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Acting on Kindness: The Noble Heart of Animal Advocate & Actress Eliza Roberts      
Hi, there. We’re Eliza and Eric Roberts and we are vegan, as you would be if you experienced and if you went and saw what happens to animals when they are prepared for food. It is absolutely, it should be against the law. It’s just the most heartbreaking thing in the world. So no one should be eating animals. Everyone should be saving and rescuing animals instead, and vegan food is delicious on top of that and good for you, right Eric?

And good for you, too.

Welcome, loving viewers, to Vegetarian Elite on Supreme Master Television. Exuding beauty and benevolence, Eliza Roberts is a kind-hearted soul who uses her voice in the Hollywood film industry to speak up for the welfare of all animals.

We’re fortunate because if you’re in our industry and if you’re at all known, you have a bit of a voice, and so, so many people in our industry are advocates of causes, animal protection and all that other kind of stuff, and we get a chance to be listened to and to really help. And that’s what it’s all about.

Supreme Master Television had the honor to interview Eliza at her beautiful home in Southern California, a true sanctuary for both humans and animals.

His name is Heart. We named him Heart because of that, because he has such a big heart. He loves kisses, and know, he’s really healthy. And he’s just all sweet, sweetie. He’s just ridiculous and everyone can hold him and he loves it. And you know what each of them is going to do, you know that. Like he’ll lie on your chest if you’re lying down, and you know exactly what he’s going to do. And he’s just so friendly to all the others.

Hailing from an illustrious and talented entertainment family, Eliza had an early introduction to Hollywood. Her mother, Lila Garrett, is a winner of two Emmy Awards and a Writers Guild Award, with a well-earned reputation as a pioneer for women in television writing history. Her biological father, David Rayfiel, is an award-winning screenwriter of films, including “Sabrina,” “The Firm,” and “Three Days of the Condor.” He was known for collaborating with Oscar-winning director Sydney Pollack and Oscar-winning actor Robert Redford. Eliza’s adopted father, Don Garrett, has been a popular publicist for numerous acts including The Supremes and The Jackson 5.

I was born into the film industry. My mom wrote and produced and directed all the well-known sitcoms from the past, “Bewitched,” “Get Smart,” “All in the Family,” all of that. She now has a radio show, a political radio show. And my dad is in the business, everybody is in the business, so that’s all I know. I started working very young.

With her gifted genes and a nurturing environment, Eliza naturally progressed to becoming a successful actress and casting director in her own right. She has had roles in over thirty films and television shows, bringing her special presence and talent to the characters in “All in the Family,” “Animal House,” “St. Elsewhere,” (1986) “Dr. Who,” and in the upcoming “The Way Shower,” in which she teams up with her Oscar-nominated husband, Eric Roberts.

Well, the one that I’m most known for is “Animal House.” I was pregnant with my son Keaton when I was in “Animal House,” so he was the youngest member of the cast, being an unborn baby in the movie. And I did a movie with Eric with him and Kelly Preston, that was really fun. And I’m about to do a couple of projects, one called “A New York Heartbeat,”

I’m really excited about that; it’s very emotional. Eric and I have done a lot of things together. There’s so many stories. Mainly, I think working with my son in a movie directed by Henry Jaglom called “Hollywood Dreams,” and it’s an improvised movie. Eric and I were both in the film, and watching Keaton walk in, and just what he brought to this character was supposed to be a young man who is estranged from his father, and came and sang a song, because he’s a recording artist.

Eliza and her husband will also be seen in the soon to be released film, “First Dog,” which tells of the touching story of a foster child and his special bond with a stray dog who turns out to be the animal companion of the US President, played by Eric Roberts. For the animal loving actress, it seems as if she has always had a deep affinity with animals, whether in life or work.

I have so many memorable stories in the movie business. You know, one in the first John Landis movie that I did, way before “Animal House,” I was 17 years old, and it was a kind of a take off on “King Kong.” It was called “Schlock.” And John himself played the missing link, Primate. Rick Baker did the make-up; it was the beginning of Rick’s career. He’s won many Oscars for this since. And John would have that whole ape head on, with his glasses and his shorts and t-shirt, and be directing.

And he would often drive home that way because it was too much of a pain in the neck to take all the make-up off. He’d have it taken off at home. He’d be on the freeway, I mean, we finally had to petition to say, “You’re going to cause a car accident, you can’t do this.” But the character he created was an extremely endearing, big, scary primate, and it was a fascinating thing, it was. I’ve worked with a lot of animals since then. This was very eye-opening, because he really captured the animal’s spirit.

Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. Vegetarian Elite will be right back after these brief messages with vegan actress Eliza Roberts.

Somebody had asked me, “Well, you’re vegetarian…” when I was vegetarian, “but you eat fish, right?” and I’m like, “Why on Earth would I do that?”

I am trying to teach her to use the doggy door. She hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Here. Here. Here. Here’s the doggy door. Come on, want to go inside, want to go inside? Not quite. See, she won’t, but everybody else does. So she’ll learn from them, they learn from each other.

Aside from her own acting career and animal rescue work, Eliza Roberts is a devoted wife to Eric, and mother to Morgan and Keaton Simons. She is also Eric’s manager and even collaborates with him on film projects. A respected Hollywood actor, Eric Roberts is an Oscar nominee and 3-time Golden Globe nominee for his roles in “Runaway Train,” “Star 80,” and “King of the Gypsies.” He is also known for being in the films “The Expendables” and “Batman: The Dark Knight,” as well as the television shows “Less than Perfect” and “Heroes.” With both actors being dedicated animal lovers, it is no surprise that their relationship began with a cat.

I didn’t meet him at work, actually. I met him on an airplane. I was on location doing something with John Travolta, Benjamin Bratt, Hector Elizondo, fabulous cast, Bernie Casey. And I was flying back from New York, and Eric was flying from New York to LA to finish shooting something. And we just happened to be seated next to each other, and he had his cat on his lap. His cat’s name was Tender. That big bottle of water and this cat that he was very protective of, and that really got to me obviously. Here is this tough guy with this kitty named Tender. So that’s how we met.

Through their marriage came the union of two honored Hollywood families. Eric’s younger sisters, Julia Roberts and Lisa Roberts Gillan, as well as his daughter, Emma Roberts, followed his footsteps to successful Hollywood careers of their own. Eliza’s two beloved children from a previous marriage are Keaton Simons, an actor and popular recording artist with CBS records; and Morgan Simons, a talented young chef with her own catering company and vegan line of food. The close-knit family members are all animal lovers and activists within the community.

We’re a big cause family, and we’re very united through causes with so many of our friends and peers. When I look at my animal rescue list, a lot of the people, I know who they are, and it’s just mind blowing. It’s the top publicists, the top agents, the top actors, the top singers, just people who devote a huge amount of their time to rescuing animals.

We are involved in, our whole family is involved, a parenting and anti-child abuse organization. We have our own organization called “Peace through Parenting.” But all of this is tied in also with animal rescue. Any living thing that relies on the kindness of others for its survival, we’re there. We love the people who say just be vegan, or be vegetarian, just once a week, maybe build it to 2 or 3 times, you can do a world of good that way.

The compassion she has for animals is apparent in every aspect of Eliza’s life. From her animal-free makeup to fur-free clothing to her welcoming refuge for abandoned and abused animals, Eliza is a shining example of love in action. Her noble values of mercy and benevolence have been instilled in her children, who follow in her gentle footsteps of kindness.

Animal protection is an obsession with us. I’m constantly rescuing bees and other insects out of the swimming pool. We have a, a squirrel sanctuary here. We just got a new, injured squirrel yesterday. We hand feed them. Our cats sit on the porch swing with the squirrels. All our cats are rescued, with crazy stories, every single one. My daughter, she has a South Central rescue of a dog who the collar had grown into his neck, and his name is Dexter. They’re all named after musicians. Another dog who is thrown out of the window of a car. Keaton has all these rescued animals: Janice, Hendricks, Ja Rule, Dexter, Ella, Duke, Billy, so we’re kind of crazy [about animals].

It’s so interwoven with our existence, so that balances.

I just feel really lucky to have figured it out at a young age and found out there’s so much available that doesn’t hurt anything.

Thank you, gracious viewers, for your company today for Vegetarian Elite, featuring the lovely Eliza Roberts. Join us next Saturday for the second of our 3-part series on this amazing actress and her journey into rescuing animals of all kinds from bees to squirrels to cats and even bears! Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for Between Master and Disciples. Blessed be your gentle hearts and kind deeds.

Right there, babies are in there. (There are baby squirrels in there?) Yes. The mom brings them nuts, and we also have raccoons who come at night. We give them peanut butter sandwiches. We have raccoons, we give them peanut sandwiches and grapes. They love those. Two girl raccoons, very sweet, they get along great with the cats, and they’re just adorable. They’re not afraid of us.

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Welcome, loving viewers, to Vegetarian Elite on Supreme Master Television. Exuding beauty and benevolence, Eliza Roberts is a kind-hearted soul who uses her voice in the Hollywood film industry to speak up for the welfare of all animals.

Hailing from an illustrious and talented entertainment family, Eliza had an early introduction to Hollywood.

With her gifted genes and a nurturing environment, Eliza naturally progressed to becoming a successful actress and casting director in her own right. She has had roles in over thirty films and television shows, bringing her special presence and talent to the characters in “All in the Family,” “Animal House,” “St. Elsewhere,” “Dr. Who,” and in the upcoming “The Way Shower,” in which she teams up with her Oscar-nominated husband, Eric Roberts.

Supreme Master Television had the honor to interview Eliza at her beautiful home in Southern California, a true sanctuary for both humans and animals. Eliza’s own understanding and respect for animals began at a tender age. Following the principle of ahimsa, meaning nonviolence, she explored the plant-based diet.

I’ve gone back and forth between vegetarian and vegan for 30 years, through two pregnancies and studying carefully to be sure that the babies would grow and everybody was fine, was more than fine, really healthy. It just was being exposed to one thing that really brought it home, “Oh, this doesn’t happen in a way that’s happy for all parties involved.” It’s unconscionable to eat meat. It’s completely unconscionable. Anything that’s obtained through a disturbance for an animal, or a discomfort, whether it’s make-up brushes or whatever, but certainly with food, forget it.

Eliza’s decision to turn to a vegetarian diet was purely based on love for our fellow sentient beings. From such a pure-hearted ideal, all other benefits of a compassionate lifestyle were bestowed upon her.

It’s not for the health benefits for me. I’m 57 years old. I’ve never colored my hair. I just use regular old soap, and I don’t use anything and I don’t feel any different than I did when I was 15 I’m never sick. Everything is fine. But so, I didn’t do this to establish or maintain health or longevity or anything. Someone could come tomorrow and say, “Meat is vital to your existence and you must eat it.” And I wouldn’t. Every new [rescue] animal that we get, we also start them on a vegetarian diet. We’ll always offer soy cheese.

What made you get started in animal advocacy?

For me, I was at camp in upstate New York. And it was an organic camp, and it was great with food, except that they had one day every summer where they had the kids pluck a bunch of chickens. And I can barely even talk about that. And I, at a very young age, just thought, “No, this is wrong.” And it really was wrong for me. You know, and I’m very easy person. I made a little case saying I need to not be involved in this, and I don’t even want it to happen at camp anymore.

I think it’s wrong. And they listened. They took it very seriously which is really good. I think for both Eric and me, it was an incident of hearing about or seeing cruelty to an animal. And I think with him, he just saw somebody even be mildly unkind or disrespectful to a dog, and that was it for him. And then I know that his first cat, Mercedes, he found at the pound, and she was on death row. And no one wanted her because she wasn’t a kitten. And he was on location in New Orleans or something, and he saw children coming in and rescuing these animals, and that’s when he got heavily into cats because he’s already been into animals since childhood.

And he was just, “I’ve got to do this.” At the time, his girlfriend was Sandy Dennis, who was a well-known cat rescuer. And she had influenced him. And his grandfather had horses and Eric always wanted to care for the horses. I think that some people are kind of shy, which Eric is. They communicate better with animals than people and it becomes a real relationship.

Leading a true vegan lifestyle, Eliza does not use any animal products. She makes every effort to ensure that her food, clothing and makeup are all cruelty-free. With the influence of the entertainment industry, Eliza works with some of the top celebrities to further the cause for animal welfare.

Well, Jaymes Foster, who is in the music industry, and she works with my son and with lots of my friends, with Diane Warren, who’s very involved in animal rescue. We’re all friends. I was going to a red carpet one day and she had a fur-free necklace and she said, “Would you mind wearing this?” It said, “FF.” Really, there is no need to wear fur. There are so many other things to wear.

We’re constantly gifting our friends who are still, there’re very few left, but our friends who are still into fur, like let’s say older generations, we will see their favorite piece and we will have a replica made with fur-free but the really good ones, the ones that really harm nothing. Just to introduce them to the concept, and let me tell you, we have a lot of converts. We really have a lot of converts.

Leather, too. There’s no leather in our lives.

Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. Vegetarian Elite will be right back after these brief messages with more on Eliza Roberts’ deep compassion for all animals.

And then over there, we’re doing construction here, over there is Kit Ridge, brand new rescue, named after the street that she was hit by a car on. And the reason they’re here is my daughter is doing some work in this treehouse, and they love her, so they wait for her to come. See, he’s looking. He’s like, “Where is Morgan? Where is she?” She is not here yet. If you go in, I don’t want you to get locked in. She’s not here yet, baby. See, she’s not here yet. But yes, he’s a dog.

And then there’s the pool where I rescue all the bugs with my pool skimmers. I have a little skimmer that I carry in my purse in case I am at a party and I see a bug in the pool, I’ll rescue it, even if people think I am crazy. Because why not, right?

Thank you for joining us again for Vegetarian Elite, with our show on the beautiful and loving actress, Eliza Roberts. Eliza is living proof that one person can truly make a difference in this world, whether that be in the life of a small bee or the lives of her family members, especially her husband, Eric Roberts.

I was rescuing a bee and Eric was like, “Come on! We have to go!” and I said, “Look at this creature who has went in there to dip and get water…” because they do that, it’s amazing, “and got stuck and it’s now suffering terribly, fighting for its life, and we can pick it up with the strainer and it’ll…” and especially if you put it by flowers, they’ll come right back to life, and it will fly away.

That’s an unbelievable power, because this complex creature, doesn’t matter how infinitesimal it is, look at microbes or whatever, it has all the same everything that we have, intelligence, everything. And this is an amazing ability. We can do so little, but we can do this, in our time here, we can do this. And I said, “So think about a fish, a chicken, or cow.” And that was it. He was just like, “Oh my God!” And it worked!

With such a loving heart, Eliza’s inner and outer beauty is ever radiant. The saying, “Behind every great man is a great woman,” is reflected in the relationship between Eliza and Eric. Her adoring husband credits her with turning his life around. He had said in an interview with “Energy Times”: “I think she saved my life - if you can save someone else’s life.

She is such a clean liver, and she made it seem easy and tempting. Eliza’s philosophy is, ‘When in doubt, give.’ You never feel lost or confused if you follow that.” Supreme Master Television was privileged to have Eric as the guest speaker to introduce Supreme Master Ching Hai, as the honored guest, for its 4th anniversary concert “Gifting Peace” earlier this year. At the event, the Oscar-nominated actor attributes his vegan lifestyle to Eliza.

I used to be steak and potatoes all the time. I was a bad guy. I didn’t know any better. I was raised in the South where we eat everything that breathes. We’re terrible! But I met my wife, who’s vegetarian and then she convinced me how horrible it was and why.

Actually my father had a book in his house called “The China Study” and Eric is a reader, he loves to read, and he was looking through my dad’s great books, and he picked that one up. That had a large influence on him, in terms of veganism. Between my daughter and me, we saw what he liked, what he gravitated towards, and we just prepared for him. I’m a terrible cook, but she prepared for him or I obtained for him the vegan alternative. And he liked it more.

There was no question about it, and he didn’t resist, he was just like, “This is fantastic! What is this?” If you look at our refrigerator today, the textured (soy) protein, that’s fake meat whatever, he’ll build a pizza with a whole wheat crust, rice or almond cheese, fresh tomatoes and all that, he’ll make like a whole food out of it. And there’s just no need! Now you can eat everything! I mean there’s so much available. My daughter, her vegan line is unbelievable. And she’ll feed anybody. She’ll run to the ends of the Earth to get somebody going on such a diet.

And I love animals – I have horses and cats and dogs and birds and squirrels and pigs. We have everything. Goats. We have everything! And I love them all with all my heart. So when she [Eliza] finally made me realize I was eating my friends, about 15 years ago, I stopped. And now, she has me even going vegan which means you have no products from animals at all. No milk, no cheese, no butter. No nothing. And I’m proud of it. And I’m healthier by it and anybody else who wants to join me, I want you to come with me because it’s the only way to live. It’s the proper way to live. It’s a kind way to live and I can’t stop talking about it.

Her partner in life, Eric became Eliza’s partner in animal rescue as well. They share a special bond through their vegan advocacy and love for our feline friends.

We had lost a cat who got very old and finally she passed away, and finally Eric was ready for another cat. And we put the word out, and we found this wonderful woman who fosters. And Eric said, “Let’s just get one this time, so we can really bond.” I had no intention of getting just one. So we went there, we got her, we brought her home, I pointed out to him a few times, she was really looking for other kittens. And she’d been found, oh my gosh, she’d been found with an abandoned litter, they were all trying to nurse off her, and she was one of the litter.

And she was just a strong one. It was amazing that she survived. She had welts all over her body, and everything. And so we went and we got her, we saw that she really needed another kitty, but Eric still was really kind of sticking to his guns. I took him to the airport. He went on location. I drove immediately to Yvonne’s house. I said, “Which ones were the best friends of her?” She showed me which ones.

And usually we take the hard luck cases, the ones that somebody else doesn’t want, for one reason or another. Got them. Took them to be vaccinated immediately. Took them home to her, they fell in love with her. Eric walked in the house. He bonded with those kitties. Because I gave him the option, I said, “If you really can’t handle it, we could exchange for a different one because there’s plenty who need homes.” But that was as far as I’d go. He was like, “Are you kidding? I am in love.” So sweet.)

There’s Brooklyn, that’s our other kitty. There she is. That’s the girl that I got the friend for. Heart is her friend. Halo, precious girl. Halo, precious girl. You’re so beautiful, so beautiful. So there you go, I think, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. And if she’s with one of the other cats and you say “kisses,” she will kiss them. See she’s looking for them to kiss them now, because I said “kisses”.

From one cat named Tender that led to Eliza and Eric’s marriage came many more feline rescues. The whole family is united in saving abandoned animals in the community, from dogs to cats to squirrels, and converted many of their rescues to vegetarianism.

One was a movie cat, and a video cat, very well known. And after his service was done, the people just put him out. I know, he’s 14 years old. He has kidney failure. My former casting assistant, Georgine is coming over in a few minutes to give him his fluids. And he is just so happy. My daughter cooks for him, because he likes a lot of vegetarian stuff, so she cooks for him. Rescued animals really know. They are amazing. Sunshine is the old guy who was in movies and in videos and in commercials. You’ll recognize him. Hi, Sunshine! Look at that face, look at that beautiful face. And he’s also a sweetheart. See, you’re a beauty, beautiful.

It was a pleasure to have you with us today’s Vegetarian Elite, featuring actress Eliza Roberts. Join us next Saturday for the conclusion of our 3-part series. Between Master and Disciples is up next on Supreme Master Television. May all hearts be immersed in divine love and happiness.

I am Eliza Roberts. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet and the people and animals on it.

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Welcome, loving viewers, to Vegetarian Elite on Supreme Master Television. Exuding beauty and benevolence, Eliza Roberts is a kind-hearted soul who uses her voice in the Hollywood film industry to speak up for the welfare of all animals.

Hailing from an illustrious and talented entertainment family, Eliza had an early introduction to Hollywood.

With her gifted genes and a nurturing environment, Eliza naturally progressed to becoming a successful actress and casting director in her own right. She has had roles in over thirty films and television shows, bringing her special presence and talent to the characters in “All in the Family,” “Animal House,” “St. Elsewhere,” “Dr. Who,” and in the upcoming “The Way Shower,” in which she teams up with her Oscar-nominated husband, Eric Roberts.

Supreme Master Television had the honor to interview Eliza at her beautiful home in Southern California, a true sanctuary for both humans and animals.

And the squirrels are always up here. They jump from that roof to here, and that’s a walnut tree and they eat out of our hands.

From the precious life of a small bee to cats, dogs, and even bears, Eliza has a deep respect for the existence and sentient nature of all beings. Wild animals such as squirrels and raccoons also find a welcome haven at the Roberts’ household.

One day, a former nanny of mine, she knew we had a lot of squirrels on the property and that they eat out of our hands and stuff, and that we really studied what’s good for them dietarily and everything. And she had been in the park and found a baby that had fallen out of a tree. And she was smart. She waited like almost a full day for the mom to come back. Mom didn’t come back, and she took the baby home and kept returning to the place with the baby, just really giving it a chance, looked all over and everything.

And she brought him over here, and we have lots of pictures of him and our kittens, our rescued kittens eating together; the squirrel eating a grape and the kittens eating their kitten food. And we then called one of the squirrel minding people to get some expertise, and we said, “We have this property, come look and see if you want to set up some nest boxes and things.” And they did.

I found the market that has nuts all year around. That was very difficult, because usually you see walnuts. They’re not supposed to eat only peanuts. So you can’t do that. So let’s see, we have another squirrel feeder over here. Right here, this is all the stuff for squirrels. They open this up and they come down.

With her Oscar-nominated husband, Eric Roberts, Eliza is frequently invited to various locations for film projects. Several years ago, they traveled to Russia and their hosts took them to a tourist area that was surrounded by wilderness. In the midst of this beautiful landscape was a depressed bear held in a tiny cage. Even in this distant land, Eliza and Eric continued with their animal rescue efforts.

You could see he was depressed. It was hell. I mean, he was going to stand in there – I immediately got a panic attack – for the rest of his life. I just panicked and said, “We have to rescue that bear.” When Eric’s traveling countries like that, they give him a team of bodyguards. So it was kind of the chief of police and this amazing group of guys, and I said, “What authority do we go to? Because we want to do something for that bear.” And they said, “Oh, Mrs. Roberts, with people who need the help, you are worrying about the animal.” And then Eric was offered to do some episodes of a Russian TV series, shooting here.

But we thought this… we wanted to do a lot of publicity about it. And we said, “Okay, we are going to do this through the press. That’s what we’ll do.” We said, “We will do this if you promise to get us a journalist and a team to release this bear from this circumstance.” And they did. They guaranteed that they would, even if they had to pay a lot of money, to buy the bear and put him somewhere else. And it had to be documented so that we knew it was really happening. And we had written to every organization on Earth about this. And they did a whole show about it. They went to the owner; they didn’t have to pay any money. They took the bear, who turned out was three years old. They renamed him Eric.

Eric the bear was moved to a natural habitat to live out his days in freedom and safety. A therapist was hired to help re-introduce him to other bears. Eventually, he met a female bear similar in age and fell in love with her.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that bear. Just the idea, I just thought, and I said to the people, “How would you feel if you were locked in a small space where you couldn’t move for the rest of your life? And every day and night is the same. Just you’re standing there. It’s absolute hell, torture. So, fix that.” And that was good.

We get a lot of updates about him.

He’s thriving. And the story’s there. And it’s encouraged a whole kind of change of thinking for a lot of people, I’ve heard. And then that station did a big long piece on it and really followed up. There were so much feedback, all over the world. So that felt great.

Once again, Eliza and Eric showed how their passion for compassion went a long way in saving the life of another being and influenced the mindset of many others towards having greater kindness for animals. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television. Vegetarian Elite will be right back after these brief messages.

We’ve traveled the world for movies obviously, and we find a lot of vegan people all over the world. It’s really encouraging.

Thank you for joining us again for Supreme Master Television’s Vegetarian Elite featuring the kind-hearted actress Eliza Roberts. Among the many hats she wears as an actress, casting director, animal advocate, and manager, Eliza is also an accomplished author. She wrote the book “Driving Home,” which explores the concept of the home environment being a critical factor in the development of a child. Thus, Eliza believes that a nurturing family environment would help foster a gentler world for both humans and animals.

Abused kids grow up violent. And that’s been proven a billion times over. And then it’s very, very hard to fix at that point. But could it have been prevented? 100% absolutely. And so it’s the same thing with the damage that we are doing to people, people’s interaction, our whole world, by thinking it’s fine to have an industry where we kill living creatures, we dominate them that way, and we are desensitized to it and stuff. And that’s just, it’s a sin And I don’t even believe in that concept necessarily, but I do there.

As Hollywood actors, both Eliza and Eric are in a unique position to affect more change on the public through their film work. They strive to work on meaningful projects with constructive messages for society.

We’re about to do a film that all of us are involved in. And the film itself has content about peace through parenting and animal awareness. Just to kind of show that you can live that way. So many people are doing that about greening the environment, and that’s fantastic. But our bigger concern is creatures, including humans, they can feel pain or fear. There’s so much pain and fear in the world that can be avoided or prevented. And the idea of any dependent creature experiencing pain or fear, our goal is to just eradicate that whole phenomenon. And I know it’s kind of a tall order.

But look at the amazing things that have happened, even with things like cigarettes and alcohol. It’s kind of a mainstream culture, people who wouldn’t think of smoking. And same with alcohol, so many people are sober or they just don’t drink at all. And if you would have asked 15 years ago, is it possible to have that much reduction in cigarettes, let’s say, most intelligent people would say there’s no way. But just with the kind of a repetitive campaign and awareness, and I think we can do it the same thing here. I do.

Eliza’s optimistic outlook and solution to creating a vegan world parallels that of Supreme Master Television, which regularly broadcasts important messages on the need to adopt a plant-based diet for the animals, our health, and the planet.

I just did a movie and there was an actress there, and she’s from a very well known family in our business, and she works a lot, and she’s well known. And she just couldn’t wait for a steak grill day. I think even with someone like her, all they need is a gentle explanation of one thing and a delicious taste of their favorite “chicken” that’s not chicken, just a delicious taste. And if we could give that to people, if there was a budget to just say, “We’re going to feed you for a month for free, vegan. You make the menu, we’re going to do the vegan, free food for the family, lunches for the kids, parties for your friends, and then a little thing, remember: this is the chicken you saved, this is the fish you saved, this is what it is to suffocate if you are a fish…” you know, that it will work, I really think it will work.

It really would! I’m telling you! It really would! “This is the animal you’ve personally set free.” I really think it’s doable. I think people have hearts and souls.

On November 8, 2009, at a climate change conference in Washington, DC, USA, Supreme Master Ching Hai spoke via videoconference of the inherent goodness of humanity that is veiled by unawareness, which must be lifted to create a Golden Era on Earth.

Humans are naturally more generous and peaceful in their heart; it’s just that we all have been misinformed, misunderstood for a long, long, long time. We thought meat was good for us, we thought dairy was good for us, we thought fish was good for us, we thought eggs were good for us... It’s all wrong. It’s all the opposite. It all has been proven that these things that we have been told that are good for us – like meat, fish, dairy, eggs, whatever animal products “are good for us” – is all wrong.

It’s the opposite of what is good. It has been bringing us suffering, sickness and tremendous loss of finances from tax payers, for curing disease and related business. And above all, it is eating up our planet. It’s not just killing people, it’s not just killing animals, it’s killing our planet. And we have to stop it in order to save our world. We just turn around, that’s it. Just walk the opposite way, the right way without causing any more suffering; no taking more lives, but loving and protecting all creatures. That’s the leap that all humanity needs.

With such a tender heart for animals, Eliza shares her hopeful vision for a future where all humans adopt a vegan lifestyle and treat our animal co-inhabitants with love and due respect for the divine beings they are.

Violence clones itself, and eating meat is an act of violence. And for every time you do it, you’re recreating it. So that is power, the ability to stop that cycle. That is a really positive use of power. When in doubt, give. And with an animal, you don’t have to do much, just to care for it. When we sent out a bulletin through all the organizations that come together on my mailing list, and people respond, it’s so heartwarming because people will. They take it very seriously. They care about every single animal. If everybody did that, just imagine the world.

We are grateful, Eliza, for your kindred spirit in caring for our animal brethren and sharing the vegan message to elevate our world. May Heaven bless you evermore with health and beauty as you give voice to our animal benefactors. For their loving devotion in championing animal welfare, Supreme Master Ching Hai is honoring Eliza and Eric Roberts both with the Shining World Hero Award.

Gracious viewers, thank you for joining us for the conclusion of our 3-part series on actress Eliza Roberts here on Supreme Master Television’s Vegetarian Elite. Up next is Between Master and Disciples. Let us all adopt the compassionate lifestyle that is befitting of our noble heritage.

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