To Live a Balanced Life in this World and Heaven - P3/3 May 22 ,1993 Tokyo, Japan (In Japanese)    
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*What development anticipate do you expect or would happen with Japan in the future and also for the world and how should we cope with this situation

Now the future of Japan lies in the Japanese hands. I can only offer you the way so that you know what is the next movement,what's the best movement. I cannot tell you what's the best movement.

I only offer you a way so that you know what's the best. Just like a doctor will teach you how to use certain medicine on certain sickness and later you have to do it yourselves. He cannot always stand around and determine to you to which patient you give what medicine,but you learn the skill and you decide.

With the enlightenment you will be able to know what is the next movementwhat's the best actionand how to change when the situation of the worldchanges. Because we have this intelligence within us,the 90% of the brain,not the brain,the brain power.

That's different. What gives power to the brain is different from the brain. Just like a computer and a computer programmer,yes. Now the majority of the people or many people in the world do not try to use this brain power,the power behind the brain.

That's why our world is not a very highly developed planet. There are more very civilized planets in this universe because they use more of the brain power than we do in this world,so they can produce UFOs,for example,and we cannot. I have watched one Japanese film in which they provided documents about UFO; and UFOis not the highest development,highest invention,in the universe anyway,just like airplanes in our planet,just faster.

We use airplanes for intercontinental travel and they use UFOfor interplanetary journey,that's the difference. But these are just material developments of some more civilized people.

We,ourselves,don't need any instrument,don't need any vehicle to travel; we can travel in the whole universe in just many seconds without any UFO,airplane - nothing.

We have read in many fairy tales or religious stories that there are people who go to different Buddha's lands or Heavens,etc.,and come back. These are not fairy tales. These are true things and people still do this nowadays.  Our disciples do that every day,some of them. Some of the highly developed disciples go back and forth,Heaven and hell,anywhere they want,in just a matter of seconds or minutes.

*Where did I come from and where am I to go

That you have to find out. I'll show you the way to find out.

*Anybody who is physically handicapped is entitled to this method of teaching and to explore his own inner capabilitiesAnd when you say enlightenment,』what do you perceive to know

It depends on the handicap degree of that person. Yes?So this we have to check individually. But in most of the cases,no problem,because we don't use the physique to practice or to learn; we use our real power.

We have many handicapped students. I just say in most cases because in some extreme case- I do not know of yet - it may happen. Just to make sure what I say is the truth and is workable. Yes.

*Masterwhat do you think of the theory which says that human beings lived in the previous lives

These are true theories,as far as we are attached with our habits,our attachment,our thinking and our ambitions. But if we do not feel concerned with all these material thingsthen we truly never dienever bornnever come backnever go anywhere.

*Would it be possible for me to have some contact with so-called Heaven as you described even without having receiving from you this initiation

If it is possible,it would have already happened.
To some other people,it might happen due to many conditions,but it's not always lasting and it's sometimes dangerous.

*This question comes in Englishso I read it.


*And also there is saying in Japaneseso let me read the Japanese firstthen English. If you can go anywhere in the universe within secondswhy did you use airplane or buy and use cars

Because you cannot see me otherwise. You cannot see my real Self. You have to see my physical body only and my physical body needs physical transportation,understand?

I have two parts,you have two parts: one is physical,one is spiritual. I use the spirit to go to the spirit worldI use the physical body to go into the physical dimension. Otherwise,I don't need to be born,even. Yes?

My spiritual part goes anywhere without hindrance,without needing airplane,without needing passport,but my physical body needs all these things. While I am sitting here,my spiritual body goes to different places in different countries and different planets to help different people,different situations,and that you cannot see with your physical eyes,therefore I have to present to you my physical presence. After your wisdom eyes open,you will see me sometimes in your house in your country without airplane ticket,okay?Some people see me before initiation even,but that's very rare,not many people.

*What do you think of this kinetics methodKineticstelepathic kinetics used in China.

You mean chi gong?

*Yeschi gong. It's one of man's many abilities.

It's one of man's many multiple super abilities. The method I teach you includes this ability. That's why many chi gong masters came to take initiation with me because they thought I was a Master of chi gong.

But actually,I didn't learn chi gong particularly; just that we have so many abilities within uswhen we are enlightenedit's opened and everything comes out.

*Animals' purpose of life here is to be eaten by human beings. If human beings stop eating themthey would all be dead and turn useless. Don't you think so

No. We are stronger than animals,more intelligent,so animals are helpless against us anyhow. But the question is whether we should use our strength and intelligence to abuse those weaker than us when we have other choices to survive. 

Besides we raise more cattle and pigs and chicken,therefore they exist more than they used to. And according to scientific research,the money,the time,the lands used for raising animals are weakening our planet economically and financially,even health wise. It is said that even many wastelands,many deserts are a result of animal raising in the past,because wherever cows are raised,that land is forever unable to grow crops.

And we need big land to be able to feed the cattle or other animals,and all the waste of the animals pollute our water in lakes and rivers,because of the fertilizer that goes also into the fieldso that they produce grass and other stuff for animals also. And all the antibiotics and medicine that goes into the animal system,and all the water to wash them,and all the hygienic measures,all these cost a lot of money and manpower.

In the long run,it's a loss of business for the world. It's no good for us. It's not my right to tell you what to eat,but according to research,eating animals is no good for us whatsoever,economically,financially,politically and everything else… health. I am not yet telling you about the moral obligations,and the guilty feeling that goes with animal diet,I just tell you the scientific aspect.

Inherentlywe all have a great love within usgreat love for all things that movethereforeif we eat animal fleshsubconsciously we feel very guilty. Thereforeit breeds sickness and all kinds of uncomfortable feelingsunhappinessin our life. That's why we suggest that if you want to find the true happy lifethe true freecarefreelifeyou should refrain from eating living beings.

*This question is twofold. One is: You have stated in many publicationsappearing here or therethat you are a Himalayan Masterand what do you mean by thisThe second question is: In the present social mechanismit would almost be impossible for us to live a vegetarian life...

Okay,then you don't be vegetarian. It's up to you,your choice,to live the way you like to live. My disciples call me 『Himalayan Master』because I was in the Himalayas. That's very simple. For me,I can be 『anywhere Master.』If I live in Tokyo long enough,they call me 『Tokyo Master.』Just a name,no big deal.

*By attaining enlightenment one will continue inside his or her body new emergenceconsistent new emergence of cellsnew cellsand these old cells will be purified. Thereforewould this process help heal illness

This helps in many aspects. But we do not concern so much with the physical body because many illnesses will be cured by medicine anyhow. We should come for enlightenment because we want to rise higher into the spiritual dimension  and not to still hang around and attach to the physical aspect.

Many people get healed with this process. But if you come for the healing of your physical body,I suggest you don't come,because your level is not high enough yet. Maybe you wait a couple of thousand years,then you are ready.

*That's all.

That's it?Good. Thank you.
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