Forests May Play Overlooked Role In Regulating Climate - 3 Dec 2008  
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Forests May Play Overlooked Role In Regulating Climate

Forests provide further Earth-cooling properties. A study by scientists from the University of New Hampshire in the USA found that nitrogen in the leafy canopies of trees helps reflect sunlight back into space. While it was previously known that nitrogen-rich foliage helps remove CO2 from the atmosphere, this reflective property of nitrogen is new. Thus, trees with a high nitrogen content could be at least twice as effective in reducing atmospheric CO2 levels. What fascinating findings, University of New Hampshire scientists! We are heartened to know of the additional help offered by the life-giving forests and pray for humanity’s care in restoring the verdant balance of our ecosphere.

During a visit to the United States in 1992, Supreme Master Ching Hai had emphasized the importance of nature preservation to our Association members.

Excerpt from Supreme Master Ching Hai’s lecture: “Learning How To Love” June 24-25, 1992 - New Jersey, USA

Supreme Master Ching Hai: The trees are there for beauty and for protection. We should try to enjoy nature and preserve the natural environment. They are always good for us. Trees and water, forest, they also heal. Don’t you feel better when you walk a little bit in the forest? Your eyes feel better, no? Yes. And your lungs feel good and your skin feel smooth, and our mood is calmer.

That is all due to the nature, the trees and the air that they breathe out to give us the oxygen. Therefore it is very necessary to keep nature intact as much as we can. I like to preserve the trees not only because for me but it's for everyone, for America, for the world. Everywhere we go, we have to try to protect nature