New Zealand to increase drug treatment units in prisons - 8 Aug 2009  
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New Zealand to increase drug treatment units in prisons.

 The government of New Zealand has announced plans to build three additional Drug Treatment Units (DTU), which will allow a doubling of detainee participation to 1000 annually by December 2011. With this latest addition to the nine DTUs currently in place, the program seeks to reduce the country's major drivers of crime – namely, drugs and alcohol. Corrections Minister Judith Collins said, "If we are serious about reducing the number of people in our prisons and making New Zealand a better and safer place, we need to give real commitment to providing the resources, expertise and opportunity."

Kudos Minister Collins and New Zealand for your noble initiatives to safeguard all citizens from such harmful substances. Wishing your programs much success and the participants abundant goodness, with Heaven’s grace.


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