The disastrous effects of passing Greenland’s tipping points - 23 Oct 2009  
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A recent report published by the United Kingdom’s climate change and weather bureau, the Met Office Hadley Centre, used a sophisticated climate model to forecast the melting of Greenland’s vast ice sheets in response to further global warming. The study found that if just 15% of the ice sheets melt, the glaciers would not fully recover, no matter how much greenhouse gas emissions were subsequently reduced.

The result of would be an irreversible sea level rise of at least 1.3-meters. Dr. Jeff Ridley, a Met Office Climate Scientist who specializes in Polar Regions, stated:
“The effects of the greenhouse gases we emit today will still be felt long into the future, so we will need to start taking action now  to stop temperature rises that will still be happening at the end of this century.”
Dr. Ridley and Met Office colleagues, our thanks for this clear reminder of our need to change immediately for the protection of human life and our world.

Let us all step now toward sustainable lifestyles that bring harmony to the ecosphere.As part of her ongoing concern and efforts to aid humanity, Supreme Master Ching Hai emphasized our need to heed scientists’ warnings and act accordingly during an August 2008 interview by Ireland’s East Coast FM Radio.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: According to the scientists, whatever they have predicted or prescribed about our critical situation is accurate up to 99%. They want us to change the way we live our lives, to protect our fragile ecosystem, by cutting down CO2 emissions. And the fastest way that individuals can do,
without a lot of protocol and ado, is to be veg.

It’s truly critical now, as we have witnessed increasing disaster worldwide, due to climate change. We still have time, we still have a little time to change the course of destiny, thanks to the vegetarian population, old and new members that reduce the most karmic retribution in the shortest span of time.

Thus we have like an extended deadline before the no return point. But it’s not much. We must change fast to
avoid much more damage to the Earth as well as loss of more lives and resources.