the betterment of this planet.
But the victims of the war, even though they suffer so much in this physical life, God will welcome them in the life after. So, I am here to try to remind you that you have the power within yourself to bless the world, to stop the war, to ease the suffering. It is up to you to make use of it. The more awakened people, the less trouble in this world.
Our world is getting better. More spiritual practitioners, more vegetarians, and in a few more hundred years to come, we will see almost Heaven on this planet, if we live that long.

*What shall I do in order to be able to live in the present?

Practice present concentration. Every time you think of the past or the future, bring your mind back to the minute in front of you. Try it until it becomes your nature

*What does it mean, "a spiritual way?"

Just like the worldly way, it's in the spiritual world. We walk in the spiritual world and we call that walk “the spiritual way.” Just like we walk the way in this world, there are ways in this world to do our duties, like we have to work, we have to earn money, we have to build a house, we have to take care of our children, our parents, our wife, our husband, etc.
These are the ways of the world. And the spiritual way is the way of the spiritual person, the one who lives in a more elevated, spiritual dimension in his own soul. Then he will have to do the way that the higher spirits in a higher world live their life. That's so we can be more close with the spiritual world, the celestial world, the higher world, and then we call that “the spiritual way.”
Just like, apart from walking the way of the world, earning the living, etc., we also include a spiritual way of living, like we extend our love to all the animals or beings, we don't eat even their flesh, we don't cause them to suffer indirectly or directly; we do not cause suffering to other beings, our neighbors by stealing their property or by cheating, telling lies, or by being dishonest to our spouse to cause the suffering in the family.
So, we live an honest life, a very transparent life, and we practice the communication with God daily, we practice the love for our neighbor. These are the so-called “spiritual way.” To be a complete human being, we should lead the spiritual way together with the worldly way; otherwise, we're only half being or only the physical being.

*The purpose of the human existence? Why are there wars, and why are there catastrophes? Why are there disasters?

The purpose of life is to know God. We are born here just so that we know we are God. Because if we are with God, we cannot recognize God. It has to be darkness so that we can see the light.

The other question is, “Why is there war, why is there disaster, why is there catastrophe?” etc., yes? Well, you see, we cause all these ourselves, I am sorry to say. We are all responsible for whatever happens to us. Because we are also a part of God and we have creative power. Whenever we think of something loving, kind and correct, then we create a better atmosphere and we experience a better environment.
Just like when we love one another or when we fall in love, doesn't that feel good? Even though you cannot prove what love is, you cannot touch it, but you know it's love and you just feel so good, so good. And everyone around us is also affected by this happiness. We can love everybody else when we're in love, we can kiss everybody else as well, because of the power of our love.
And when, contrary, when we hate someone, we create hatred; when we have jealousy, when we have a lower kind of attitude and quality, then we create a very negative atmosphere and that in turn also affects ourselves and affects someone around us. And when too much of this negative and hatred atmosphere is created, and they are drawn together by the law of "like attracts like," then it becomes more vast and more powerful, and that will influence even the weather, influence the people's heart and that will cause disaster, that will cause war.
Don't you notice that sometimes when you are in an angry mood and you respond very shortly, sharply, to other people, they also feel agitated, they also feel angry toward you? And then some time, finally, you both will fight each other because of this very burdened, very pressurizing atmosphere of hatred and anger.
So, when much of that is going on in the atmosphere, then it becomes real, it becomes materialized in some concrete disaster, like bad weather or war, epidemics, etc. And this atmosphere, of course, it will be attracted to wherever is already the most, the thickest, of this kind of quality. It will sample all of the scattering negative energy together where it's already the densest so-called clump of energy, of negative energy.
Then it will happen. Bad things will happen right there. So make sure that in our lives we give love more and more, and we think before we act, and we stop before we think anything negative. In this way, we also contribute to peace of the world. But as mentioned earlier, ignorance is the only thing to be blamed for all these bad things that happen to us. Ignorance, not knowing God, that's the only criminal in this world and any other world.
Because if we are enlightened, if we know God, we will be so happy, so blissful, that we could never do anything wrong- or very less likely to do things wrong because we are enlightened, we are wise, we know what's right, what's wrong. So the best thing anyone can offer us is enlightenment. The best thing I can offer you is enlightenment, more than gold, more than diamonds, more than anything that is so-called best in this world.
Because even if I give you money, if I give you a house, these things will also pass away, they will be, also, maybe destroyed by war, by fire or by accidents. But if I give you enlightenment, you will be able yourself to do everything that you need to do and to earn anything that you need to earn, to protect yourself, to take care of yourself forever.
Even if you lose your home, you lose your money, you will never lose your enlightenment, your wisdom. You can always start anew again. You can always find ways to survive better and better in this world. So that's the best gift that God can give to us.

*What role does humbleness play in your life?

We all should have this humility in us. The true humility comes when we recognize that everyone else is God. It's a true humbleness from inside the heart; it's not the outside performance.  May God bless you in whichever way you walk your life.
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