From One Soul to Another P2/2 May 15, 1999 Yerevan, Armenia (In Armenian)    
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*Why has the selection dropped upon you particularly, this gift? I mean, why was this gift given particularly to you?

I also ask Hirm, and Hiers will be done. I have no influence. But you can do the same if you want to, and one day Hes will tell you to do it. Every one of us can do exactly the same. Just God has the way of arranging things we do not understand; but we are both no difference. The gift I have, you have. Hes wants to give to all of us. That's why Hes told me to come and remind you of your gift. Hes did not give it to me all alone.
I'm here to show you your gift.If you mean how am I able to bring this message to you instead of you yourself, the answer is that, because I know it already and you did not know it yet. So, I can show you what I know, and later when you know, you can also show other people. It's like we will get to know God more and more each day to reacquaint ourselves with Hirm, and one day Hes just probably tell you, “Now you go and tell everyone else. You are able to share the knowledge.” At that time, there is no “you,” no “I,” but only God that works through your being.

*Is it possible to seek all your life, to look for something all your life, but not find the answer?

It's possible, if we look in the wrong way.  If we are in contact with God, every question will be answered inside. We have no need for a teacher outside after we practice. The guide or the spiritual friend or teacher is just for the beginning. And later, when we know God, more deeply in contact with Hirm, we don't need anyone to tell us anything. We have all the answers inside.

*Is it possible to reach enlightenment or to see God without conforming to the conditions defined in your method?

It is possible, but we will know only a part of God. If we want to know a higher level of God quality, we have to match that higher quality too. It's like "like attracts like." The most high God is all loving and cannot be represented by such a gross quality as killing, or murdering, or eating another being's flesh, etc., etc. You have to choose what suits you, but because you ask me, I must tell you the truth. Please, forgive me. This path is for the ones who are ready to become one with God again, and if you are not ready yet, then take your time. Thank you.

*I respect you highly, but I'd like to ask you: How do you comment about different religions, different directions in faith, because as you told us, God is one?

If you study, if you truly study, all the scriptures of different religions you will find there is only one. It's just that in different cultures and different backgrounds, sometimes the master who has come to the planet has to use different terms and, therefore, God has been called different names.
But all the religious scriptures point to one God, that we have to find that God.Hes doesn't mind if we call Hirm any different names as long as we love Hirm and want to know Hirm. Even in our human language we have different terms for “mother” in every country. How do you call “mother” in Armenian?


You see, in English they call it "mother." Yes. It's the same, same thing. It points to the same thing - mother.

*Have you seen God, and if so, what does Hes look like?

Hes looks whatever the way you want Hirm to look like. You see, God has two attributes: form and formless. And even in the attribute of form, Hes has two forms. If Hes want to materialize in this world, Hes becomes like this. All of these are God materializations. That's why the Bible says, "God dwells within you." It's really funny how you don't know you are God. And there is another form, invisible form, that God manifests also when you meditate within, to communicate with you.

That is a little higher level. In the highest level, God is formless: God is only bliss, light, happiness, indescribable ecstasy. Indescribable. And when you see the invisible form inside of God, you already feel so ecstatic, you already lose yourself in Hirm; you don't know what to do already. And if we come to the highest level, then we become one with God, like Jesus said, "I and my Father are one." And then, later you even have no more “I” and no more “Father,” but only Father, only God and then everything you'll say, "Not I do, but God does it. My Father does it.” To know God is very instantly; to get to the higher level or the highest level takes some more time. Because just like in the Bible, it says, "In my Father's house, there are many mansions.” That means many different attributes of God we must know, one by one.

*You feel a flow of energy from God, how it flows inside you?

Yes. My God! I wish I could describe to you in the human language about God. Why don't you just know it yourself? It's easier. Even I can keep telling you that this juice or this water is very good and very tasty, and I drink it and if I keep telling you a hundred years, you still cannot quench your own thirst. And the description is not exactly the quality of the water. So, I invite you to come and know God yourselves.

*When will justice of God come?

I only know when grace of God comes. I don't know the God of anger. I only come to tell you that God is gracious, God is loving, God is all-forgiving, and if you want to know this God, I can show you. And the things you ask are about retribution - these are within this physical world. Whatever we do will create an effect, and that is automatic. That is not God's will, it's not God's doing. It's just a result of some action. So, whatever we do we should consider the outcome beforehand, and do not blame God for the unpleasant result if the action is not good enough. Yes, the outcome of any action is very simple. Yes. If you grow the flower, then the rose will bloom and not something else. But God is above all that. God is all love, forgiving. God is always with us, wants to protect us, to give us all the happiness that we want. Just that we have to contact Hirm to receive it.

*Is it true that God will come to us in the year 2001?

Hes comes in two seconds if you allow me to show Hirm.

*Do you see God in your dreams?

No, not in a dream, in any time. After the reconnection with God, you can see Hirm any time, no need in a dream. Even while you are awake, yes. It is when you are awake that you realize you can see Hirm; if you are sleeping you don't know.

*It was a pleasure for me to listen to your lecture, and I am very appreciative of it.

Thank you.

*Please tell me: Is it possible to treat 'Ehinacocus' - it's a disease - without operating?

Some people, if they have an incurable disease, they turn to God and pray very deeply in their heart, and sometimes God bestows grace upon them. So please, do pray sincerely.

*You say your philosophy does not contradict any religion, so how come Christianity allows eating meat, eggs and not only allow, but it is important?

I have told you that… Many things in the Bible, I have mentioned already. It's up to you to choose. Suppose, suppose even our Lord Jesus Christ had eaten meat and all that, suppose the Lord did eat meat, he is already an enlightened master; we are not yet. So, if you reach the level of Jesus Christ, then you can ask him whether you should eat meat or not. The instruction I received is “No.” Jesus told me it was a misunderstanding. And it's the background of Jesus, if you study, he belongs to the Essene lineage, and these people, they have been eating vegetarian for thousands of years, where he came from, yes. Essene - that is the lineage that Jesus was born in.

In the Bible, God said that “I made all the fruits in the field and all the vegetables which are pleasing to the eyes and good to the taste. These shall be your food.” Hes did not include animals in it.
Of course, the Bible has recorded so many stories and some of them are not necessarily from the saints. Jesus has told us that we should not eat anything that makes our brother stumble and fall. It means we should not hurt other beings by eating the food from them. Jesus also mentioned that we should not be among wine drinkers and meat eaters. The Bible has been translated for many thousands of years and I'm afraid that during the translation, they might have missed out some of the real essence.
To my knowledge, that God has deemed gracious to bestow upon me, God is lovingand God does not want suffering of any kind. Even the suffering inflicted upon animals, Hes also do not wish that. That's why Hes said that, "Do not kill any she-goat or he-bullock to make offering” to Hirm. Because Hes does not like when our hands are full of innocent blood. In the Bible, yes, it is in the Bible. But, of course, you have to choose what is suitable for your life, and God loves you all the same. May God bless you whichever ways you choose to walk your lives, and if God is willing, we may see each other again. God bless Armenia.

How are you? Hallo. Thank you so much for coming.

*You said that each nation is specific in its kind. But, is the way to love and Heaven the same for all the nations? This is the first question. And the second question: This way which you show to people to God and to perfection, maybe this way is for individuals and not for the whole population, not for the whole nation.

No, no. Of course, it would be nice if every country walked the way of Jesus, the way of love, and followed his example. But, of course, we have to take into consideration that each individual has God inside them, and they will decide themselves when and how they will like to follow. We cannot impose even virtue upon everyone. Like flowers, we can only present, and people will like what they like. We just share what we know, yes, but each one has their own choice and freedom. Yes, thank you.

*Since the dissemination of Christianity, each nation accepted Christianity according to its traditions and its culture. Now, about your teachings, about your philosophy, aren't you afraid that it will be accepted by each nation individually, according to its culture and traditions?

That is from the physical standpoint, yes, and traditional standpoint, yes. But inside each of us, there is the Kingdom of God, the Holy Spirit, which dwells within us, and that Holy Spirit will know what is the only Truth and what is the only way to God. But she is very wise, she knows the problem, yes.

*And the continuation of the question: So you know about baptism by water and baptism by soul, so what is your opinion about these two types of baptism? And you know that during their prayers, people sometimes pray in different languages. While praying, they are praying in another language; they don't know this language. Even in Chinese or in Arabic, but the person doesn't know this language…

They suddenly speak this language.


So you want to ask me why?

*What is your opinion? Is it from God or is it from… I don't know…

Yes, okay, I will answer you. The first question is “baptized by water or by Holy Spirit.” Saint John the Baptist mentioned that, "No doubt, I baptize by water, but the one who comes after me, who is greater, he will baptize by the Holy Fire or Holy Spirit."
So, that's clear to you. Yes. And number two: people, sometimes they concentrate very hard, they go into a different level of consciousness, and they might enter their past existence and they might collect their past store of knowledge that they had been Chinese, or they had learned Chinese in another existence,
and that's why they can speak it again. But only for that time. There is another phenomenon, is that sometimes the astral being, the deceased, the disembodied spirit, will possess that person while he is unaware and then use his body to speak the language of his own. It's very rarely directly from God. Thank you.

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