To Disclose One's Inner Power - P2/3 June 8, 1989 Costa Rica (In Spanish)    
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When the saints,or the people who practiced very diligently and have reached God realization,they see things very clearly and in a logical way,and then they will help the people to know the right way to do things; use the shortest time,use the least effort,and get the highest result. He just helps us to wake the drivers within us up and then we don't need to push the car. We could even sit in it and enjoy.
So all the miseries and troubles in the world arise because we do not wake up the real Self. And then we work hard,we think a lot,and we use so many ways to push the works in this world with our own limited power and limited physical strength,and also with our limited intelligence. Therefore,we know,even though we have graduated from the best universties in the world we are not completely wise,because wisdom and intelligence are two different things.

So,the same with intellectual wrestling. We may debate hours and days on God,but we may not know God. That is intellectual. We know how to speak,we know how to form a sentence in order to debate,but we do not know the essence of what we really talk about. The wisdom is that we know; we don't talk. We don't even need to talk about it,except when we have the mission to convey some part of it to benefit the human beings at large. But then,it is not done through language alone.
When we use language,we can only impart about twenty or thirty percent of the Truth that we ourselves realized within. But we can also use the eyes,we can also use the invisible love,we can also use our healing energies to touch the hearts of the listeners,to make them feel relaxed and have faith in God again. Heal some of their sorrow that's inflicted by the pressures of the world; heal some of their doubts about the existence of God; heal some of the doubt they have about their own Self,about the real power that exists within their own inner Kingdom.
Some of them could even get healed physically also,just by our look,by our speech,and by our energy of love. These are a small part of the benefits that we can get from God realizationnot only for ourselves but to benefit anyone that comes near to us. So then we will have not so much sorrow and we will know every secret of the universe: Why such and such thing happen,why so-and-so are poor,so-and-so are rich,so-and-so are happy,so-and-so are miserable. Then accordingly we will heal them.
We answer them in silence by the inner force of God. Because we and God become one,like Jesus said,『I and my Father are one.』And when you are one with Godthere is nothing you cannot dothere is nothing you do not understandthere is nothing you cannot accomplish. You know everything you are everywhere,but you don't know anything and you are not anywhere. But these things are to be understood innerly,not even to be spoken of. Because when I speak like that,you feel," What is that to know and not to know,to be and not to be?" But Jesus has said the same thing. He said,"I work," and then he said," No,not Ibut God works through me." And Saint Paul also said,"I live. No,not I,but Christ lives in me,』because these peoplethese saintsthey lose sense of egothe sense of individual I .They just became God Hirmself. 
When Jesus said,"I and my Father are one," it doesn't mean he is very arrogant. When he declared that 『I am the son of God,』he was not proud. He only stated the truth. Just like when you graduate from medical college,you become a doctor,a physician,and you say,"I am a physician." But yet we are surprised. Now and again we are surprised by the reactions of our own brothers and sisters in this world. If someone graduated and became a physician,and he says so,then no one blames him. Or if someone gets married to someone and says,"Now I am a husband," no one says anything about that.
Everyone would come to say,"Congratulations!" No?But when someone like Jesus or Buddha declares that they have become one with God,they have married themselves to God,that they and God are one,『I and my Father are one,』people throw stones at them. Aren't we surprised?We should know that there are many studies in this world. Some study medicine,some study engineering,some study law,some study architecture,agriculture,like this college offers. And after they graduate,for example,from this college,they become engineers,so they say,"Okay,I am an engineer. I can fix such and such machine. I can make such and such things." But there are some metaphysical studies which we also ought to know,just like how to know the invisible power of the Self,of God,how to travel from one planet to another without using any aircraft. This is also a kind of science.
And in the beginning of times,there have been always schools to instruct people in this science. It is just because these are metaphysical things,therefore there is no Ph.D.,no doctor degree,no certificate of graduation; therefore,it is hard for us to know who has graduated and who has not. But we can know by their own power of speech or the vibration of love and the forceful energies that they emit from their own personality. We can know also by checking their own Life style,by feeling their sincerity,and by praying to God to indicate to us,"Is that the real one that was sent by You?" If we are pure in our hearts and sincere enough in our requestGod will answerand we will feel certain who is the onethe real messenger from God. 
If the people who lived in the era of Jesus and Buddha had taken time and patience to do so,they would not have objected to the Buddha's or Christ's mission. But being ignorant and being accustomed to a violent and unvirtuous way of life,they have not taken the time and patience required to verify a God person,I mean,a God-realized person. In our modern times,we may even have less time to do so. So the best way is to pray to God,and to ask that person if they can give us any proof of God's existence,and immediately,not waiting many years of testing and devotion of discipleship. Because in the old times the masters,the so-called masters or the messengers from God,were very difficult to get,difficult to locate,and difficult to extract something from them.
So we heard often stories of many people who'd go to a master or a saint and served them many years before they even disclosed some inner secrets. But today,we have no time for that. We can't go to the mountain,the ashram,and climb the hills and cross the rivers to find the masters and then stay thereand get scolded and beatenand abused for many years and then get some enlightenment. Too expensive!Children,kids and wives - no one looks. In the old times,the children,the wives,if left by husbands,they may be able to survive themselves,by working in some rich house,or by begging on the street,by farming,doing some simple work,handwork,etc.
But in these modern times,if you left your wife and children behind,I am sure they would die. Because the house you have to rent; you can't just live anywhere like before. In the olden times,even if you didn't have a house,you could just camp a hut on a street or in the field,anywhere,nobody would bother you. But today,everywhere is owned by someone; you can't just walk around everywhere,and camp anywhere you like and live a primitive life. Today,not everyone can afford to have servants at home. So,it's difficult to find a job. In our times we are very civilized: we have so many things,we have so many material comforts,but then we have to work hard for them,work harder than in the ancient times in order to obtain these comforts. And the more we are comfortable,the more we have to work.
Sometimes because of our position,we couldn't have a Nissan,we must have a Mercedes-Benz; we couldn't just live in a rural area,we have to live in a very posh area. According to our prestige in the society,we must afford these luxuries. we have prestige,we have to pay for the expensive car - maybe on a monthly basis - and the house we rent in a very expensive area,also costs a lot. Because of these expenses we could never leave our position; we have to cling to that position in order to afford these luxuries.
We are afraid to lose our job; we are slaves to our position. And then if we don't have these luxuries,we could not have this position. So our money earned,mostly is paid,gone,in order to keep the position and the luxury. So we are 『double locked.』Like that,nowadays,we are in a difficult position to feel free of burdens and pressures. If we just live in a very…smaller house,and also beautiful looking,and have a cheaper car,maybe we wouldn't need to work so hard. In 10 or 20 years we can retire and then enjoy some leisure time and hobbies. But because we want to have,equally,representations of our job and our fame,we have to run along with it and work longer years in order to keep up the appearance.
We cannot run away from it because we are already in it. Just like on the back of the tiger,we have to keep holding on to his neck and run with him. Sometimes we know it is terrible and we want to stop,but we could not,and that is how our civilization has bound us also,very tightly,with the comfort it offers to us. Now,『All this we know already. Why she had to tell us?』

But I want to offer a solution to this,therefore,I talk about this. Along with this game,we must have another exit - means the way out. Now,we don't have to give up the position,we don't have to give up the luxury; but we can give up the pressures that get a hold onto our neck and make us uneasy,uncomfortable. That iswe find the release in the presence of God.

We are in the presence of God already. It's just that we do not recognize it,so we feel the burden of being separate,of being alone,with all this pressure in the world. My intention is that we can get a glimpse or some glimpses of this presence of God,and reassure ourselves of Hiers help and love and advice.
Thereforeyou are offered this method to be in direct contact with God againand every day and in every minute of your life you'll never be out of the presence of God again. Or you will never forget again the most powerful sustaining force in the universewhich also sustains you every minute of your lifeafter that realization,after the enlightenment,after the direct contact with God power. Then because of this overpowering loveoverwhelming lovewe will not have any more of the pressure that we presently feel. We still enjoy our positionwe still enjoy our luxurybut without burdenand then we really know God is truly loveGod truly gives only comfort. 
If at this moment Hes gives us some sorrow,it is to remind us of the ephemeral nature,to remind us that we have to get back into the safety of the fortress of the Kingdom of God. Anytime we forget God again,Hes will remind us. Hes reminds us in a gentle way first and then after,if we do not listen to this gentle advice,then Hes may push a little harder until Hes pushes very hard. So if we are not pushed so hard by God,then please don't wait until Hes pushes so hard; and if Hes already has pushed us so hard,then please quickly go back into the Kingdom of God and enjoy all the comfort Hes offers inside. If you already know how to do it,then I congratulate you. If you do not know,then please,I may offer my help.
Everything is free of charge,free of any condition. You don't need to change your work,your position,your faith,your religion,your wife,your kids. Okay,now I reserve time for your questions,please don't hesitate to ask anything. I must thank you for your loving attention. I have enjoyed every minute of our reunion.
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