Rediscover Truth, Virtue,and Beauty - P2/2 April 24, 1993 Paris, France (In French)    
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When a person reaches enlightenment and meets a guide in a dream who shows him the heavenly Kingdom of the messengers and the angels, what can we do to see him again?

Who did she dream of? Is it her master or is it me?
You must practice more the meditation taught by your master and then you can see him again and again, not only in dreams, but also in the real internal vision, as well as externally, just like the way that I see you now, very real.

Could we call the guide to help us in resolving some important problems?

Yes, anytime, but it works more efficiently if we take the initiation with a master because we can have a direct line of contact.

How many masters are already incarnated?

Nowadays? I don't know, one, two, three, four at the most. Not many for us, right? How many masters do you want to have? One master is enough for you, for everyone.

What can you tell us about the return of Christ?

Christ is always within us. No need to wait for him to come from Heaven; he is always here inside of us. But if you want to see Christ in his form, it is also possible with initiation and the daily practice of meditation.
You can even see Christ during initiation. Some of our fellow disciples have seen Christ, Buddha, and other ancient masters. So can you.

Despite our present faults inside, isn't it too late for enlightenment and redemption?

No, it isn't your fault. If no one shows you the path, you will not know how to find spiritual life. Isn't it so? Now, if you do not find it, it is your fault; but before today, it wasn't.

*Can meditation decrease the need for sleep?

Yes, meditation decreases many of the negative aspects that we get from society and outside associations.

Do you think that enlightenment through meditation could protect us from illnesses?

In many cases and on many occasions. But we come for enlightenment because we want to find our inner greatness and our true life, not only to get good health, etc. Health belongs to the physical life. We can see doctors and take drugs. We must come for God and God only. It is better, more sincere, and we get better results.

Can we reach enlightenment by repeating "Namo Renge Kyo," of Japanese Buddhism, without receiving initiation from an enlightened being?

If, when you recite this, you see Light and hear heavenly Sound and Music, you can say that it works; if not, you need to be initiated.

Are the five precepts mandatory after initiation?

It is better for you and everyone else. For your conscience, the peace on Earth, for your wisdom and your nobility, etc., it is better to observe the five precepts.

What should we think about when we meditate?

Nothing. We already think too much all the time, so why think again during meditation? But there is a way to calm our thoughts and our minds that I will teach during initiation. We need time to sit down together and talk for a while. During the real initiation, we won't be talking, including me. And in this silence, you will find your original Nature.

Can we still take care of our families after we get enlightened?

But of course! What do you want to do with them, throw them away? My so-called disciples are all normal people. They have families, jobs, studies, whatever, some occupation. They still lead a normal life, but they know inside another level of consciousness, another invisible life, an inner paradise. We see it and hear the teachings from Heaven. We become more intelligent, wise, noble and compassionate.

Is it fair to receive sickness in exchange for all of the good we have done on Earth?

I think not. Goodness shouldn't be paid back with sickness. That is not the law of the universe. God is very merciful. Sickness comes from the fact that we misunderstand the laws of nature.

Who is your spiritual guide: Buddha, Christ, Muhammad, or someone else?

All of them and more from Heaven... and myself; I am also my own Master and you are as well, though you do not know it at this time.

Are your teachings compatible with Islam?

Yes, why not? Islam teaches people to be good guests on Earth and that it is necessary to find Heaven while we are alive. I also offer the same thing. I tell you to respect the five precepts, which give us nobility, wisdom, and peace on Earth. I also offer you the path by which to find God immediately. Thank you. Therefore, our path is compatible with all of the good religions.

Can you give enlightenment to everyone? Are you capable of altering someone's profound nature?

Everyone has the right to be enlightened, but it is your choice to want it or not. After having found our true, enlightened Nature, our greatness and our wisdom, we will change ourselves.

I do not change people. It is they who change because their true Nature is exceptional; it is noble and wise. He who finds his true Nature will rid himself of all negative habits.

What should one do to help someone who is possessed?

That is not difficult. You should tell him that God is in all of us, that Buddha is in all of us. We need to believe in our greatness, in our internal wisdom, and not in the negative forces which are only illusions. It is necessary to have a strong faith, and afterward everything will be better.

How should we get rid of constant thoughts that bother us during our meditation?

With practice and with time we forget all of our negative habits. We need to take the time to practice our meditation. If that does not work, you can try our method.

If I need to kill a person in order to save a thousand other people, have I committed a sin?

Yes, even then. But when we do something from which many people can benefit, then it's a pleasure to make the sacrifice. But it is better to be enlightened and afterward you will know whether it is necessary to kill or not, because maybe that is part of the universal plan. It is necessary to know what it is that one is doing.

Does hell exist?

Yes, it exists, but mainly for people who are very disturbed in their minds. People who are virtuous and good never experience hell. For those who are initiated, never.

Is there benefit in eliminating negative tendencies through hypnosis?

There are cases where that works for a bit of time, but it isn't enough to eliminate all the negative energy, because we've collected negative energy for a long time in our past, from many lifetimes in our past.
Enlightenment is necessary because the Light inside is very strong, very brilliant, sometimes like a thousand suns, and it can enlighten our past, present, and future lives. That is how we truly become purified.

Does meditation imply the practice of prayer or does it simply to mental concentration?

We can do everything in the beginning, but afterward we don't need anything. We will immediately connect with God and communicate directly with God and with paradise. We do not need to pray because we are already in paradise.

You speak of virtue. What is virtue for you?

True virtue includes all the goodness that we know in our lives, and the highest qualities of Heaven. If we possess this true virtue, we are not even consciously aware that we possess virtue. Yet, at the same time, we shine out this internal virtue to everyone around us, and everyone around us knows it but we do not. It is just like the sun that shines on all beings, but it does not know that it, itself, is great. That is the true virtue. Thank you.

What do you think of the practice of yoga and all similar disciplines? Can we achieve a certain state of enlightenment through the practice of yoga?

That depends on the yoga you choose. If that yoga practice helps you obtain internal enlightenment and see a great and intense Light inside, that is a good yoga. If not, you need to keep searching for another yoga.

When we hear a voice speak to us inside, is that our spiritual guide who is speaking to us and giving us guidance?

That is not always the case. It depends on your guide and what he is telling you. If you have a true, reliable guide who can be here and at the same time in Heaven, sometimes this guide talks to you. You need to know a method by which to verify if that is the true path or a negative path. That is why the initiation with an experienced guide is necessary in this regard.

Are we reborn after death? And if that is true, how?

Well, I don't know yet. I am not dead. After death, we have many choices. We might reincarnate like other human beings and continue to study until we have come to the awareness of our internal Heaven. If we are enlightened when we are alive, then we will go straight to Heaven and will stay there forever in eternal bliss.
If we have ignored the laws of nature in this life, acted against them, do not know God and do things which are against the laws of the universe, we will temporarily stay in the so-called "help." We will suffer there for a while, according to what we did on Earth.

What is humankind's purpose on Earth?

It's because God wanted to bless the Earth through us. We came down to be a link between Heaven and Earth, but because we have been exhausted and tired for so long, we have forgotten our great mission. This is why a master comes once in a while to remind us of our true Nature, this is why we are here.

How can you be Catholic and Buddhist at the same time when God demanded that we only listen to Jesus and to his church?

Buddha is also a son of God. Jesus and other masters came down because God has many children and there are numerous children on Earth that need God's help. So, from time to time, he sends one or two of Hiers children for us; Buddha was one of them. We should not discriminate between masters. If we do, we make wars and there have been already so many religious wars. Enough is enough. We live and let live. We believe in God and let others believe in their own.

I have been a vegetarian for a year, but I don't have time to meditate because of my studies. What should I do?

There is plenty of time, but you do not know it. You can meditate on the bus, on the train, on the airplane, in a park, at work during a break; ten minutes here, twenty there, fifteen minutes now, fifteen later. Get up earlier in the morning and go to bed a little later. Do not watch too much TV or read too many magazines and newspapers.

About hell, do you really think that it is only for people with mental illnesses? I am quite surprised to hear this.

Hell is a great hospital to help people whose spirits and minds are sick. It is similar to our hospitals on Earth where illnesses are cured.

How do you define karma (retribution)?

There are two kinds of karma (retribution), one bad and one good, but both tie you to the Earth. After initiation, the karma (retribution) from past lives will be erased, but the master does not touch the karma (retribution) for this life. Otherwise, you would die immediately.
We must stay here for a while to bless the world and to help our friends. Afterwards we can go to Heaven and never return, if this is our wish. Karma is an invisible force, very just and strong, and what we have created will come back to us. This is the karma, the law of cause and effect.

Can you speak about suicide?

It's very serious; it's not very good. Someone who commits suicide will stay in a miserable world full of suffering for a long time until he has had enough and he prays to Heaven for liberation. Then he will be given another life, another chance. That's why one must not commit suicide; it's very serious.
We have to wait for another day because we never know what tomorrow will bring. One should always wait; sometimes there are good surprises, right?

Does God exist outside of man?

Yes, God exists inside and outside of us. God is everywhere. We cannot say that God is outside or up there. God is everywhere. This is why we should not do bad things, because God is everywhere and knows everything.

You speak of God, but I thought that God does not exist in Buddhism?

We still believe in God. If not, where would Buddha have come from? Buddha didn't speak about God because people's conceptions of God at that time weren't very accurate.
The Hindus would sometimes put a stone on a table anywhere, bow to it, and worship with all their hearts and call it "God." Naturally, Buddha told them, "Such a God doesn't exist!" It was a different time and people's mind-set was different, so masters had to use different methods to break the superstitions that ignorant people believed in.
But sometimes the Buddha spoke ofGod, he said something like this: "I do not say that God exists or does not exist. I say that there is one thing from which everything comes and to which everything returns." What is this thing? It is God, no? Yes or no? It is the same thing! Well, there you go.

Jesus said somewhere in the Bible that there will be a time of false prophets and that you have to be vigilant. What do you think about it?

Yes, a false master is one who teaches us bad things that go against the teachings of the Bible, of Buddhism, of Islam, etc. Someone who entices us to steal or who lets us do everything we like, who doesn't ask us to be virtuous and peaceful. But a master who reminds us of our inner virtues, who praises the glory of Heaven and God and, at the same time, brings us back Home is a true living master.
You must verify with your intellect, your virtues, and your wisdom. It is not good just to repeat everything or criticize someone who is good for you.

Do you think that diseases like AIDS can be cured by enlightenment?

I cannot guarantee it. When I was searching for God, I didn't make any material demands, so I do not know if it works or not. I encourage everyone to only seek the Kingdom of God and everything will be fine. We should not come for enlightenment just to cure our physical body, because this is very material and not very noble. Forgive me for being so honest with you, but I must.

How can we communicate with our inner Master?

Through initiation and the daily practice of meditation.

I've just started to meditate. I hear the inner sound and see a point of light, but I do not feel a sense of eternity or love. Could you tell me what I should do?

It is because you have not reached a very high level. Keep practicing and soon you will know more. If you reach the First Level, you will know the magical powers and will see inner sceneries that are from a lower paradise. If you reach at least the Second Level, at that time, you will feel more strongly the eternal life. We have to go at least to the second level. So keep practicing.
Maybe your master doesn't have enough power. You can look for another if you are not satisfied with him; or you could continue if you trust your master. Because I don't know which meditation you're practicing; you should write more precisely. Write it again.

My body always wavers when I am meditating. I also feel a vibrating current. Could you please explain this phenomenon?

It's the same. You will confuse the audience because you didn't mention which meditation method you are practicing. If you have a master, you may consult him. It is very simple and more convenient.
Nonetheless, I am happy to give you a little advice. Do not direct your attention to your bodily feelings before, during, or after the meditation. Concentrate only on the method instructed by your master. It's that simple.

Since I am a student in medical school, I have to perform anatomy on animals occasionally. May I also get initiation?

You are getting me into trouble. If I say yes, there would be a problem because it is against the precepts. If I say no, I would feel sorry for you. How about I simply close my eyes and allow you to fill in the initiation enrollment form? If I close my eyes, I can't see and I can't hear.
This is not really your fault. You don't want to be violent but because it's your profession. Before the initiation, you didn't know this. It will be better later when you are graduated from school. It's okay.

Of course, you would incur some bad karma (retribution), and if you suffer from some illnesses now and then, you will know why.

I really enjoyed meeting you all. Good night. Thank you.
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