Swine flu costs building globally - 24 June 2009  
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US-based Delta Airlines CEO Richard Anderson recently informed shareholders and the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that swine flu is likely to reduce the company’s revenues by US$250 million during 2009, as flights into Mexico and Latin America remain diminished. 

Cruise lines and tourism businesses are also afflicted; Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, based in Florida USA announced that the swine flu has already cost the company US$47 million in net income. Local and regional governments are also paying millions of US dollars to cover the various costs of anti-viral medicine. In the United Kingdom, think tank Oxford Economics predicts nationwide economic losses from the impact of the swine flu of nearly US$70 billion. The UK Department of Health has stated that up to half the country’s population of nearly 61 million could be affected by the swine flu.

Much more costly, however, is the loss or the suffering of a loved one. More than 52,100 people have been stricken by illness in confirmed cases alone, with over 230 fatalities in 96 countries, as people in Latvia and Montenegro also become afflicted with the swine flu.
Following the first fatality in Australia last Friday, a Philippine woman with the swine flu succumbed to its grip on Monday as the first loss of life in Asia.

Our appreciation all governments for your efforts to safeguard the lives and well being of citizens as we pray meanwhile for the afflicted victims and the untold losses to family members. May the day come soon that fatal animal-originated diseases such as these no longer exist, as society turns more and more to the life-saving and immunity-boosting organic vegan diet.