UK government forsakes plans to sell public forest. - 20 Feb 2011  
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As confirmed by British Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman, previous plans to sell 258,000 hectares of England's public forests have been set aside upon hearing the calls of the public. Following a statement on Wednesday, February 16 by Prime Minister David Cameron, who said that he was not satisfied with the idea of privatizing the forests, Secretary Spelman offered a public apology, saying, “I am sorry, we got this one wrong, but we have listened to people's concerns.”

She also said, “If there is one clear message, it is that people cherish their forests and woodlands and the benefits that they bring.”

A big bravo and our thanks, Secretary Spelman and the government of the United Kingdom, for your decision to continue as stewards of your nation's public forests. May British citizens everywhere enjoy their refreshing beauty and balance, and come to cherish these gifts of nature even more.