Marvelous Traditional Dances of Morocco and Kuwait (In Arabic)    
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Today’s Enlightening Entertainment will be presented in Arabic and English, with subtitles in Arabic, Aulacese (Vietnamese), Chinese, English, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Mongolian, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai.

The idea is to bring nations to each other, to more understanding.

Hallo, amiable viewers, and welcome to today’s Enlightening Entertainment on Supreme Master Television. Today we’ll meet two amazing performing art groups: Group Gnawa Assafa from Morocco and the Red Palace Traditional Troupe from Kuwait. We’ll, enjoy their music and dances performed during the Arab Cultural Festival held in Seoul, South Korea. The event was to bring nations closer and enhance friendly relations among them.

First, we’ll get to know about the Gnawa culture in Morocco. Gnawa music and dance has origins in the religious prayer of the Sufis as well as the celebration of life from the indigenous Berber people. Elements of Gnawa can also be found in sub-Saharan cultures.

But Gnawa song is mainly found in North Africa, particularly in parts of Algeria and Morocco. Gnawa music is characterized by a repeated phrase throughout the song. The song itself can be very long, lasting up to several hours without pause! People may feel as if they have entered a trance-like state when performing or listening to Gnawa music.

Now, let’s watch “Marhba” (Welcome), one of the representative performances of Gnawa music. This lively song is influenced by other religious songs dedicated to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo!

Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo!
Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo!

Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo!
Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo! Hey hallo!… Hey hallo!

Gnawa music is known for its use of instruments. Providing the rhythm of Gnawa music is the large iron castanets called qraqab. Qraqab is widely used in Morocco, where Group Gnawa Assafa is from.

Gnawa ritual music also employs drums called tbel. Other instruments include a lute called gimbri, whose three strings are plucked to provide low bass tones.

Now we’ll watch the performance titled “Youmala,” accompanied by the traditional drum instrument, the tbel. Youmala is essentially a religious song combined with folk dance.

Next, let’s meet another superb performing group, the Red Palace Traditional Troupe from Kuwait. The group is named after the Red Palace, an impressive fortress in the town of Jahra, near Kuwait City, Kuwait. The Red Palace Traditional Troupe was established in 2001 by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor. All 25 members are experts in various styles of traditional dances and singing that are typical of Arab culture. The Red Palace Traditional Troupe also frequently performs Classical Arabic songs and other types of songs requested by the audience. It performed at major festivals in Kuwait as well as in Romania, Poland, and elsewhere.

Well, the team, we are the traditional art band performance band and we are singing the cultural song for the Kuwait traditional and the area. And all songs are Arab songs. And also, what the people like to enjoy, they want to sing of.

Today’s performance is about a mix of our traditional songs and some of them are newly arranged. It’s a mixture of different types of songs. There’s Zither, there’s Lute… That’s very famous in Kuwait for people, for the sailors. And there’s songs famous by desert people, people that come from the desert and they play a variety of music today.

The last performance we’d like to present is synchronized clapping (Sharbukka), where performers match the rhythm of the clapping.

How do you like today’s performance?

Oh, I like it very much. It was very, very nice and I like them. I’m glad.

Well, the message itself is actually in this, festival. As I said, the idea is to bring nations to each other, to more understanding.

Hats-off, talented performers of The Red Palace Traditional Troupe from Kuwait and Group Gnawa Assafa from Morocco. With best wishes to you, may the marvelous music and dance expressions such as yours help to bring peace, understanding and happiness to your lovely countries’ people and the whole world.

Thank you graceful viewers for your wonderful company today. Coming up next is Words of Wisdom, right after Noteworthy News. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. May goodness and joy blossom in your heart.

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