Prince Charles calls for an expanse of trees the size of the nation - 10 Sep 2010  
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Arriving at the National Botanic Gardens of Wales, United Kingdom via an eco-train, His Royal Highness Prince Charles launched a tree-planting program known as “Size of Wales.”

This project seeks to engage people throughout the country in saving an area of African rainforest that is collectively two million hectares in size, or approximately the size of Wales.

From local teams to schools, individuals and businesses, the project encourages fellow citizens nationwide to help address climate change by supporting projects in Africa that are addressing deforestation as well as planting trees to keep the planet cool. Welsh volunteers would also be sent to help carry out the programs and to support local efforts.

Speaking at the program’s launch, His Royal Highness Prince Charles said, “Put simply we are, right now, causing serious damage to our own and, more importantly, our children and grandchildren’s support system. …
If we get it right, we will leave a legacy for future generations of a sustainable environment. But we will never achieve what we need to, unless we make a start.”

Our respectful salute, Your Royal Highness Prince Charles, for your ever-striving and noble efforts to save our planet for future generations. Blessed be such actions as yours in helping protect and expand the delicate but vital lungs of our Earth.