Further health risks of meat consumption revealed - 15 Oct 2009  
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Premier American television broadcaster Larry King hosted a panel of experts for a show entitled “Beef: Safe or Scary.” Inviting nutritionists and beef industry representatives, he interviewed them as well as the mothers and a grandmother of several children who had died of E. coli 0157: H7, a potentially lethal bacteria found in the intestines of animals. With one expert pointing out the fact that during the slaughtering process, E. coli bacteria could easily spill from a nicked area inside the animal, or spread from fecal matter on the cow’s hide, the discussion made it clear that meat consumption can be devastating to human health.

As researchers have found, it takes just a few cells of E. coli contaminant to cause deadly results. Similarly, it takes just one pig on a typically filthy farm to produce a deadly strain of influenza – such as the swine flu virus.

The current pandemic has claimed at least 4,703 lives around the world since April 2009. Among the new deaths reported virtually every day, South Korea reported her 15th swine flu fatality, and Hong Kong her 30th. Israeli deaths reached 32 as Jordan announced a first loss of life.

A new Canadian study has found that one in six people admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for swine flu have perished, with 76 percent of them being women. Dr. Anand Kumar, intensive care specialist at the Winnipeg Health Sciences Center, stated, “One interesting observation is just how ill these people get. I've never seen people so ill in ICU.” Iceland has also reported a higher number of hospitalized patients requiring ICU treatment. Chief Epidemiologist at Iceland’s Directorate of Health Haraldur noted that swine flu cases had grown to 3,000, but stated that the actual total number of cases may be as high as 30,000 to 60,000.

We are saddened by the relentless growth in swine flu losses, and pray for the end to come soon. Our deep sympathy expands to all families and victims of the range of diseases related to eating or producing meat. We thank the Larry King Live program for raising the issue of the health dangers of meat, and pray that such discussions prompt more people worldwide to choose the reassurance of the organic vegan way of life.

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