Sea levels rise to affect more communities - 27 Sep 2009  
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If the current rate of human-caused global warming continues, US researchers on the East Coast are forecasting regional sea level rises of three feet or more by century’s end.

Study author and University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Professor Norbert Psuty stated, “The rate of rise has sped up (and) is probably occurring at a rate that is now faster than any time in the past 7,000 years.” With several residential areas in the state of New Jersey alone that are sitting at sea level, the scientists warn that evacuations or the building of such structures as sea walls will become necessary.

Thank you Professor Psuty and team for this assessment of the foreseeable effects of continued global warming. Let us all be motivated toward sustainable shifts that better harmonize with Mother Earth. Supreme Master Ching Hai, who often highlights the real urgency of our planetary situation, reminded once again of the need for action during a February 2009 videoconference in Formosa (Taiwan).

Supreme Master Ching Hai: We do hope we do something so that we can stop the rising sea level the way it is right now and not getting worse so that other nations can still help the already sinking nations. Otherwise, if we’re all sunk, then, oh God help us! And the best way, the quickest, is to be organic vegan.