Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay make forest conservation pledge -27 Oct 2009  
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During a recent UN-sponsored World Forestry Conference that gathered 3,500 delegates from 160 countries in Argentina, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) stated that the equivalent of 36 football fields are deforested each minute, calling for a net deforestation rate of zero by 2020 through a combination of reducing the rate
of trees felled along with replanting.

Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina, a country with only 30% of her rainforests remaining, joined with their pledges to achieve this goal. South America is home to the world’s largest remaining tropical rainforest, where destruction has been driven by the meat-producing cattle industry and soya crops, the vast majority of which are fed to livestock.

The conclusions from this meeting are being carried as recommendations to the December climate summit in Copenhagen. Bravo and many thanks, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and all World Forestry Conference participants for your commitment to preserving vital forests.

Let us all act similarly to sustain our biosphere through a respect for the sanctity of all life.  Speaking at an August 2009 videoconference in Thailand, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded of meat’s extreme harm to the environment along with the promise of a better future if humanity chooses the veg solution.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We’re too busy normally to think that we have better alternatives, meat being the most environmentally destructive food you can ever imagine. But once people are aware of the effect of their choices, they will change and they do change.
The veg trend now is on the way, unstoppable.

We have hope to save the planet. For example, when people see the images of the polluted air, water, and land due to meat production, if they hear or read the shocking facts that one-third of all our land is given to the meat industry, or that 80% of the deforested