Words of Wisdom
Interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai by El Quintanarroense Newspaper   

NOTE: comments/questions from interviewer are in Spanish.

Please don't be shy,it's your home.

*You prepared all the food?
For us,yes. Well,with the help of my assistant.

*Thank you.
Because in hotels it's not easy to find things to eat,so my assistants bring a lot of food here to cook for the public. And some of the personnel,when they're too hungry and they stand all day,they cannot go anywhere,we offer them a little food,cookies,sandwich,water,juice,you know,the ones who control the traffic and everything. We do it secretly. FBI. 『FBI』means 『Food,Beverage,and Ice cream,』yes. For the heat,you know. The poor police and security men,sometimes it's not possible to go in the canteen to eat,or drink. So while they were distributing books,I said, 『Please prepare a lot of food,and whoever,police or security men,just offer to them. Make sure it's always enough.』It's not in our country,so we don't have as much as we want. Basic,you know?Just to make them a little bit comforted.
Especially in a hot,hot,hot,hot climate,they need water to drink. They stand all day in the heat,you know?If I go outside on balcony,half an hour,put a hat,big hat...protection. And they sit,stand,all day in the sun.
*And how long have you had this adherence to only what is natural,to defending the planet?
Ever since I was young. Sometimes some kids are bad,they injure the animals - or by accident - I always take them home and take care. When I was,I don't know,eight,nine,something. Yes,and continue all the time. I just naturally love animals and nature. It's just natural. And then later,when I knew more,when I grew up and watched TV,looked at the newspaper and saw more suffering from people and animals,then I became more focused,to think of how can I do something to help them. And I got stronger,stronger,and more expansive,and now I have more assistance everywhere,and we also do it together. You can sit,honey. It is tiring.

*Thank you,Master.
Can eat chocolate if you want. You,you.

*Oh,mine!Thank you,Master.
*Me too,I feel a lot of attachment to nature,for the vegetation of this zone,Quintana Roo.

Yes,yes. Look,they build houses but it doesn't get destroyed,so that's why a lot of birds reside around here. Every day I feed; they eat a lot. And they are so friendly because they know they are protected in Mexico,or in Cancún at least. I don't know too many places,they are the same or not but Cancún at least,they are not afraid of me at all. Yes,I come and give food and they just stand there,eat almost from my hand. But,of course,if we suddenly get up,then of course they are just shocked and scared only,but they come back.

*Very well. At the COP summit,what do you think has been one of the major contributions,or benefits,of this summit at the moment?
That at least the nations are working together. Most of them are regaining the trust in each other. Sit together and agree on something. Yes,because I heard I heard that at Copenhagen,the nations did not make out an agreement,did not really agree with each other,and I heard that the atmosphere was colder,cold,inside the meeting room. But this meeting room,they're more warm; they applaud all the time.
Yes,so at least there is cooperation between countries. And they have agreed on some things like financial help for the vulnerable countries,and they have agreed on reforestations and management of the forest. I'm not sure how they're going to manage. I hope it's good because some people say it's not. Some people say there's a loophole that makes the forest become vulnerable. But,I'm not a decider; I can just observe and hoping that,at least,they do something.
At least they cooperate with each other. that's already something very nice,you know,peaceful,friendly. They focus on the managing of the forest and reforestation. And I'm not sure how they are going to manage the forest,because it wasn't very clear. They say they have to focus on that. But some people said there's a loophole that would make more carbon dioxide from the forestation area. But,anyway,I guess this is just a general framework for the next year. And as I left last night,about...maybe twelve o'clock or something,midnight,they were still trying to work out. Because when I was there,I heard that Japan walked out.

*Didn't participate any longer?
Did not want to participate. Yes. But then I went out and I saw some of the Japanese delegates there. I wasn't quite sure why,maybe because America also didn't want to participate. Yes,yes. So I went out and I saw some Japanese delegates and I talked to them,and I said,『Oh please,please negotiate. Don't just leave us like this. It's our planet together. I'm sure there's something we can always talk about.』And they said to me, 『Oh no,no,no. Okay,we don't walk out,normally we´ll try to negotiate,』something like that.
And last night I saw... I also talked to the American delegates and said, 『Please save our planet. Save my planet because my planet is yours also.』But I said 『my planet』because it's more personal,more intimate,more passionate. I said,『Please save my planet,okay?Do something. Talk to each other,okay?』And then last night I heard the statesman from Japan 『okay,』too,and America also 『okay』with the agreement. I was worried because if Japan doesn't care,then other countries will follow suit... India,yes,other countries...China...

*I´m going to take some photos.
Okay,okay. Yes,sure,sure. Photo.

*I want to note down what you've said.
We'll give you the recorded tapes.

*I meant the poetic parts.
*He meant the poetic parts. All the poetic things you said.
I have to also emphasize that I did not mean to say that because of my talk with the Japan and my talk with the American delegate that they come together. I did not mean to take credit for that. I think they just simply,temporarily weren't really there,but later they woke up with their sense,and feeling that they should cooperate,by themselves.
We do all have our moment you know. Yes,but then later we refresh... Because they're tired also; everybody was tired,working day and night there,and running from one room to another,from the Messe to the Moon Palace,and from one meeting room to another is one mile,two miles apart,and walking from their room to the meeting room is another mile,two kilometers. Yes,and not always the programs are always fixed; sometimes change and then you have to run again. And all the hotels in Cancún are big,big,big - big,spacious.
From one room to another is many kilometers,and they got lost and don't speak the language sometimes. Not everybody speaks English - I mean,the Mexicans,yes,but not the delegates. Yes,I'm impressed. All the Mexicans that work there,even young,young boys,young,young,young men and women speak English. And they're so friendly,so friendly. Yes,I mean,you feel so welcome and so helped,so assisted. So,I had no problem finding anything; it just takes a long time for my little legs. Sometimes delay because security check,yes,especially when some VIPs are around.

*I've never eaten so organic like this.
Did you take photo?Yes,okay.

*Starting today I'm going to stop eating meat.
Oh yes. Oh yes,I never...

you need some help,you look into our website for a lot of vegetarian food,where to buy,yes.

*Okay,yes,because I'm going to stop eating meat. I'm going to need natural recipes.
With him,yes.

*May I take a picture with you?
Yes,come here. Come here.

And then with the food. If you don't have,you could ask. My people will send it to you. Everything,yes?One more.

*Can I take another?Yes.
Voilà. Thank you.

*Thank you.
You can eat this with the same sauce.

*So delicious.
*So nice.
Yes,I know,I know. This you can eat with hands,like… Yes. This is very nice and fresh. Feel at home,no?You have your slippers on,relax. [ I was worried he'd run around and didn't have enough food. Most journalists,they don't have time to eat,so we make this.

*Thank you very much. I am enjoying everything. It's delicious.
Oh,please do. And because of him I also enjoy very much. Yes,yes

*Thank you very much. My pleasure.
Normally,I don't eat until later. Because  daytime I work and profit from the sun.  

*Speaking of the sun,do you consider that global warming is irreversible?
No,reversible. Can change.

*What do we have to do?
*What can we do?

We have to reverse our action. Just like if you go south and you want to be in the north,then you just turn the car,u-turn and come north. Go orth. We warm up the planet,because…many reasons. Yes.  Fossil fuel and animals industry, yes. But,you see fossil fuel,when we burn fossil fuel,it emits two types of things,gas,two types of gases: carbon dioxide,CO2,and aerosol. Aerosol,like,more or less cancels the effect of CO2. Aerosol is not too good for our health,but at least it cancels CO2. Yes,so CO2is not really our problem - it's canceled. So the warming effect came from the methane gas,nitrous oxide. These are poisonous anyway; not just warming but poisonous to us.
And apart from that,because it warms up the planet,and it warms also the permafrost,which is the frozen earth which stores a lot of carbon in there,so if it warms up the methane,carbon,anything,also come up together. Because of  animal agriculture,is number one producer of these gases that I've just mentioned that warm up our planet.   (*Okay.)  Even if CO2does warm up the planet,global warming potential is only 1compared to methane,1compared to 300for nitrous oxide. and black carbon is even 4000-plus times more warming than CO2.   Yes,yes.  But the thing is methane is short,it can dissipate within 10years,more or less.
So if we cut all this methane,nitrous oxide from the animals,we cut all that,then we cool the planet within a decade… within a few years.  Because as I told you,CO2is cancelled out by aerosol. So,mostly no problem. Even if there is a problem,it stays in the atmosphere for thousands of years. So if we eliminate the most heated gas,and the most quickly-dissipated,then we cool it in a few years.

*In case humanity continues to use fossil fuel,and with this animal industry,how far could such a global catastrophe extend?
No,I told you already,fossil fuels are not our worry. Yes. Because the carbon dioxide is cancelled by the aerosol. Both of them are emitted by fossil fuel; they cancel each other out. Meaning,even if we burn fossil fuel,the planet is not heated up that much. But aerosol,of course,is not good for our health,but it cancels the carbon dioxide. You see what I mean?  So it's not carbon dioxide that heats up our planet.   What they call the black carbon,which is burned from the forest.
The particle - they call black soot or black carbon - is a result from burning the forest.  That has 4,000-plus times more than carbon dioxide to heat,the potential,to heat up the planet. Yes. So we have to stop burning the forest. But the burning of the forest is just to make land to cultivate to feed the animals. Most of the food that we have is to feed the cattle and the pigs and chickens and all that. Not for humans.  

*It's true.
If we don't have so many animals to feed,we will feed the world two times over with the present production of grain and vegetables,and we will save more water.  The 70%of clean,good water is used for agriculture,but most of it is for animals,for livestock.   And then we complain we are short of food?One billion people go hungry now as I'm talking to you. Every time I eat,I feel guilty. Yes.
And many millions of children die because of short of water or don't have clean water,and we use food for animals,to eat,to kill. It's nonsense to feed the animals and then to kill to eat them and depleting the resource of the planet,causing a shortage of water. Not just that,but because we deforest and then the Earth doesn't have the trees to keep the water,so there are a lot of floods and then a lot of droughts - either a lot of water or no water. You see?  All the disasters come from also deforestation,and because of animal raising.  You sure you want to hear all this while you're eating?We can do it later.

*I'm okay. (Yes?)

*Do you feel comfortable?
If you're good,it's good for me. (No,no.) I am always working,no matter eating,sleeping,walking… I'm just glad to work,because we don't have time. Run out of time.  We have only a couple of years to save our planet before it's too late.  
*How do we make millions of people aware so that they save the planet?
 The government has to do it.   Of course the media is a big help,great help,yes,but the government has even more power,because they have their ministers,and they have the sub-ministers,and they have district chiefs and village chiefs. They have distributed downwards to the people: flyer information,to tell people the true cause of the warming and the real,instant solution to change to save the planet and to change the weather.

*So it would be important then to raise awareness among world leaders?
Yes,it is important. I wrote to all of them. I write to all the leaders.

*And the result?What kind of answers have you got?
They just said, 『Thank you. We'll take note and we will consider that,』for example. Some are very sincere and serious. I don't mean to be offensive but I think many government leaders also not very aware of the serious situation. Being too busy with other issues you know,economy or health,or education or worst,war. Worst of all,war,yes. Or neighbor bickering, 『One millimeter more to my land,』the border, 『this is mine.』It's a time that all leaders must wake up for the priority. When the house is burning,even if the dogs wake you up,you should thank him. You cannot look down upon the dog and say,『Oh,you're just a dog. I am human,I know better. I'm more intelligent.』Yes,for example,many dogs wake humans up on time to jump out of the house,before you die.

*Currently,what is the actual situation of the planet regarding global warming?
 You can see how many disasters,more frequent and more fierce,everywhere in the world,not just in the poor countries.   Tens of islands are already under water, 18at least,and others are sinking. Every hour,ten houses in Bangladesh,gone,to the rising water,for example. Yes. Hundreds of thousands of people have to relocate because of rising water or because no water.
Either the flood destroys all their houses and harvest so that they cannot live anymore and after that is drought,because no trees,nothing,to keep the water to distribute regularly and evenly,so all the water flushed it all down at one time and nothing keeps it; it's gone to the sea. And then the sea is warming because of methane and everything,and all the runoff chemicals,and then the sea warms more of the ice and the ice melts more and the sea keeps rising. So,people have to run either because of sinking island or rising sea level or flood or drought. It's all extreme.

*Currently,what is the actual situation of the planet regarding global warming?

You can see  how many disastersmore frequent and more fierceeverywhere in the worldnot just in the poor countries.  Tens of islands are already under water,18at least,and others are sinking. Every hour,ten houses in Bangladesh,gone,to the rising water,for example. Yes.
Hundreds of thousands of people have to relocate because of rising water or because no water. Either the flood destroys all their houses and harvest so that they cannot live anymore and after that is drought,because no trees,nothing,to keep the water to distribute regularly and evenly,so all the water flushed it all down at one time and nothing keeps it; it's gone to the sea. And then the sea is warming because of methane and everything,and all the runoff chemicals,and then the sea warms more of the ice and the ice melts more and the sea keeps rising. So,people have to run either because of sinking island or rising sea level or flood or drought. It's all extreme.

Even Russia burned,the whole nation was in danger because everything was burning. They have to stop exporting their agricultural food. It burned it all and were worried not enough for people to eat,their own people. Export,they stop,all stop. Yes. And then that,of course,affects the other country who has no food from Russia to import. Recently Israel was burning. Wildfire,they'd never heard of such a thing - many disasters,and big earthquakes and big hurricanes and more often. I don't have all the information at hand,but I just tell you what I remember. It's too much to report to you. And Saudi Arabia,they have to drink seawater,but the seawater is full of oil leaks and other chemicals. Oil leaks,leaking oil. Oil. (*Of oil. Wow.) For example.

*And what repercussions does this have on people?Do they die?

Some,yes,or sick. Yes. It's not that only,but because the machine has to work harder to clean in the process of desalination,and the more they do that,the more toxicity they emit into the sea. They have chemicals also in the process,you understand?And then the more toxic and the more chemicals,etc.,into the seawater,the harder the machine has to work. And the harder they work,the more they emit substances,which is not good for health and not good for the sea. But many islands could not even afford a desalination system. It's very expensive,and they also don't have enough manpower to handle this technology. And the seawater just seeps into their island's land: they cannot cultivate anymore,they cannot plant anything.
Yes,and the African continent is just getting drier and drier. Millions of people move out of their country and become homeless. Not just one country,all continent. And your country,50% already are victims of desertification. More,more than that - this is just a conservative report. Yes,because mismanagement of the forest. Your president,your government,is reforesting,has a project of reforestation. But the main point is just not replanting the forest. Even if we plant the forest,it takes many years to grow into big and capable trees to absorb CO2and to conserve the water. Yes.  Everything's connected with each other.  

*Are there international entities where one can make known about the forest fires,the destroying of the forests?Where can you do that?Are there any entities for this?

You cannot just point finger at one or two organizations.  It's just all together because we are warming the climate by cutting the treesby raising the animals who do produce methane.  Yes,so the wildfire is easier to happen now. And  many dead ocean zonesmany zones as big as Texas are depleted of life - nothing there. Dead. They're called dead zones,』dead ocean,』because nothing in there. No fishnothing lives thereempty. All that because of animal and chemical runoffanimal waste.   The chemical runoff,because we don't cultivate organically. You see?So we kill the worms here to eat the fruit,but we also kill the fish down there,and we poison our streams and rivers because of chemicals that we spray on the farms produce. What did he say about...something vegetarian before?He wants to be a vegetarian because…

*That I already saw that it is very healthy.

*For sure!Everything in order to save ourselves.

*He said it's for real that he's becoming vegetarian because he know it's so healthy.

For real!Love you. Look at this - vegan. Vegan. Vegano. Look how tall he is. He's taller than you,healthy. He did not put makeup. No,it's real. Pinky cheeks.

*Yes,he looks fresh.

Yes,and he works very hard. Normally he works in swimming pools,building and maintaining swimming pools with his brother. Works very hard. Yes,earns honest money. We all do. That's what I tell my people,『We have to earn our own money,』yes?I also earn: I make jewelry to earn money,design clothes. Of course he has to 『Be Veg,Go Green,2Save The Planet.』So I also earn money. I don't take it from my disciples,not at all. If I sometimes need to borrow because I forget or something or don't have enough money to give to the children,I borrow,but I return every penny. Have to walk the talk.


See,so we're not just eating. Look at how much cookies they baked - all vegan. You can bring some home for your girlfriend or friend. I've prepared a bag,but,some more. Cookies are nice.

*I'm happy!

Champagne is good?Good?

*Very fresh.

See?No need alcohol. We have beer without alcohol; it tastes good,good,good. So we don't give up anything. Ah yes,this is vegan fish,yes?It's vegan couscous. Yes,everything here is vegan. Vegan ham... Whatever you eat there is vegan: vegan egg soup,vegan bread,vegan fruits,vegan cookies,cupcakes. Do you lack anything?You feel like you're suffering because no meat on the table?(No.) No. You see?

*No,nothing's lacking.


I have to confess that I eat a lot of meat.

*I have to confess to you I'm a really big meat eater.

I can see it on your face,you don't have to tell me.

*Sorry,I insist. I won't do it anymore. I promise.

I believe you.

*Starting today.

Yes. Go to Gopal and eat there and buy the food that they sell there,the ready-made,and come home and cook just like this. Yes,and we'll give you a book- simple,basic vegan cooking book.


And you log on to for more recipes,international - even Mexican food. It's in the book. Or write it for him or give him a card. We'll give you a card. I like that one.

*It's delicious.


*Fruits,thank you.

You want something more?Different?Okay.


Fruits?Yes,yes. I also like fruits. Encore. Soup?You want soup?A bit of soup.

*I will taste it in a minute. Yes,a bit of soup,sure.

You taste,taste. There is a bowl. The bowl is there.

*And you don't eat any meat?(No.)

* No?(No. Vegan,hundred percent.)

*Now you've made me feel bad.

*No,not at all. Not at all.

*No meat at all?Neither chicken nor fish?


He asked if you are vegan,right?
*Yes,he asked me if I'm vegan,if I eat meat,I said,『No,no,no. One hundred percent vegan,all.


*All of us are vegans.

*Wow,I feel strange.

Even my dogs are vegan,my birds are vegan.

*I feel a little bit strange.

It's okay. Yes,you think people don't exist like this. You can see my dogs on Supreme Master TV. They're very strong vegans,healthy. Love me so much,all vegan. If I give them meat they don't eat even. I mean,I don't give but sometimes go to doctor,check up,and he gives meat - don't eat. Yes,thank you. It's very good,I like that.

*The soup is very delicious.

Okay,I know,I know. I like it also,very much.

*Compared to meat,how long does it take for the body to process vegetables?

Meat can stay very long,it depends on what meat. Maybe stay maybe 10hours in your body. But this is very fast,a couple of hours. And this will give you more energy than meat,and less energy to digest. You gain many,many benefits. And healthy: prevent heart disease,prevent heart stroke,prevent cancer,all kinds of cancers,all kinds of heart diseases,all kinds of other sicknesses that I can't remember it all. You look on the SupremeMasterTV.com,and we have it,all the things that you want,different blog for different topic,and it stays there forever.
You can look back at the three years before,four years before,all the information is still there,and every day we have more research for the audience to report what's good for them and what's not good for them,what is happening to our planet and what can we do to help. Everything,all is for humans,animals,and the planet. We don't take commercial money for it. All the commercials are also about vegetarian restaurants,vegetarian cafés,or vegetarian food supplies. It's all that,but it's all free. We do it free for them; we don't take anything. Yes. So it's also free for the public,information for the public. Some more soup?

*I'm fine,thank you.

We eat like the French today,many hours. In Mexico it's also the same,right?Eat and talk,right?The more eat,the more talk,the more talk,the more eat.

*In Mexico,a cup of coffee can last ten hours.

Can I invite you for a cup of coffee?Yes,give me the white. I like that white thing. I haven't eaten this for a long,long time. It's the extreme here,extreme. At home I just eat sometime just bread and apple,once a day,and here extreme. Yes,I profit from the situation because when I come home,lazy cooking. Just bread and something,yes,and when I travel alone,just bread,apple,and soya sauce,or not soya sauce,because it's easy to buy; they last for a long time.

*What immediate plans do you have?

No plan. Go home,meditate to recharge.

*Any conference?Any publication?

Maybe. First I have to refuel my 『bank,』spiritual bank. A lot of people worry about their money bank,I'm much more worried about my spiritual bank.

*Me too,I share the same idea.


*What kind of literature do you like?

Literature?I enjoy poetry,good novels,good scientific discovery book,discovery stuff,scientific invention stuff,and UFO stuff.


And spiritual books of course. I really like this.

*I'm glad you're enjoying,Master. It's nice to see you eating like this.

Yes,nice for me. No idea,you have no idea. The first time I've ever enjoyed it since I came here. Also,before they cooked a lot also but I did not enjoy much. Today I enjoy. Maybe because COP16is finished. So now cup of coffee,『COP coffee.』COP number one. I don't know,I really enjoy very much. I take him with me so I can enjoy food.


Normally,this time I don't enjoy food. Even if I eat,I don't enjoy it. I remember… but last night I also did not enjoy. You can ask my assistant,she brought it in and she brought it out. I just nipped a little bit and didn't taste much. We've been all day at the Moon Palace,all day until we came home about midnight,you know?and that was my first meal ever,first taste of drink ever. They did buy me some chips,but I did not eat,yes,and then nothing tastes... tastes nothing. And today,eat early,tastes so good.

*Well,I am honored that you are enjoying it.

Truly,you can see. I'm not saying that to please him. I have no reason. Good?Tasty,tasty.


Normally I don't even look at these things. Tastes so good. You like?

*Yes,I like it a lot.

I'm glad. Maybe he's hungry,that's why. Yes,running all day. Maybe today he is relaxed,because sometimes he runs. What newspaper?

*It's called the Quintanarroense.

*Today I'm going to write. Tomorrow it will be published,and it has statewide circulation and it has a website.

Big one.

*Yes,in the state of Quintana Roo.

*And there is the site on the internet.

Also Internet.

*Also Internet,yes,yes.


*Tomorrow you will be able to read it.

*I hope you'll like it.

Okay,I'm sure I will,knowing you.

*Thank you.

You seem a sensible man,so I think he will write sensible. Thank you for doing that.

*Thank you for that idea.

Because you will help your countrymen by doing that also,to understand some basics of the cause of global warming,and the solution. I'm talking scientific evidence,you know?Because  according to the latest reportanimals is responsible for 51%at leastof all the greenhouse gas emissions that heat up the planet. So if we stop animal industrywe cut out 51% of the heat.  Yes?Of course,no?


And then, if we use all the land for animalsall the tillable landall the cultivable landto plant organic vegetables and fruitsthen we cut off another 40%at leastof carbon dioxide that exists

The planet cools off in a few years. I mean
when the animals all die naturally in a few years and all the organic vegetables come ina few years timewe don't have any two degrees.Thenwe have the planet still.   You see what I mean?We still have all that,all the comfort. Yes Just stop the animal industry and become vegan,like this.

*I will do my part.

Yes. How difficult?No. You miss nothing.

*Yes,it's delicious and healthy.

Yes,tasty. So I don't understand... some people told me it's hard to change. It's not hard.

*NowI am going to eat a chocolate.

Yes. It's the vegan chocolate,pure and very… From England. It's a rare one,expensive. Exotic,yes. Try one. I'm sorry,we had some cakes,big,gateaux,but they removed it. Yes,because normally I don't eat it. And today I eat like...wow.

*What was your participation in COP?

I just sit and listen and, of course, I take notes and then sometimes I “boo!” sometimes I clapped. Just joking. I never boo; I only clap.

*What did COP16 produce?

I told you, at least they cooperate. Probably it's just one step further, at least, because I heard from the panel that Copenhagen was a real flop, and I heard also from the panel's people there, COP people there, that people lost trust in each other.. So, even this time Japan and the United States did not want to participate - in some areas, they did not want to cooperate - but last night, everybody clapped, and happy, and the president of the COP received, two times, standing ovation, because she is really cool. But even if the whole package - they called it Cancún Package - even if it's not perfect, it's not all her fault anyway.
Not the president's fault. She has to incorporate all the people's, all the nations' agreement or ideas, and make complements and concessions here and there. Well, I'm just glad that they work together, at least. Well, I don't really like the idea that we have to wait another 12 months for more progress. I want to save my planet yesterday already, but what can we do? We have many nations, many leaders, and many ideas and many non-ideas. So, that's that. I would have been happier, more contented, more happy, if they just say, straightforward, “Okay, meat industry has to stop and we will use all the land for organic vegan, vegetables,” then I will breathe out, release, relief. I would say, “Okay, we really can save the planet now.” But as for now, we are all still in suspense, even if Cancún already has the package.

*In reference to the oil spill in the Gulf of México, how many years will it take to come back to normal?

I don't have an idea.

*Is the damage irreversible?

Not completely. It can never… When you broke a glass, even if you fixed it, it's never the same. Takes a long, long, long time for nature to replenish. The thing is, it's not only the oil leak,  we saturate the Gulf or the ocean with all kinds of other chemicals - runoff from the animals industry, from the waste of the animals, many other things -   and then we will destroy the ocean altogether. Many big parts of the ocean are already destroyed, as I mentioned before. “Dead zones” they call it. And other zones, they're growing this kind of green algae, even a horse just breathed in and he died immediately. A horse! - bigger than us and stronger.

*Wow! Where are those kinds of dead zones?

Some in Europe, some elsewhere. But the way we are doing, it will grow everywhere. We're really killing ourselves, slowly or quickly. Apart from that, we have other things - hurricanes, El Nino and earthquakes and… All because we disturb the pattern of nature, we disturb the ecosystem. Because one thing leads to another, you know? Like chemical runoff and waste produce the algae bloom, the green algae, and also kill the marine life, create dead zones, and then in turn poison us. Yes?
And also warm up the planet, causing droughts and flood and trouble. People are also dying - die quick or die slow, dying. More than 300,000 people die every year because of climate change alone. It will be more, more and more.  As the climate gets worse, more people will die, not just by poison but by disaster, which is caused by methane gas and other gases from the animal industry.   This is the situation of our planet that you have asked me before.

*Okay, it's difficult. Is there any country that generates a larger percentage of methane gas because of the livestock industry?

Yes, you can look into which country has more factory farming, animal factory farming, where they house like 5,000, 10,000 animals in just a few buildings, you understand? They're squeezing together in small crates like this, for example, they could not even turn around. Eat there, sleep there, filth there, everything! And they could not even turn, all their life. Look into these countries.
And also, even if they let them out in the open, also very, very crowded, many of thousands of them. You can't even see all with your eyes, because it's so vast, the field. The more meat people eat in that country, or export it, the more pollution they produce, and the more heat-trapping gas they produce to warm up the climate. You would know it.

*Because of the population, I think it would be United States, or China.

But they spread out to other countries now, even like Indonesia. Now they also have such factory farming, and then all the waste of the animals... Okay, here, I have some info for you. For example, here,  the livestock industry emits also 64% of all ammonia, which causes acid rain and hydrogen sulphide - it is a very fatal gas.   The birds come eat the bread. Look at that. Do you see that? You want to look at the bird?

*I can see them through the mirror.

Okay, from the window only. Don't scare them away, or you can sit by the window. That's smart. They eat the bread and drink the water that I provide. I am so sorry that I have to leave and nobody feeds them anymore. But they will live; it's just for friendship. Okay.

*But they will come to look for you.

I know. I will tell them goodbye. And there's another thing here. Very scary.  Like one animal factory farm produces more waste and pollution than the whole city of Houston, Texas, in the USA,   not to talk about all the chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics that run into our water that we drink. Yes, even if we filter it, how much can we always avoid because the chemical is not like dirt that you can filter it. Not like sand that you can take the sand out. Chemicals, fertilizers, these substances they just diluted in water.
I don't think we can filter them all. And sometimes like mercury and all that, the fish eat them and we eat the fish, and many people die because of that, or sick, seriously sick. They don't have taste, they don't have color - you can't even detect them. If you eat the fish with the mercury or some other toxin, you will never feel like it's not the fish. You feel, like, the same. No taste, no color. Many more, I can't just have it all right now, but you look into We list them all.
The hydrogen sulphide is deadly, for example, from the animal farms. Just 1000 part per million, and one inhalation, you die.  And here, for example, in 1996, the US cattle, pork, and poultry industries produced 1.4 billion tons of animal waste in one year. That is 130 times more than the whole entire human population produces altogether.   We don't produce as much waste as just animals, pigs, and cattle, and poultry in the United States, the whole entire population on the Earth, the world population.
The animals, only in the United States, one year, produce 130 times more than the whole population on the planet, humans. Imagine how much methane they emit, and nitrous oxide and hydrogen sulphide, etc., and many other gases they can't find out yet. People who live near a poultry farm or a pork farm, they got sick: they got asthma, they got heart problem, dizziness, headache… Yes. All the lagoons, like lakes that they… man-made lakes they dig to house all this waste from the animals, they produce deadly contaminated flies and other insects, and people live around there, they cannot live anymore.
Even like one mile around it, or one kilometer at least around it, the smell is terrible. And all the flies and insects are covering all their houses and windows. It looks so black. We have it on TV, on our TV. And where all this waste comes from? It's from our tax-paying, even. Taxpayer's money, yes, because the government subsidizes the animal industry a lot of money; otherwise a hamburger would cost from $30 to $100, or $200 even, not $1 like in the fast food industry it sells. Yes. So, it will cost $30 to $200, US dollars, instead. And now it costs only 99 cents - we just say $1.

And everybody thinks it's so cheap. Cheap!? Your money! Yes, the government uses it to subsidize the meat industry, because sometimes they don't have enough money to sustain. Because people don't buy it and then the government buys it and gives them the money, and gives them more, more than just the meat value. Because sometimes, like, after disease or epidemic, people suddenly don't eat meat and they just stop buying. Then the meat industry loses money, and the government gives more money - more all the time.
Even without disease, the government always gives subsidies to the meat industry. So, you see, if we use those subsidies, millions and millions of dollars, give to farmers to turn into organic vegetable farming. Yes, give them training. They're very easy to grow, vegetables,  especially organic vegetables. Less work, less water, more produce, and no pollution - minimum pollution to our water and air - absorb CO2 and healthy for the planet and for the people.   No contamination for water and regulate the atmosphere again, so we don't have hurricanes, we don't have El Ninos, we don't have earthquakes, we don't have floods, we don't have droughts again. Everything balanced again. This is scientifically speaking.
For my vision, I know it's more than just that,  because if we kill, we get harm also. Anything we harm, we will have to pay. That's the law of the universe. Anything we love will benefit us. Anything we harm will hurt us.   Just like the national law, if you injure somebody you have to pay for him to get doctors, medicine, and more, depends. So we all have car insurance in case, you see?
For example. If we even accidently we hit somebody and hurt him, we have to pay. Some cases we even go to prison or be executed if we kill someone. In the future, if we kill the animals I think we will also get punished by law. Actually, there are some countries already beginning to do some part of that, like for example in Italy. They have a very good law to protect animals. If you have animals as pets, anybody, any landlord, has no right to refuse you to rent his house.

*It's part of the family.

Yes, yes. Yes. So if you refuse to rent him a house he can sue you. And even cars running on the street and hit the wild animals, they have to compensate, or take care of the animals, to the hospital or something, because if they're caught not taking care of the animal, wild animal, if accidently or something, they'll be fined. So you have to take care of the animal if you hit or injure the animal. That's the law in Italy. See? We're getting better. I like that kind of country. Bravo! Viva Italia!
I think there are many more countries but maybe I don't know about it, or maybe they are doing it and not completely implemented yet the law, similar law. Yes, I don't remember it all now. Or maybe I do not know all of them. That is what I call “civilized nation,” “civilized people.” Not because you're rich and you have cars, you have a big house and you're civilized. A civilized country you can see by the way they are treating each other or treating the less defensive, the defenseless animals - means their consciousness is high. Because the animals, they are so defenseless, they're so sweet.
They don't do any harm, and we just go - and because we are stronger and we have technique, we have all kind of means - just kill them, just to eat!  But everybody knows that killing animals is not right, I think, yes. That's why they cannot kill it and eat it themselves.   I mean, most people, the majority of the people, cannot just catch a chicken and cut its throat and eat it. Just because the chicken is already made into small pieces, it doesn't look like anything, like living chicken Like a fish, the fish they make like this. This is a fake fish, but the real fish is also similar like this, and people don't even see that it's a fish.
Or meat, yes, meat, they put into small, small pieces so you don't even connect it with a real life. So they're all being cheated Most people would feed the birds and love the birds in the garden, feed them, but how would they have the heart to tear the legs off the chicken and eat it? Just delusion, and also habit and wrong information. When we were young , everybody said “you have to eat meat or you cannot grow up, or you'll sick.” It's nothing more contrary to that. It's the opposite!
 Meat causes a lot of illnesses,  but vegetarian saves life. People who are vegan, they live up to 15 years longer than the others.   Fifteen years to see your child grow up to 15 years old, at least, or to enjoy your retirement. What's the use of getting the retirement money and drop dead? Or having terrible disease that you cannot enjoy it? Okay, any more questions or you are tired now?

*No, no. In a bit I have to go back to the newspaper editing desk to write. Yes, I enjoyed it very much.

I'm glad.

*Are the websites and all that in the book?


*I'll see that part to consult it.

Yes, yes. It's all free to download. Use it anytime please, for the public. Use it to write many different articles, not just one, not just today. You write it yourself. (*Yes.) Yes, of course.

*Do you have any e-mail to send you information and to send you greetings now and then?

Yes, yes. You can send it to the Supreme Master TV. We have heartline, or we have email. You can express also your thought on our TV if you write it.

*Oh yes? Very good.

If you want to say something, you just write it and we air it, or you talk into digital and we will air it, with your picture or not with picture.

*You can see a lot of generosity from her.
*She is always like that.
*And a lot of transparency, in her eyes.

Beer, no alcohol. Okay? You can drink. Very tasty. No need alcohol, no need cigarette, no need meat - we have everything. Okay. Because you're a good boy.

*Between the “champagne” and “beer,” I think I will end up very “drunk.”

Yes. I know. Drunk with love, not with alcohol. You see how tasty? No alcohol, zero.

*Yes, very refreshing!

I love.

*I feel lucky that I was assigned to this interview.

*Yes, it's what I like about my job, to get to know such interesting people.

Yes, there are many interesting people. I also study a little bit of journalism, but I never use it. I feel it's a very interesting job. If I don't have this business I'd probably be a journalist, yes. To inform people, I like. But in a way, I'm also a journalist - television. I also do research on news and different topics to give to the Supreme Master Television to air.


I don't interview people, but I collect information. I'm not the only one; we have a team. We have different countries' people collect it and then we inform people. The television's team, they're very good. I contribute only a little part. But, I like one part very much - it's about journalists. Before the news time every day, you will see the paragraph that I wrote - I wrote, but it has no name.

*Okay, I will watch it.

Because I appreciate. I know journalists' reporting job is very, very tough, and some areas are dangerous,

*Yes, of course.

So I wrote, I say, “We thank all the journalist, reporters, companies, individuals, everywhere for all the news that help the planet, uplifting the atmosphere of our planet, benefit the animals and humans, and may Heaven bless you on your duty, protect you while you are working.”

*Thank you.

Something like that. So every time we broadcast the news, this sentence goes the first and the last, because I appreciate the journalistic work.

*Thank you.


*And how long are you staying here in Quintana Roo?

I think a week already, no? Yes, maybe more, a little bit more, eight days. But I came before that, two weeks before the COP16. I was here for a few days, four days, to clean the air, make it more smooth - smooth and peaceful. And then I went back, and now I come back here.
At that time, I didn't know I would be invited, and only when I came back home and they gave me the invitation, I said, “Oh no! I just left! Now I have to go back.” I love Cancún, I just don't love travel too much. Yes, I love it. And when I'm here, I don't want to go. It was difficult to leave my dogs. They know I'm going away, and sometimes I can go away a long time, like one month, two months.
Normally, I walk in and out of the room, they don't say anything, but this time I walked out... Whenever I walk out to go away, far, they cry together. Not barking, not barking, crying. Like arooooo! Like that! Aroooooo! Together, seven dogs. Imagine! It's very difficult every time I leave my dogs, very difficult. Yes, it hurts me.
Because they're so loving, they're so sticky. They just know when I'm leaving, even if I don't say anything. But I know, so I have to say something. I said, “Please, I have to go, but I love you. I have to go to help the world, including you.” And I tell them, “You take care of this, you take care of that, you take care of that.” Give them jobs to do, but they still...
They sit quiet and listen, all of them sit quiet and listen, and as soon as I walk out of the door…aroooooo! They're all crying like that, like babies, and heartbroken. At the same time, like orchestra. It's really hard for me. My birds are not too bad. They quack a little bit, but they don't cry like that. Like somebody tells them, “Now, we're going to cry now: one, two, three - arooooo!”
Together, big and small cry at the same time, together. Not only that, when I'm not home now, they cry also, every day. My assistants will tell me when I come back. All the time. Now and then or at night, they cry. Maybe they don't cry together like when I left, but they will cry; maybe two together, or one, or three together.
And they, my assistants, sometimes have to come and sit with them, say, “It's okay, she will come back. You're okay, don't worry.” Sometimes I have to leave the tapes that I sing every night, like singing to sleep. I leave the tapes, and it's still not enough. They know it's not the same.
Still cry sometimes in the night, and daytime. It's the hardest part about travelling.
*Sure, I can imagine.
Every day I talk to them also, telepathically also, but still, they know it; they just still cry. Hard, very hard. If you think you leave your girlfriend, it's very difficult, leaving a dog is more difficult, and leaving seven dogs, more difficult. Okay, any more questions?
*Well, no, no, really.
*It's enough, well, it would never be enough, but with the information that you have given me, that is very valuable to write a good report.
Yes, and there are more on You take it out whenever you feel the need to write an article about climate.
*I mainly write about culture and the environment. Then I have several reports that I can add to the page.
Yes, yes, yes. Just include some in some articles that you write. Use whatever's suitable. All of them are free. Free condition, just download and use. Very, very valuable information.
*Yes, I will use it.
Yes, and we have programs and shows, also different cultures.
*Wow! I can imagine it must be a very rich site.
Very, and people love it. People love it so much. Even I love it. Even though I work with it and work for it, I love it. I mean, very valued channel - not just talking. It's all the very useful and valuable information for people's life, and for peace.
*Master, he says he really likes your loving philosophy because it is full of love, and the way you say it, it's truly like that: when you harm, you harm yourself, and when you do good, you heal yourself.
Yes, yes, yes. The thing is all creation, it's just like our body.  If you cut your finger, it's yours. Even if you don't see it with your vision - if you don't meditate and if you don't see it through vision - you still can understand that. People are just blinded, deluded, cheated, deluded. People are just victims of delusion.
Everything in this world tries to cheat them. Like, okay, they give them love for example, a beautiful girl, and after married maybe she doesn't even cook for him anymore. And if you want to get rid of her, you have to give half of your property, and work all life to pay. For what? For love, so-called love. And if have children, pay more. Anything costs so much that humans don't have time to even think where he comes from and what else he can do. So busy, busy, busy. Working 10 hours a day and still don't have enough money to use.
*That part is very absurd - you have to sign a document to make sure that “I love you.”
No, to make sure that he'll pay later. That's the only reason. Because, what else?
*But if people are wrong… There's no bigger commitment than the feeling.
Yes. But the thing is they know the feeling also maybe not true, so they have to make sure that later he'll pay, make sure she has half of the house. For example. I don't mean it's a bad thing, but it is good for the woman and the children, okay. But what I mean is, it's just an illusion, even love. People trapped inside and thinking, “Oh we're in love though,” and then one day wake up, “Oh I'm not in love anymore, what to do?”
Now it's time to pay, pay the whole life. Even later, if she or he is in love with somebody else - doesn't matter, still pay. And then the poor guy who works all his life, now he has no wife, maybe no house, go pay a visit, and no children, because the wife has the right to take it and he's just working now, working, working to pay. Yes, in many situations like that, no?
*Yes. (*Yes.)
*I have a question in reference to… What is it called... to grow vegetables on the rooftops? The vegetables on the rooftops in the cities, how beneficial is that? Are the products as good as in the field?
Yes, yes. If you do organically.
*Because in some cities they grow vegetables on the rooftops.
Yes, yes, yes. It's fine. We can keep nourishing it or adding more soil, or different soil or more soil or change soil sometimes. But it's not just the soil that makes the vegetables - the sun, the air, the love. You remember the story about a Scottish farmer in Scotland?
He plants vegetables with love every day. He loves the vegetables. The potato was so big; same land with other farmers but his potatoes - big, big. And my association members, the zucchini… You know normally zucchini is about this big - my hand, my arm like this big - she plants zucchini as big as your head.
I eat them, I know it. So big like this, zucchini, like a watermelon - long. Big, big! Yes, and so good, so good, and she doesn't do much. Yes, not even cut the grass. Just puts in there and covers with the dry grass that she cuts from the garden. Yes, just covers with grass, that's it, and some little compost from the garden and then just cover it. Don't water much even. No water. Because when you cover with dry grass, the earth is always moist.
Organic farming is like that. You don't need much water, you don't need chemical fertilizer. It's not only good for your health, but good for the insects and for birds, the bees, so they continue to pollinate.  Because many chemicals kill the bees. Recently we have the global collapse of bee colonies, and without bees, we will have nothing.
We cannot pollinate the way nature does. We cannot go from one flower and put… can do, but forever. They do it better. Birds and little flies, they pollinate the fruits, vegetables. At one time, the farmers were so worried because they said, “If the bees are all gone. We will have no fruit, no vegetables, no pollination, no natural way.” Human power cannot do that, cannot pollinate the way the bees do. So they were very worried.
I hope they're regaining population now. Maybe, but slowly. So I was also worried, “Maybe this is the last orange I eat.” If no more bees, it may be like that. Yes, our planet is beautiful and has a lot of varieties of fruits and animals, because we cooperate together.
But if we start killing this and killing that, either to eat purposely or by accident, because of chemicals, fertilizers or anything else, then we are killing ourselves slowly, or quickly. Yes. Very, very sorry for the human race.
*I read yesterday, that we are a failed species.
Yes, but we can change that. We can change that by going back to our God power because we have God in us. We are all mini-Gods, yes, and the whole human race put together - big God.  We are powerful and precious.
*Albert Einstein said that the problem of humankind is not in the atomic bomb but inside his heart.
Yes. And he was a vegetarian. We have a list of all the brainpower of humankind. They are all vegetarian. If he likes poems, Rabindranath Tagore, he is vegetarian. Albert Einstein, vegetarian. Who else? So much. You look on the Supreme Master TV, we have a list, a scroll. Who else?
Mahatma Gandhi, Leo Tolstoy. Who can be more famous and brainy? See? Told you. And it is proven, scientifically proven, that people who choose to be vegetarian have at least 5 points higher IQ than average.
*I need those points.
They say that the people who are five points or more above average, finally would choose vegetarian, even if their parents give them meat before. They would, at least, when they are about 30, they would choose, themselves, to become vegetarian. They will choose, and all these people are above-average IQ.  
They have studied from birth, 8,000 people of various backgrounds in England, and they found out that whoever had chosen to be vegetarian, maximum about 30 years old or before that, they have all higher IQ than the average. Five points or more, would choose vegetarian.
So, it's about time to choose.
*Yes, yes, yes. Well, I wish everyone would have access to this kind of conversation, that mindset.
I know.
*Because without any doubt, it would influence them in their habits.
Yes, I know. That's why I put all our power into the Supreme Master Television - energy, finance, time, precious time.
*In the report, I'm going to dedicate a part to the TV channel.
(Thank you.)
*So that people can watch it, so that people can access it.
You did a great job for humankind and for your country.
*And I will put it on my Facebook wall.
We're also on Youtube, and Facebook also, Twitter. We have many websites. Outside people, outside website, they take our television, put on their website so people can watch also, automatic. And then many television, many cable companies, they also take our television, put in their program, yes, automatic. Yes, they do it; sometimes we don't pay.
Of course we pay in beginning, many, but some of them, they just do it for us because they feel they should, like you say, give more information to people. That's why we all work together to do this, try to inform people. I'm happy you help. Media is very powerful, after government, second; second to the United Nations.
*After the women.
You are right, you are right. You are right. Many of the newspapers are also like you, they also come to us. Then they help to advertise it. They don't even take money from us. Originally, many we advertised, we paid with our money to advertise about vegetarian and all that, but some of them don't take money, they just do it.
That's why I said people are very pitiful. Because of money, they are cheated out of their time. They have to work for 8, 10 hours a day, no time, and they have to take care of family and children and other things. On top of that, not all the information is available widely because nobody helps to spread the information. And then on top of that, just everything, the whole society, is not conducive to human well-feeling, wellness.
For example, you see like even meat and all that, it's not conducive to our wellbeing. But the truths are kept away from people. That's why they even know people are sensitive, they don't like killing, so all the factory farms, the killing houses, for-animal killing houses, all very, far, far away from the city. Nobody can go in and look. Mostly hidden, big wall and gate. So, people don't know. and come home and tired and just grab a piece of meat and eat it - don't even think. See? First, work very hard, no time to look, and tired; and second, come home, nothing else but meat.
See, when you're hungry and tired and cannot think, just eat anything. And then eat that and get sick. More tired, time for hospital - have to earn more money after for doctors and hospital. Truly, no time, no energy to think much. You understand what I am saying? People are very pitiful. They're really cheated from all sides, all sides. That is the difficult part for them to change. But the society as a whole doesn't help this: 5no information, habit, brainwashed into thinking meat is good, all their life. 5 From baby already, poison the body.
And babies are not healthy when they're born also. Because of meat, cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, the parents already are not healthy, born children are not healthy. People who smoke harm their baby already in the stomach, so they're born with defects sometimes, with cleft palate and many other diseases already born with.
For example. Or drugs, alcohol are no good for the baby - in the stomach already. And the DNA, the unhealthy DNA, from the parents is passed on to the DNA of the child. And when they are born already, parents smoke - even harm the baby while they are growing. Even if a child is living in a household where parents smoke, they have their problem with their lung and bronchi until after they are 50 or something, that even come on them.
Even if they don't have it before, after 40, 50, they will have it because of the secondhand smoke when they were young. It takes so many years to even work; don't have to be immediate effect. Yes, just secondhand smoke. Everything is bad for the human, everything we do here. We truly don't love life. We really don't love health.
We don't love peace. We say we want to live long, we want health, we want peace, but it's not true. We cannot want health when we smoke, drink, and eat meat, and drugs, yes. We cannot say we want peace when we live with violence every day, even indirectly, by eating meat. That's violence. And all the things we eat shorten our life, when we say we want to live long. Eat and smoke and drink, all that, it shortens lives.
And we want to be intelligent, but we poison our brain. So we truly do everything opposite to what we want. That's why we have trouble, we have sickness, we have war.  Yes, the consequence of that. Because when we raise too many animals, then we have shortage of water, we're short of food. Then war also breaks out sometimes because of water, because of food shortage. Yes, not just one thing.
And then also we poison our brain. We could not think very well, so we think war is okay. It's not. See what I mean? Everything - one thing leads to another. People are very poorly, poorly deluded, cruelly cheated. So your job is very important: you disseminate information. Put on your website, put on your newspaper, do whatever. Tell people, tell your friends, tell other newspapers, syndicate your articles.
*I will do it.
If all journalists do what you do, people will get informed. We do all kinds of things, but we need the help of the media and the governments. Many newspapers help us, television helps, radio helps. They do help. Yes, we thank all these newspapers' names on the TV. Every month we have a “thank you” list.
You look, you will see how many support we have. But still not enough because they don't do it every day; they support us, but they don't inform every day. My opinion, all the newspapers, all the TV, all the radio must have at least one article every day, or one show, one program, to inform people about climate change and the solution of the vegan diet.  They have to inform themselves first and then inform the public every day.
And the governments must disseminate all this information. It's doable. You see the smoking, forbidden smoking, and now it's less. People don't smoke in the restaurants, don't smoke in cafés, on airplanes, buses - no. See? Governments can do it! Yes, cigarette is more difficult to quit than meat because cigarette is addictive and cannot have anything to replace it. Y
es, but you don't have meat, then you have vegetarian meat, you're satisfied. You see? You're happy; it's a replacement. You see? So cigarettes and drugs, more difficult, alcohol, more difficult to quit. And we always criticize them and tell them they have to quit, they're bad, “So easy, why don't quit?” We cannot quit the meat! Today you do the first part already.
It's a lot anyway. You can write a month with all the information today.
*I'm sure of that.
*But, yes, I'm going to see both parts. I start today, prepare the first part for tomorrow, and on Monday I publish another part.
Anything he wants, okay? ♥ VEG CH. Okay?  That's my name, signed.
*Thank you. Okay.
*Thank you very much.
You are saving the world in your part.
*Yes. Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
*Good-bye. Thanks for everything.
Ciao. Thanks for being vegetarian, okay?
*Thanks for everything. It was a pleasure.
You're welcome. God bless you, God bless you. The animals love you.
Prior to the interview on that beautiful day in sunny Cancún, being visited by many local birds who came to love her for her kindness and generosity, Supreme Master Ching Hai and Mr. Ballesteros had a friendly conversation about a surprise visit by a feathered friend, a zopilote (black vulture), earlier that day.
Zoom in. That's good enough. Not too near. He might be scared because…the cameras. Okay, let's go in inside. Come on. I've never seen this bird before in my life. I was sitting on the balcony and he came just right next to me, about this… Yes!
And then I said, “Oh, I'll bring the bread,” and then I stood up so quickly, he was scared, he went there. But he was next to my chair over here. And not just one time, two times! He came and then I went out and got the bread and then I came back.
And then I sat here and he came back again, next door, about this. He was not afraid. Look at that! Now he stands over there. He's so beautiful. I've never seen such a bird before in my life. Do you? Did you? It's a lot in Mexico?
* I have seen, but not this close.
It just comes here, visiting. I sat here and he came on the balcony…
* The balcony. But from what I see, it's already their home. They feel good.
Yes. I put a little water there and some bread. Maybe he is not hungry, but it's okay. Can eat later. I discovered that the bird, the smaller bird with the blue on the back, they prefer cookies than bread.
* Cookies over bread.
Homemade cookies. You know what? When I first came, they didn't buy any bread here for me. I just had some cookies, so I said, “Oh, sorry. I don't have. Is cookies all right?” They said, “We will try.” And they like it. Every day they come. If I put cookies and bread, they eat the cookies first. Yes, and they went away, and later when they came back. No more cookies, then they ate the bread.
After the interview with Supreme Master Ching Hai on December 11, 2010, Mr. Ballesteros published two news articles - “[Supreme Master] Ching Hai Speaks About the Climate Benefits of Being Veg” and “National and International Young Advocates Raise Their Voice in Favor of Plant-based Food” - in the December 12 and December 13 edition of the daily “El Quintanarroense,” respectively. The following is an excerpt from the article “[Supreme Master] Ching Hai Speaks About the Climate Benefits of Being Veg.”
“After having been invited as a guest to some sessions of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Summit [Supreme Master] Ching Hai spoke about the importance of avoiding the continuation of the global temperature increase. She emphasized that the elimination of the animal industry for human consumption would significantly benefit the environment…
The environmentalist, writer, musician, and spiritual teacher highlighted the consumption of plant-based foods as a way to reverse temperature increase across in the globe. She mentioned that all human beings can be part of the solution, by supporting vegan foods and stopping animal product consumption …
In reference to her participation as defender of the planet, she mentioned that she has urged world leaders and governments to participate in animal-free lifestyles… The humanist said that each individual has the elements necessary to revert the alarming situation of the warming that endangers cities and countries with submergence by oceans.”
The second article by Mr. Ballesteros, “National and International Young Advocates Raise Their Voice in Favor of Plant-based Food,” covered the activities of the Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association as encouraged by Supreme Master Ching Hai, to support decision makers toward organic vegan policies.

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