Summer Snack: Cucumber Dip and Wrapped Vegan Sausage   
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1 Cucumber, halved
1 Carrot, quartered (optional: cauliflower, broccoli, celery)
Loving Food
Passion Fruit sauce
(alternative:vegan French dressing or vinegar sauce with added sugar)
Mushroom paste
Soya sauce or Maggi
Tortilla chips
Oriental bread (lavash) or tortillas
Vegan Viennese sausages
1 Tablespoon of vegan mayonnaise
Ketchup (optional)
Mustard (optional)
Vegan butter (optional) Hi, everybody.

  1. Wash the cucumber and take away the head. Cut it into small pieces and put it in a bowl to wash.
  2. Skin the carrot and wash it. Use some salt to wash the vegetable.
  3. Soak the cucumber and the carrot for a few minutes to take away any harmful substance.
  4. Meanwhile, arrange the tortilla in the corner of the big plate.
  5. Scoop some mushroom and put it in the corner next to the tortilla.
  6. Scoop the passion fruit sauce and spread it on top of the mushroom.
  7. Put some soya sauce on top of it.
  8. Squeeze a little bit of ketchup on top just for decoration.
  9. Rinse the cucumber and the carrot a couple of times until the water is all clear. Seep to dry.
  10. Cut the cucumber into 4 pieces and cut the carrot into small pieces.
  11. Lay the cucumber and the carrot together on the big plate.
  12. Next, warm up a little bit the oriental bread in pan.
  13. Warm up vegan sausage in the microwave a little bit, maybe for 2 minutes.
  14. Before warming up the vegan sausage, make a coupe of holes so that the air can come out, so it doesn’t pop in the microwave.
  15. Or just put the vegan sausage in boiling water for a while, or fry it with a little bit of oil to warm it up.
  16. Make sure the oriental bread does not get burnt. Make it crispy and golden a little bit on bothside.
  17. Put the vegan sausage in the oriental bread. Stick it out a little bit so that it will look more appetizing.
  18. Add some vegan mayonnaise and spread it evenly on the sausage.
  19. Wrap the sausage from one corner to the next.
  20. Lay the wrapped sausage next to the cucumber and the carrot.
  21. For more taste, add some maggi sauce or some mustard to the mayonnaise. This is optional.
  22. Ready to be served.

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