International attempts to contain the still-spreading swine flu – 30 Sep 2009  
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Following the quarantine of one school last week, a group of students from a secondary school in Moscow, Russia have been asked to stay home after one of the parents was diagnosed with swine flu. In Jordan, the government prepared for the annual return of 1.6 million students by disinfecting regional schools and the region’s water tank, in addition to creating awareness programs to prevent the disease’s spread. In Lebanon, the Health Ministry is distributing instructions on cough etiquette, which includes sneezing into one’s elbow or a tissue rather than into a hand, and frequent hand washing to prevent spread of the disease.

Across the globe, total swine flu fatalities have reached 4,292among what experts say are now millions of infections, although most have never been recorded. Cambodia has suffered her first swine flu fatality, as Âu Lạc’s (Vietnam) cases increased by 206 to reach 8,419, and India’s death toll passed 300. In Europe, of the countries reporting hospitalizations, Italy has had the highest number of patients with 704 admissions, followed by France, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

We thank world health officials and others for your efforts to minimize the risks of this pervasive infection as our condolences go to the families of the people who have succumbed to swine flu. We pray all will wake up to the importance of a plant-based lifestyle as a most effective shield from serious and widely contagious illnesses as these.

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