Rising sea levels may engulf Indonesian islands. - 3 Dec 2010  
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A statement recently issued by Indonesian presidential official William Suhandar warned that a two-meter sea level rise caused by continued global warming, consistent with oceanographers’ forecasts for this century,would cause as many as 4,000 of Indonesia’s 17,500 islands to disappear.

Indonesia’s Sea Level Monitoring Network has recorded increases of as much as 1 centimeter per year in some locations.

Deputy Chief Suhandar, whose office reports directly to the nation’s president through a specially designated department known as UKP4, also emphasized the unavoidable reality of climate change, citing the 0.7 degree Celsius rise in Earth’s surface temperature over the last century along with the 15-year period between 1995 and 2010, recorded as the hottest in the last 150 years.

He went on to warn of the further natural disasters that could result from current patterns of extreme weather and temperature. Highlighting unsustainable land use, deforestation, and carbon emissions as some of the causes, Deputy Chief Suhandar suggested more rapid actions for the nation to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Our appreciation, Your Excellency,for raising awareness of these disturbing yet important tolls of global warming. We pray for the swift actions of individuals and governments worldwide to save the beautiful land of Indonesia and the planet from climate change.

Speaking with concern during an October 2009 videoconference in Indonesia, Supreme Master Ching Hai reminded that the tragic loss of the nation’s islands is an urgent call for implementing the most effective measures.

Supreme Master Ching Hai : Since 2004, since the tsunami, 60 islands have already gone, disappeared forever. And your government is forecasting that 2,000 more islands may sink below the sea over the next decade also, due to global warming. It could be faster.

We have to halt the meat consumption and the livestock raising The greenhouse gases released from the animals, from their waste, agricultural runoff, and the activities related to these massive operations have been identified as the primary, the number one, cause of global warming.

So please, everyone, plant veg, be veg and we can go green later when we already save the planet.