We Love You, Dad: A Father's Day Tribute    
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Greetings loving viewers! Today, June 19, is Father’s Day as celebrated in many countries. It is a special occasion to express how much we appreciate our caring, loving dads. In honor of Father’s Day, both fathers and children around the world speak about their special relationship.

Being a dad, well, children are always the best, you love them most, and you actually live for them, so… Like today, for example, the weather is nice, so we can go for a walk, feed the ducks. Adusia likes feeding the ducks a lot, yes? Is that right?

My daughter has taught me a lot about love. And now I see the world in a new light.

When I return home from work, no matter how tired I am, the moment I see my daughter’s face, I feel so relaxed and happy. And indeed, this is a feeling that I had never experienced before.

When I met my wife, I thought I’m going to become a dad one day, and I thought I want to be a role model, I want to be my children’s hero. So, I gave up drinking, I gave up smoking, I threw everything away because my children had to grow up the proper way.

My dad’s a hero to me because he sacrifices so much to show so much and to give so much love to his family.

No matter in what part of the globe, pride fills a father’s heart. Pakistani Consul General Zaheer Pervaiz Khan explains:

I think that you always feel proud of your children. When you see the children right from the moment they are born, and then watching them grow.

Every day is important and every time, whatever gesture he does is important. Even the parents are there to forgive and just teach them how to be a good citizen of the world.

I am a proud dad of three. I’ve got two sons and my lovely daughter with me. The most strong love is being a parent. As a dad, I am very proud of my kids, my family, and I love to have them and take care of them in my life.

In the eyes of his children, dad is a hero. A father himself, Mr. Hsieh Tung Liang, a well-known Tai Chi teacher and sculptor from Formosa (Taiwan), admires his dad.

I am now 90 years old and my wife is 87. I am very interested in exercising. I have been practicing Tai Chi for 25 years. I know that my children are very well behaved.

My father embraces the philosophy of lifelong learning. He is still learning English now. I can see that my father seldom worries. He said, “I am busy every day, so I never grow old.” This is his philosophy and it is worth emulating.

When we were small, Dad would join us in playing blindfolding games, or, he would wear wigs, like when he sees us girls wearing funny hats, he would also wear them for fun! [My father] is successful in whatever he does. For example, he has made his name in two fields, one is the art of sculpture, and the other is Tai Chi Chuan. My father always tries his best in whatever he does. I wish that all the fathers in the world, including my father, will always be healthy, happy, and be together with their children. I wish for everyone to be filial to their father and mother.

Dad, Happy Father’s Day!

A father teaches discipline and cultural values.

We often share our most memorable experience with our father. He is an educator, a strict educator. It means firm discipline. We were also taught how to practice yoga, etc. So this is how we are taught on how to live and share with the next generation, for the other children.

When I first wanted to start the Ethiopian Children’s Fund (ECF), he encouraged me very much. We lived abroad, my dad was a diplomat, but growing up I always had love for my country and I give so much credit to my father. Ethiopia has a beautiful great history, beautiful culture. So I grew up always dreaming of coming here and doing something and living here. He was a great father. He loved this country, he served this country. I feel that love and that vision has been transferred to us, his children.

When I started music in Pakistan, most of the parents think that it is not a promising profession, but my father really supported me. He said do whatever you want to do in life. He bought me the first guitar. So I’d like to thank my father for supporting me.

Mongolian Foreign Policy Advisor Och Od also says he owes much to his father.

Especially on teachings of Buddhism, [my father] studied very well. He is also highly educated in modern science. It’s amazing that he combined these. In my opinion, this example and this combination that helps me is very important in governing the country. In other words, I always ask myself what my father would have done, if he were in my shoes, what he would have said, etc.

Next, meet emerging vegan artist Young Sky from South Korea.

If you look at this picture, the farthest to the right is my father, who was a tenor. Since he did classical music, his style has had an influence on me, especially when I compose music. This is my father and me 17 years ago. Cute, yes? He spent a lot of time with us though he was really busy.

Although he is not physically with me, he’s always here in my heart. And I’m really thankful to him that he passed a fraction of his musical gift on to me. When I quit learning vocal music and told him I’d do hip-hop rather than classical music, nevertheless, he trusted me and respected my decision, and I’m so grateful for that and I admire my father. I love my father.

Ms. Evelyne Dassas is a French comedienne who remembers her high-thinking father.

[My father] was a man with great values which he defended. They are values of solidarity, brotherhood, openness of the heart, intelligence . I would like to wish all the fathers who are listening, in the name of my father firstly and our Father who art in Heaven, indeed, a Happy Father’s Day. Really, to all the fathers on Earth so that, on this day of light, they receive all the love from their children and from all the people they love.

Next, three generations of Taichung City Councilor Lai’s family in Formosa (Taiwan) express their feelings.

I keep telling [my children] that as humans, we must take the right steps and not walk on the wrong path. We should do good deeds, and if their situation allows in the future, they should endeavor to help the needy and the poor.

Frankly speaking, our family did not have much savings. However, periodically, my father would take us to visit the home for the physically challenged, to help the children there by donating money and food. He feels that helping people is the greatest happiness and blessing. I also let my children observe what I am doing, just like my father used to take us to do charity work before.

My father is a city councilor, so he is very busy every day serving the citizens. Nevertheless, he always tries his best having his three meals at home with us. Father told us that the vegetarian diet can help save the Earth. During this election, I accompanied my father to visit households one by one. I realized then how hard my father has been working outside.

Mr. Dinesh Kashikar is a student of Sri Ravi Shankar, the Indian spiritual teacher, vegetarian, and father figure he’d like to honor on Father’s Day.

As children, we look up to our father to take care of us, to provide us with education, to provide us with a good life. And I feel this is what Sri Sri Ravi Shankar does to the whole congregation. He does not ask anything from us but he is ready to give to us.

Indeed, fatherly love runs deep.

What a child should read in his parents’ eyes is pride. Not pride related to circumstances, to what he will do, to what he will be, just the pride that he is our child. “Whoever you are, whatever you do, if I love you, I will not judge you, I will just be there to be with you, close to you, to support you, to be a force, to be a solution, to be the love that I have for you.” That is it.

I always wanted them to be my dear friends, for them to see me more as a friend than a father figure.

What kind of a world do fathers wish for their children?

I had my first great grandchild. I would wish for a world where we could get along and respect each other wherever we are, and in whatever case and condition. In other words, compassion.

Well, I would like a utopia perhaps.

What worries me so much is the generation that is after me. Not just my kids, your kids that are listening to me. Do you want your children to have bad times, like the ones we already are having? No! Right? What we want in the world is peace and love, that we can live well with our neighbors, love them as ourselves. And love your family. They depend on us.

On this special day, I also would like to say Happy Father’s Day to my son, because he also is a father. And I’m also very thankful to Supreme Master Ching Hai. I wish the good energy and light of [Supreme Master Ching Hai] will reach all goodhearted parents as well as their children like sun light that can reach everywhere and give everyone happiness and uplift them all. So, to fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, I wish you all happiness and the best.

All right, thank you. Thank you, Father!

Fathers are leaders who keep their children in mind while at work, even at a United Nations meeting.

What kind of a planet would you like to leave to your children and grandchildren?

Would someone like to take that?

I mean, I'd be happy to respond. Obviously, as parents, you know, we're very protective of our children and we hope to leave them something better than what all of us had or found.

I would like them to live in a clean house [planet] where they’re not denied anything, so that they can also enjoy what God created for us.

Bravo for Father’s Day! I think that all fathers must unite during this celebration and uphold the value of a man.

Being a father is a very spiritual activity.

Greetings, friends and viewers. I’m your friend Luo Zha, a singer from Tibet. On this occasion, I’d like to wish fathers around the world a Happy Father’s Day.

Good luck.

Please Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet, so that all beings can have peace and everyone can enjoy good health and a good life.

We congratulate all fathers on this planet for this wonderful holiday - Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father’s Day!

On Father’s Day during a 1994 gathering with our Association members in the United States, Supreme Master Ching Hai was asked to share her thoughts about this special holiday.

To me, every day is Father's Day and Mother's Day. Every day we should remember our parents. Because every day we live in this world, we owe them, right? We owe them love, respect, and eternal gratitude. We can celebrate anytime we feel we love the father so much, that the father sacrifices so much for us.

We must know he sacrifices. Where does the house come from? Where does the food come from? Where do your clothes come from? All from the parents. So every time you wear something, you eat something, that is the time you should remember the parents even. Anytime, buy something for the father, even just a pair of socks with a lot of flowers on it. Make something so that he knows you love him and appreciate him. That is a best Father's Day.

We wish all the courageous and dedicated dads boundless blessings, health and happiness on this Father’s Day and every day. Our respectful gratitude, Supreme Master Ching Hai, who has helped many be better children and parents, while being a beloved parent herself filling hearts with hope, wisdom, and compassion. We pray that the profound caring sacrifice of all the fathers will help to preserve our world for present and future generations. May they all receive the love they deserve from Heaven and their families.

We love you, Dad!

Thank you for your pleasant company today. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Our Noble Lineage, coming up next after Noteworthy News. Blessed be all fathers.
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