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I mean a human is an animal, but also a spiritual being. So I want everyone to consider that we are living on not only material food alone but also on energy we absorb from the space or something invisible.

Kind and gracious viewers welcome to this week’s edition of Healthy Living where we will be talking with Ms. Michiyo Mori of Japan, a liquidarian and author of the book “I Quit Eating.” Ms. Mori is a licensed acupuncturist with her own clinic in Osaka, Japan.

She has followed the teachings of Dr. Mitsuo Koda who developed a method of healing which incorporates the Nishi System of Health Engineering, fasting and a diet consisting only of small portions of raw vegetables. And she has thrived by consuming a single glass of fresh green juice every day for the past 15 years. To raise awareness of the benefits of such a diet, a documentary was made on the life of this amazing woman entitled “The Age of No Eating – Eating Light for Love and Compassion.”

After I completed fasting 23 years ago, I started a raw vegetable diet. Presently I subsist on a diet of about 60 calories. I have been reducing caloric intake gradually for the last 23 years: 200 calories in 1991, 150 calories in 1992 and 1995. Fifty calories since 1996, and 60 calories at present.

What is a raw vegetable diet? It is a diet eating only raw vegetables and raw brown rice powder. And by eating the raw vegetables we can absorb their energy which can be our life force together with the nutrients. And in the case of mountain hermits or those who have realized the “Tao” or the way, they live on raw vegetables while minimizing intake of food, and then they attain perpetual youth and longevity. Also they acquire supernatural powers to cure intractable diseases or reverse the signs of aging.

Ms. Mori was born in Tokyo on December 25, 1962. She was a premature baby and had to be placed in an incubator. In her youth she was prone to illness and often hospitalized because of bronchial infections. Due to her fragile health condition, she always had an interest in alternative medicine.

When I was a high school student, I would stumble while walking a little. I could not walk on a balance beam, but there was no difficulty in my daily life. I easily got a little tired, so I was interested in something to do with health. So I joined the “Heath Camp” in which some school nurses of elementary school and junior high school were participating, and met Dr. Koda at the first time in my life. He told me about what he had been advocating.

After that when I was a third year high school student, I was hospitalized at the Koda clinic, and experienced fasting and the Nishi System of Health Engineering for the first time. Several years later I was stricken by an incurable disease.

In 1984 at the tender age of 21, Ms. Mori was diagnosed with Spinocerebellar Degeneration, with doctors saying she had only five more years to live at most.

Spinocerebellar Degeneration is a disorder where the cranial nerves are gradually destroyed and fade away. Since it is a syndrome with several patterns, it may affect the cerebellum, or the nuclei, or the olives, or the medulla, or the spinal cord. And in my case, this disease showed a pattern of making only the cerebellum become smaller and smaller.

I went to see a doctor of Western medicine, and found that CT and MRI (scans) could demonstrate the process in which the cerebellum was shrinking more and more. But there is little medicine to cure or stop the progression of this disease. Even if the progression can be stopped, there is no way to reproduce the damaged cerebral nerves.

Dr. Koda believed the condition was treatable. He explained that the disorder is caused by gastrointestinal gas and thus by fasting she would be cured. Ms. Mori decided to follow his treatment plan of fasting, performing various exercises, and making other lifestyle changes. For 24-days her diet consisted of only clear soup. Ms. Mori gradually recovered and has noted many mental, physical and spiritual benefits from a liquidarian lifestyle.

The Nishi System of Health Engineering and Dr. Koda’s treatment includes not only diet but also sleeping on a board. This is to straighten the spine. Also, the treatment involves using a wooden pillow. It is recommended their patients sleep on their back with a semicircular wooden pillow.

In addition, it includes a two minute-long exercise called “Goldfish Movement Exercise” in which you lie on your back and shift the spine to the right and left. You are supposed to do it three times a day. This is an exercise called the “Capillary Vessels Exercise” in which you lie on your back, raising both hands and legs vertically and shake.

You should do it three times a day, two minutes at a time. Also, there is an exercise called “Joining Palms and Soles Exercise,” which you join your hands in prayer, and join your soles together. You should do this three times a day, 100 times at a time.

Ms. Mori says she can see auras clearer and can hear what she calls “the voice of God” as a result of living on one glass of green juice per day.

Then when I was looking at plants on a fine clear day, taking a look all around the vegetable garden behind Dr. Koda’s clinic, I saw bright sunlight shining on the green leaves. And at that time when I saw the verdant leaves grown from the soil, I saw beautiful auras splashing from the plants. I realized that the plants are not things but really beings with lives.

Apart from these spiritual changes, Michiyo Mori has found there are a number of constructive health benefits associated with consuming only raw vegetables, such as an improved immune system.

The movie (The Age of No Eating) also said that in this way medical research done by Dr. Kishida of the Institut Pasteur in Kyoto (Japan) has found that the numerical value of immunity can be read by measuring interferon alpha in the blood. The numerical value of immunity differs according to a person. As for a normal person, it is 5,000 units. As for diabetic and chronic hepatitis patients, 3,000 units. And 1,000 units for cancer and AIDS patients.

So if you check the figures in a blood test, you will know the degree of your immunity. Reading the data of those who have gone on a raw vegetable diet for several years, Data No. 1 (M) is 20,000, and No. 2 is mine, four times more than a normal person. If the immunity is so high, you feel you will not be affected by cancer again. However, the interferon alpha data seems to have increased owing to a raw vegetable diet.

In experiments it has been shown Ms. Mori’s body has been transformed and is super-efficient, particularly with respect to recycling nutrients.

And Dr. Okuda, a nutritionist, who had been checking my body has found the following: my body recycles the urea nitrogen in my blood and reproduces protein in my blood instead of it being naturally excreted in urine. Urea nitrogen is a waste product of protein metabolism found in blood that is made by decomposing muscles and other processes.

This is found by the following test: I take in a labeled isotope of urea nitrogen, and then they test my blood an hour or two hours later. Then if the protein in my blood contains the isotope urea nitrogen, it can prove that I can produce protein by the use of urea nitrogen. And the conclusion is that I am using urea nitrogen for the production of protein. I have been decomposing and again recycling protein, which is very rare for a Japanese person.

It has been found that my body is energy-saving and I am making the best use of nitrogen by recycling. Since I only take in fresh green juices, the amount of calcium and phosphorus in my bones are the same or a little more than those of a normal person. It shows about 102 to 107 %. As long as I do physical exercises and take in fresh green juices, I think my bones will never be brittle and hollow.

Furthermore, scientists have measured Ms. Mori’s brain wave activity and found she is typically in a calm, focused, and intuitive state.

Concerning brain waves, there are various waves such as beta, alpha, theta, and delta. Beta wave is awakened and a little nervous even while you are awake. Alpha wave is a relaxed one. Theta wave means your sleep is light. And while my sleep is light, I close my eyes a little with a simplified alpha wave measuring device and they measure my brain waves.

A mid-alpha wave, which is in the middle of alpha waves, is measured. This wave is seen when relaxed and concentrated, and it is called “brain wave of an inventor,” and it appears when inventive ideas are coming out. They said this wave is the highest, and without any training and with a diet alone it has appeared. The blue bar graph shows the wave.

Ms. Mori believes eating small portions of raw vegetables can contribute to world peace.

I think this is the way to make heaven on Earth. And the way to make it happen is nothing but eating light. Eating light can save our world and will be good for our environment. Eating only raw vegetables does not require gas or electricity expenses, and if it can improve our health, we can save our medical care expenses. Furthermore, the body becomes strong so that it does not need any heaters or air conditioners, and the mind is calm, enlightened and very serene, like Buddha.

And if society becomes so beautiful, peaceful, and perfect like paradise, our mind, body and surroundings will be in perfect balance, according to my idea. I am happy if we seek making such a world by practicing eating light. I would like all of you to try to eat light and eat raw vegetables.

Be Veg,
Go Green
2 Save the Planet!

Thank you Ms. Michiyo Mori for taking time to share your deep insights regarding the raw vegetable diet and its manifold benefits for humanity. May you enjoy continued success in your mission to inform the world about the connection between diet, health and spirituality.

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Cordial viewers thank you for your warm-hearted company today on Healthy Living. Coming up next is Enlightening Entertainment, after Noteworthy News. May all beings soon adopt compassionate, Earth-protecting plant-based diets to help quickly transform our world into one of love, peace and abundance.

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