Experts review swine flu’s continued toll – 5 Jan 2010  
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Experts review swine flus continued toll.



In the United States, where a sudden jump in rates of viral activity and fatalities has been observed, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention stated that five times as many children have perished due to the pandemic compared to the regular seasonal flu, with total deaths estimated at 10,000.


A comparison in the United Kingdom of the swine flu to other pandemics concluded that a disproportionate number of native populations, as well as otherwise healthy expectant women and children have been affected, with the average patients age being just 15. Moreover, world health officials caution that a third wave could come later this winter or early spring.


Currently, swine flu-related deaths number 20,810 as reported by world governments across the globe, although actual figures are much higher. India now has 974 fatal cases, Algeria 47, and in China 648 people have perished as the country cautions officials of a possible surge in infections during the crowded Lunar New Year holidays later in January and early February 2010.


Our prayers for the victims of these long-drawn afflictions and the loved ones of those lost to swine flu. Let us do what is best to protect ourselves and others by addressing the dangers of animal agriculture-borne disease through the safe and humane refuge of organic vegan foods.