Moving towards a Vegetarian Society  
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Dr. Michael Nobel, Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust Foundation: I think the government here can also come in, making it very expensive to eat meat for example. Add taxes on meat and so on. People don’t smoke in Western society as much as they did, thanks to government warnings, and peer-to-peer communications, and examples. So if there is a growing trend among people to shift towards a more healthier lifestyle including vegetarian, or at least not meat eating, I think this will naturally come by itself, yes.

Videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai with San Jose Center, California, USA – July 10, 2008

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We have gained more time now, as more people join in the vegetarian circle and cut off much bad karma recently. And also people have tried to be more green, recycle, plant trees, frugal in all their using, helping each other more, and more tolerance, more peace talks.

And the more people join in the vegetarian diet, that is more important, means the less bad karma we will have, and the more time we will gain. So be positive. Even the governments and many groups go green and go vegetarian. Maybe we will have longer time. And now I want you to focus more also on what you want the world to be. Like veg, green, good.