Congee Morning Meal & Banana Dessert   
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Congee Morning Meal & Banana Dessert Ingredients for Congee Morning Meal:
1 cup rice
About 5 cups of filtered water
Pinch of salt
Iceberg Lettuce, or other vegetables
Vegan stir-fry sauce
Peanut & gluten protein
Song tsu (in Chinese, “pine nut”)
Pickled Lettuce
Pickled Bamboo
Pickled Cucumber
Fermented Black Beans Ingredients for Banana Dessert:
Coconut Milk
Chocolate Sauce

Congee Morning Meal
  1. Wash 1 cup of rice and put it in the pot to cook. Add filtered water up to half of the pot.
  2. Boil the rice, and after boil, turn down the heat, put the lid on to let it simmer and let the rice cook.
  3. Add in a pinch of salt in it.
  4. As the rice almost cooked, just see if it’s too little water or too much water. Add more when needed.
  5. Meanwhile prepare some fresh vegetable. Wash the vegetable in salt water. Soak and wash it.
  6. Boil the vegetable quick when the congee is almost done. Put the vegetable on a dish.
  7. Prepare the vegan stir-fry sauce, the peanut with the gluten protein, and the Song tsu.
  8. Prepare the pickled bamboo, the pickled cucumber, and the fermented black beans.
  9. When the rice cooked, put it in a big bowl.
  10. Serve the congee rice with the boiled lettuce, the stir-fry sauce, the peanut gluten protein, the Song tsu and the all the pickles and fermented black beans.
Banana Desert
  1. Make a little hole on a banana so the air can come out easily.
  2. Put the banana on a plate and pop it in the microwave for about 2 minutes.
  3. Skin the banana.
  4. Put some coconut sauce on it.
  5. Ready to be served.

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