Anthrax linked to meat consumption and contact with animal products. - 19 Jan 2010  
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In the United States, a woman was one of three people who recently became severely ill with gastrointestinal anthrax that may have come from drums made of animal hide, which released anthrax spores into the air.

A bacteria usually harbored in the soil, anthrax often kills the livestock that ingest it and can be lethal to humans making contact with infected animal parts such as the hide or consuming infected meat.

In Zimbabwe, regular anthrax outbreaks have made it a highly feared livestock disease. In 11 separate events over the past several months alone, one person and 76 farmed animals have perished due to anthrax poisoning.

Another lethal disease related to cruel and foul conditions of livestock raising is the pandemic swine flu. According to the World Health Organization, the H1N1 virus is still far-reaching and continues to spread in such North African countries as Algeria, Egypt and Morocco, as well as Romania, Ukraine, and
Switzerland in Europe, and throughout South Asia including Nepal and Sri Lanka.

With the highest rate of fatalities coming from the Americas and Europe, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has updated its swine flu estimates, stating that as many as 80 million people have been infected with up to 16,460 fatalities in the nation.

This represents an increase from the previous estimate of 10,000. Although the actual death toll is much higher, the number of people who have perished globally based on government reports is now estimated to be 28,381.

Our sympathies go out to the victims and families affected by such diseases as anthrax and the swine flu. We pray that the inhumane treatment of all animals associated with these afflictions is quickly halted through the simple switch to the protective and compassionate organic vegan diet.