Ethiopia's green hero to plant more trees - 7 Jan 2010  
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In recognition of his eco-endeavors and achievements,the government recently awarded 11,000 acres of land to be planted with fruit trees to Ethiopian-born Gashaw Tahir and his Greenland Development Foundation. The foundation was established by Mr. Tahir in 2006 after he returned to his homeland from the USA and found that
the once-green and life giving land had become dry and barren, along with rises in temperature, loss of wildlife and widespread malaria.

Mr. Tahir thus began to acquire land, employ young workers from Muslim and Christian communities and has now planted over 1 million trees as well as established a research center to bring information to families on modern farming techniques. He stated, “My motto is making Africa green again, not only by just planting trees, but by planting fruit trees that will sustain (and) make a difference in people's lives. 

A big bravo, Mr. Gashaw Tahir, for your exemplary efforts to revive your homeland as well as create life-sustaining jobs for the young people of your country. May the Divine bless your work and that of many more such eco-caring citizens as we look forward to a sustained and bountiful Ethiopia.