Mekong Delta endangered by rising rivers and seas - 28 Sep 2009  
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Water levels of rivers feeding Âu Lạc (Vietnam)’s Mekong Delta have been constantly rising and recently surpassed a second warning level. Resulting floods and severe landslides have affected rice fields in the Đồng Tháp and An Giang provinces, and the government has built shelters to house these and other central province evacuees. To protect the historic Long Khánh temple from landslides, the Đồng Tháp administration has moved the entire temple to a safer area.

In a September 24 interview broadcast on Radio France Internationale (RFI), Mr. Lưu Tường Quang, the esteemed journalist and former Head of SBS Radio, Australia'smulticultural and multilingual national radio network, commented on this grave situation of sea level rise in Âu Lạc.

(In Aulacese)

Lưu Tường Quang – Former Head of SBS Radio, Australia (M): There was a 2006 study by the Australian national science agency Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO). In that research report, the Australian scientific and industrial organization specifically mentioned Vietnam as one of the 10 developing nations at risk of being affected the most by climate change, the main cause being rising sea level.

VOICE: The Mekong Delta joins other major delta regions worldwide that are facing the dangers of rising seas and rivers as well as sinking land. If global warming continues, scientists say this combination is sure to bring more disastrous flooding, as Mr. Lưu Tường Quang also explained:

Lưu Tường Quang (M): In the event that our planet’s temperature is increased by 2 degrees Celsius, all the delta regionssuch as in Bangladesh or Mekong River will be flooded by the sea. In the worst case scenario, Vietnam will only have the Trường Sơn mountain range left, meaning that the Mekong and Red River deltas,the cities of Sài Gòn and Hải Phòng, and central Vietnam will all sink.

VOICE: We thank Mr. Lưu Tường Quang for raising this awareness, and local officials in Âu Lạc for taking safety precautions to protect residents. May such dangerous situations subside with humanity’s gentler regard of each other and the environment. Voicing her concern for humanity in a video message during a June 2009 conference in Mexico, Supreme Master Ching Hai cautioned about global warming’s effects on society.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: Next problem: We have lands sinking and climate refugees. Right now, at least 18 islands have completely submerged around the world, with more than 40 other island nations at risk from rising sea levels. A report from the International Organization for Migration stated that there may be 200 million, or even up to 1 billion people will be climate refugees by 2050, all within our lifetime. These are people who must leave their island or coastal homes due to rising sea levels or permafrost melts that cause entire communities or nations to sink and collapse.It might not be that early, but it’s still not too late, we still can rescue our planet home. Number one solution is vegan, organic vegan. Veganism will save our world.