Swine flu havoc to continue in new year – 1 Jan 2010  
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Swine flu havoc to continue in new year.


On Tuesday, December 29, Director-General Margaret Chan of the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that the swine flu pandemic has not yet peaked worldwide. Explaining that influenza viruses by nature are unpredictable and capable of changing into more severe forms, Dr. Chan also emphasized that the world is not ready to cope with a pandemic of the bird flu virus, which lately has been re-emerging to attack in several countries.


Meanwhile, experts continue to warn of the potential for a recombining of swine and bird flu DNA, with the likely mixing vessels for this more lethal version being pigs bred in filthy, disease-prone factory farms.


Recently, confirmed swine flu fatalities rose to 53 in Âu Lc (Vietnam), 52 in Serbia, 49 in Hungary, 124 in Saudi Arabia, 150 in Nepal and 898 in India.

Official tallies, which now total 20,810, are known to be a fraction of the actual death tolls as countless cases go unreported.


We pray for all who are suffering directly or indirectly due to this most unfortunate illness. Let us work to address the root cause of swine flu and other ailments as these, namely to eliminate animal agriculture in favor of producing vibrant vegan fare.