Countries brace for third swine flu wave and more. -21 Jan 2010  
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As Nigeria reported her first swine flu death, fatalities from the infection reached 1,141 in India, 198 in Thailand, 23 in Georgia, 224 in Egypt, 714 in China, with a global death toll of approximately 28,510, based on updated figures.

However, the actual tally of swine flu cases is far higher than such limited counts describe. Meanwhile, as the World Health Organization (WHO) cautioned that the pandemic may surge again, health officials in Formosa (Taiwan) warned that a third swine flu outbreak could strike as early as February.

Within a one-week period, Thailand hospitals saw a 5% rise in swine flu infections among all flu patients. In the United Kingdom, flu expert Professor Hugh Pennington predicted that while an imminent third wave is possible, it is more likely that the swine flu virus will reemerge along with seasonal flu in each global hemisphere.

We sorrow for the families new and old who have lost loved ones due to this affliction, a form of animal-borne disease that could be greatly prevented through a shift away from farming animals.

Let us choose to safeguard our children and future generations in a lasting way by altogether choosing the life-preserving organic vegan lifestyle.

Foreseeing this tragic event Supreme Master Ching Hai had designed the Alternative Living flyer some years ago and asked our Association members to distribute it worldwide since: