Afghans growing saffron instead of opium - 11 Nov 2010  
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Afghans growing saffron instead of opium. In Afghanistan’s Herat Province, more and more people are cultivating saffron, one of the most exotic spices in the world. Such alternatives to poppy production are now being seen as key in reducing illegal drugs and conflict in the country, with multi-million-dollar agricultural programs that are being implemented across the nation by regional governments and Western groups. Among the contributors to this movement is Afghan Saffron, the first and largest saffron company in the nation, which offers women hundreds of valued job opportunities. As possibly the most expensive spice in the world, international sales of the saffron also provide a good source of income for farmers. Other crops replacing poppy include almonds, pomegranates, grapes, apples, and wheat.

What auspicious developments! Our appreciation, Afghan government and all organizations working toward a healthier, harmonious Afghanistan. We look forward to the day that farmers throughout your beautiful country, and indeed the world, may reap the many wholesome benefits of pure organic vegan harvests.
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