Info sui Satelliti
Europa Eurobird 1(28.5º E), Hotbird 6 (13º E), Astra 1 (19.2º E)
Inghilterra & Irlanda Sky TV(Channel 835)
Nord America Galaxy 19 (97º W)
(chiamata precedentemente Galaxy 25)
Sud America Hispasat (30 ºW), Intelsat 805 (27.5º W)
Asia ABS (75º E) , AsiaSat 5 (100.5º E), AsiaSat 3S (105.5º E)
Intelsat 10 (68.5º E) C-Band
Africa Intelsat 10 (68.5º E) KU-Band, Intelsat 10 (68.5º E) C-Band
Australia ,
Nuova Zelanda
Optus D2 (152º E)
Medio Oriente ,
Nord Africa
Eurobird 2 (25.5º E)
Hotbird 6 (13º E)
Europa, Medio Oriente
e Nord Africa
Eurobird1 (28.5º E) &Hotbird (13º E) & Astra 1 (19.2º E)
Medio Oriente e Nord Africa
Eurobird2 (25.5º E)
Inghilterra e la Reppublica di Irlanda
Sky TV Channel 835
Nord America
Galaxy 19 (97º W) (formerly called Galaxy 25)
Sud America
Hispasat (30 ºW)
Intelsat 805 (27.5º W)
ABS (75º E)
AsiaSat 5 (100.5º E)
AsiaSat 3S (105.5º E)
Asia & Africa
Intelsat 10(68.5º E) C-Band
Intelsat 10 (68.5º E) KU-Band
Nuova Zelanda
Optus D2 (152º E)
Medio Oriente,
Nord Africa
Eurobird 2 (25.5º E)
Posizione di satellite/Orbitale:

INTELSAT 10 (Ku Band) a 68.5º E
Trasponditore: 14K
Frequenza: 12.562GHz, Orizzontale
Symbol Rate:  26,657
FEC:    1/2

INTELSAT 10 (C Band) a 68.5º E
Trasponditore: G14C
Frequenza: 3808V
Symbol Rate: 10340
FEC:  3/4
Programma: 2
PMT: 502
PCR: 102
Video: 102
Audio: 202

ASIA SAT 5 a 100.5º E
Trasponditore: C9H
Frequenza: 3960H
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC:  3/4

ASIA SAT 3S a 105.5º E
Trasponditore: 4H
Frequenza: 3760Mhz
Symbol Rate: 26 Msys
FEC:    7/8
ABS a 75º E
Trasponditore: 11S
Frequenza: 12579H
Symbol Rate:  22 Msps
FEC:    3/4
SID (Numero di cannle): 121

GALAXY 19 a 97º W (chiamato precedentemente GALAXY 25)
Trasponditore: 20
Frequenza: 12060H
Symbol Rate:  22000
FEC:    3/4
Video PID: 2003
Audio PID: 3003
PCR: 2003
SID: 3
PMT: 1003
AVVISO: Abbiamo spostato ad un NUOVO TRANSPONDITORE. Si prega di aggiornare il nostro canale con le informazioni elencate sopra. A partire dal 20 gennaio, 2009 i programmi non saranno più trasmessi sul vecchio transponditore.

HISPASAT 1C a 30 ºW  
Trasponditore: 64
Frequenza: 12169V
Symbol Rate:  5240
FEC: 3/4   
Video: 0x0257
Audio: 0x0258
INTELSAT 805 a 27.5 ºW   
Trasponditore: 11
Frequenza: 3732R
Symbol Rate:  14000
FEC: 3/4
Video PID: 2006
Audio PID: 3006
PCR   PID:  2006
PMT   PID:  1006

Optus D2 a 152º E
Trasponditore: 5
Frequenza: 12518.75V
Symbol Rate:  22500
FEC:    3/4
Video PID:  5109  
Audio PID:  5209
SID: #13

Eurobird 1 a 28.5º E
Trasponditore: F6L
Frequenza: 12691V
Symbol Rare: 27500
FEC: 2/3
EUROBIRD 2 a 25.5º E
Trasponditore: 158
Frequenza: 11662V
Symbol Rate:  27500
FEC:    3/4  
Video PID:  37
Audio PID:  38
PCR   PID:  37
PMT   PID:  124
AVVISO:  Abbiamo spostato ad un NUOVO TRANSPONDITORE. Si prega di aggiornare il nostro canale con le informazioni elencate sopra. A partire dal 20 dicembre 2008, i programmi non saranno più trasmessi sul vecchio transponditore.

Per tutti gli spettatori di Astra e Hotbird, Supreme Master Television ha cambiato i trasponditori. Per guardare Supreme Master Television sui nuovi trasponditori, utilizzate i parametri downlink seguenti:
Dal 1 Settembre 2011, cesseremo di trasmettere sui vecchi trasponditori di Astra e Hotbird. Dopo questa data, Supreme Master Television andrà in onda solo sui nuovi trasponditori. 

Nuovo ASTRA Trasponditore
19.2° East
Trasponditore: 1068
Frequenza: 11778 
Polarizzazione: Verticale
Symbol Rate: 27500
FEC: 3/4

Nuovo HOTBIRD Trasponditore
HOTBIRD a 13° East
Transponder: 92
Frequency: 12558
Polarization: Vertical
Symbol Rate:  27500
FEC:         3/4

Vecchio ASTRA Trasponditore
ASTRA a 19.2° East

Trasponditore: 113
Frequenza: 12633.25 MHz Orizzontale
Symbol Rate:  22000
FEC:               5/6
Video PID:      234
Audio PID:      334
PCR:           234

Vecchio HOTBIRD Trasponditore
HOTBIRD a 13° East
Trasponditore: 117
Frequenza: 10853 MHz Orizzontale
Symbol Rate:  27500
FEC:              3/4
Video PID:      32
Audio PID:      34
PCR:           32
Sky TV Channel 835 
(Da lunedì 28 luglio 2008, le nostre trasmissioni saranno spostate dal canale attuale al canale 835 di Sky TV nel Regno Unito)
Il nome del canale sul Sky TV è SupremeMastr.
Supreme Master Television è largamente accessibile in Europa via satellite. Contattate il distributore per la vostra zona nell'elenco che segue:


Supreme Master Television is a digital channel available free-to-air from the
Eutelsat Hotbird 6 satellite at 13° East  , Eurobird 1 satellite at 28.5° East  and Astra 1 satellite at 19.2° and Sky Channel 835  in UK & Ireland
To receive the signal from the satellite you will need an appropriate DVB compliant satellite receiver and a dish of an adequate size, usually 90cm, but please seek local advice.
 Receiving Supreme Master Television on Hotbird 6, Eurobird 1 and Astra 1 satellites
A basic free-to-air digital set-top box which now start from just £59, or £105 as a complete set-top box with antenna system, is more than suitable for free-to-air reception. Higher priced receivers offered by ourselves do not differ in quality, but in features, such as pay-TV upgrade possibilities.
The advantage of satellite reception is simple, more choice and less cost. Cable and other digital providers actually charge you per month for these free-to-air services, ie just for relaying to your cable set-top box. Satellite also covers a broader range of spoken languages and typically offers better digital picture and sound quality.

To buy the equipment required to have access to Hotbird, please visit the following website to find your closest retailer.

It is  available on Channel 73 of  the T2 cable network

UK & Ireland
Receiving Supreme Master Television on Sky satellite is easy:
1. The most common way is through a sky dealer where you will establish a contract with Sky. Sky will install a satellite dish on your house and provide you with a Sky receiver and make all the connections to your TV.

2. Sky may also be viewed without a contract, for free (all the Freeview channels), but still requires a satellite dish and sky receiver (which can be purchased second hand). However you will need to purchase a "freeSat" card at about £20 for 2 years service. Also some non-Sky receivers also can be used with the FreeSat card allowing you to shop for a better price receiver.

In order to receive Sky Digital (Astra 2A and 2B and Eurobird satellites at 28.2°E and 28.5°E), you'll need to aim your dish towards 28-and-a-bit°E. This is perhaps easiest with a sat-meter to help you locate satellites. Please refer to our instruction page for further details, and for more information online see the following websites:
3. If you live in a group of flats or apartments block and don't have permission to install a satellite dish from your landlord, there is an easy way to install one sky dish for the whole apartment block!
If at least 4 apartments wish to receive Sky, only one Sky dish will be necessary for all the building to receive. In most cases a landlord will not mind having one small Sky dish if it can be shared by all residents. See the following website for further information:

Satellite dish seller who will give discounts to their satellite dish and receiver products for SupremeMaster TV customers 
South Africa:
For DSTV Multichoice Decoder settings, visit or call 082 570 4437
For queries relating to Supreme Master Television programs contact:
Supreme Master Television
122 A East foothill Blvd, #306
Arcadia, CA 91006
Tel: +1 626-444-4385 / Fax: +1 626-444-4386
   Informazione sull'installazione
Per installare il satellite per vedere la Supreme Master Television, occorre avere i seguenti oggetti:

1. Antenna Parabolica (con LNB) 2. Ricevitore
3. LNB 4. Misuratore di segnale

There are many types of components you can choose. Here is a sample for reference:

1. Dish - Orbit 80 cm, with wall bracket (recommended size) ₤49.00

2. Receiver - Technomate 1000D ₤79.00

3. LNB - Edison 0.2DB Single (double for 2nd TV) ₤20.00

4. Signal Meter ( sometimes given Free as package deal) - ₤25.00

5. Fixing/ Bolt (normally 4 Bolts depends on bracket) ₤5.70

6. Coaxial cable (20m/more depending on house) ₤10 - ₤15

7. Black wall Clips 7MM for fixing cable to wall ₤2.00

8. Connectors for cable ends: Satellite "F" Plug x 4 ₤2.00

9. Compass (optional but advised) Normal or Digital ₤5.00 - ₤15.00

   (LiDL shops also do good discounts on satellite systems)


Basic Instructions for Installation:
Setting up a satellite system in your home is a relatively easy task which any DIYer can do. Firstly you have to ensure that the fixing to which the satellite dish is affixed is secure.
Secondly, the dish has to be aligned perfectly otherwise you will not get a signal. To give you an idea it is like pointing a dish at a motor car 1000 miles away, but with a small amount of trial and error and some useful tips, its easy!
1) To receive satellite signals, the satellite dish (in Space) has to be in the direct line of sight of the satellite. Blockages such as trees or buildings will interfere with the signal.
2) Identify where you are going to place your dish. It has to be in the south facing position and be able to move across the sky horizontally
3) Bolt two securing bolts on the wall and affix the dish
4) It is better to set the angle / elevation first. Typically in the UK, the angle required is 30-31 degrees (UP/Down) and marked on the side of the bracket.
5) Now you need to position the horizontal plane. The Hotbird satellite is13 degrees east of South. A compass will help you find the correct position.
6) Now, fine tuning is all that is needed to pick up your satellite signal. The tools mentioned above can help you, a "Sat Finder" signal meter or "Sat Beeper". Using a meter will allow you to align the dish more accurately, by moving the dish very slowly until the meter picks up the signal, and finally to the point at which a slight flex of the dish in any direction shows a reduction in signal meaning your dish is spot on.
Note: You will need a short "Jumper cable" about 3 feet long, to use with the meter. The jumper cable connects between the LNB and the meter. The cable from the receiver connects into the other end of the meter.
7) You are now ready to plug in your receiver and use the onscreen signal strength meter to get it just perfect. Your set up screen should show a signal for Hotbird in excess of 60%. If it's very low (<10%), you are most likely on the wrong satellite, or you have a bad connection in you cable connectors (see diagram below).
Note: The outer wire core of the cable should not be in contact with the inner core.
8) After this please refer to the set up instruction booklet of the receiver in order to view SMTV.
9) Now sit back and relax, you are ready to enjoy the most positive spiritual channel in the world!

Making the connection correctly

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Informazione sull'Installazione
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Supreme Master Television ended broadcasting on January 2, 2012