Mexicans recognize the need to eat vegetarian to ensure public health and economic stability.- 4 May 2009  
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As the number of confirmed cases and countries with confirmed swine flu grow, many across the globe are questioning the ethics and public health risks inherent in raising animals for food.

Mexico continues to face the worst of the situation, as people fear for their health and their lives and financial hardship with the mandated closure of governments and businesses.

In this interview with Supreme Master Television, a resident of the deserted Texcoco, Mexico described how the swine flu changed everyday life for the worse.    

Supreme Master TV: Could you describe the current situation?
Arroyo Caramel Flores (f):People are in panic and fear of getting infected.
Supreme Master TV :  How do you think life has changed in Mexico City?
Arroyo Caramel Flores (f): Well, all the people went into panic, and because of it they are buying a lot of food supplies, for fear of lack of jobs, lack of money, and the city is deserted. And we are all scared.

Supreme Master TV : How do you think that the swine flu is affecting the financial situation of your family as well as the Mexican economy?

Arroyo Caramel Flores (f): Well it's had a big effect because, for my family finances, my husband works for fees in a school and his normal pay has been restricted because some parents have gotten behind on payments to the schools, and now it is closed and we do not have a stable economy, so the country's economy has also been stopped because there are many people who work for fees and now they are not receiving any salary. The market for food has come to a stop, and people are only buying canned food and such right now. So that will cause other foods that are more perishable to spoil fast. Their cost then goes up. Therefore the economy is stopped and it is affecting all of us quite a bit.

VOICE: Many are realizing that the best way to protect against the combined hardships of fear, threats to health and financial instability is to eat more vegetarian foods. 

Supreme Master TV : Carmen, do you think it is important for people eat less meat products to reduce the risk of a global pandemic?

Arroyo Caramel Flores (f):I think it's important for people to stop consuming so much meat. People have been accustomed to eating it, but really that meat does not nourish you, and with this situation that has been going on, I think people should realize that there are other foods that can substitute quite well for meat and there’s no need to be having all this suffering in these situations. We can invest more in grains, in rice and other things instead of so much meat that damages our bodies.

Supreme Master TV : So you would like to reduce your consumption of meat after this to be less responsible for the existence of swine flu because of your eating habits?

Arroyo Caramel Flores (f): It is a personal situation for us all to be aware that eating meat does not really help us, doesn’t nourishes us, and it’s a  lie that we need meat for our nourishment, as now there are many substitutes for meat products, especially if we are in Mexico and we  have a bad control in farms,I think we should all take this awareness and reduce our meat consumption

VOICE:Others also echoed their recognition that the best way to protect both the environment and their health was to eat meatless meals.  

Supreme Master TV : How do you think you can take care of the environment and have a healthy diet?

Omar (m): Well, what we can do is eat healthy, eat at home, avoid eating outside, take a lot of food that contains Vitamin C, citrus, and avoid meat.

VOICE: We thank these humble residents of Mexico for sharing their candid views regarding the direct benefits of meat-free fare. Our prayers for the protection of all those suffering from the flu virus and any of its associated effects. May people everywhere meanwhile awaken to the security of the plant-based diet for the health and happiness of themselves and their loved ones.