Feline Jessie travels 3,000 kilometers to get back home - 10 Dec 2011  
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Jessie apparently was on the road for more than a year to return to her previous home and friends in Berry Springs, Australia. Jessie’s caregivers Andre and Sheree Gale had relocated from South Australia to the Northern Territory in March 2010.

While they had taken Jessie with them, the new owners of their former home had become the caregivers of the Gales’ two other cat companions.

Courageous Jessie, whose identity was confirmed by a picture sent to the Gales, is now happily reunited with her feline friends. She will remain at her old home, cared for by the new residents Troy and Jenn Humby.

What an amazing story! Brave and loyal Jessie, may you enjoy many delightful years with your cherished feline friends and human caregivers, with God’s abundant blessings. 


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