Summertime Fondue with Fresh Veggies, Vegan Tempura & More   
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Summertime Fondue with Fresh Veggies, Vegan Tempura & More

Vegan tempura
Vegan sausage
Tofu, raw or ready-made
Olive oil, or any
preferred cooking oil
Lettuce (optional)
Salt (optional)
Pepper (optional)
Ketchup (optional)

1. Cut the tofu into sticks, just like sausage (vegan) size.
2. Cut the cucumber into like three.
3. Cut the tomatoes into two and put together with the cucumber.
4. Rinse the tofu, squeeze a little, and use kitchen towel to dry it. Cut them into thumb-size.
5. Soak the vegetable in salt water. If you are not sure, spray vinegar solution on it. The vinegar solution is half water, half vinegar. Then rinse it again.
6. Put fruits like watermelon or nagafruit in the frigde. Then cut it into small pieces, or put it in the blender. You can make sorbet and then put it in the fruit juice, or fill the ice tray with it. Then use it for juice, put it out instead of cube, make as many colors as you want.
7. Drop tempura in the oil and fry it, put it a little deeper, otherwise it will break. We can use chopsticks or stick instead of barbeque. Then put it in the plate with the kitchen towel. Turn around a little bit so the oil don’t be too much.
8. Fry the sausage and the tofu.
9. We can have these with salad, bread, pepper, ketchup or salt, water or fruit juice, whatever.

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