New hope for nearly extinct rhinos in Malaysia - 28 Dec 2011  
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On Saturday, December 24, conservationists and wildlife officials successfully airlifted a rare endangered Sumatran rhinoceros they had named Puntung, bringing her to the Tabin Wildlife Reserve in Sabah state.

With previous monitoring that showed Puntung had not even encountered another rhino in the wild for the past five years, her arrival at her new home is intended to increase the chance that she will meet a potential partner, including a rescued male named Tam already living in the sanctuary.

Sabah Wildlife Department Director Laurentius Ambu said, “This is a fantastic gift for our uphill battle in ensuring the survival of this truly unique species
and wonderful timing with Christmas, a time to give thanks for our blessings.”

The herbivorous Sumatran rhino is considered one of the world's most endangered animals, with populations that have dwindled to less than 40 due to illegal hunting and loss of habitat.

In an effort to save the species, Sabah state conservationists are hoping to find more solitary rhinos and move them to the protected area.

Our grateful thanks, all Sabah state conservationists and officials as we join in gladness for this gift that brings hope to the species. Blessed be such efforts in fostering greater respect toward the Sumatran rhino and all animals co-inhabitants so that they may continue to grace our planet with their irreplaceable presence.
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